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buttered dish wish ½ breadsprinkle½ cheese on top repeat
quarter place on buttered traysprinklew pepper onion powder dot
pie 1 ½ tblspn wheatgermsprinkleonto lightly greased casserole dish
1 tblspn parmesan mix togethersprinkleover loaf bake 30 mins
6 oz cheddar cheese gratedsprinklecook for 25 30 mins
add heat 8oz grated cheesesprinklepotato onion tart pastry 6
each one in sherry orsprinklesherry over them when assembled
1 rub chicken with buttersprinklewith salt pepper cover loosely
grill gently for 5 minutessprinklewith sugar and grill until
using only ½ the cheesesprinkletop with remaining cheese bake
brush with remaining butter meltedsprinklewith garam masala lemon juice
finish with layer of potatosprinklewith remaining cheese bake at
salt cut into ½ slicessprinklewith salt leave 30 mins
mix together rub in buttersprinkleover topping bake 20 mins
roll up in hot dishsprinklewith sugar lemon juice reheat
into fingers place in colandersprinklewith salt set aside for
mixed herbs pepper to tastesprinklein oats and bring to
seeded pepper sprig thyme marjoramsprinkleon ¼ teasp ground cloves
heat tin of creamed ricesprinklewith soft brown sugar and
for about 1 hours thensprinklewith sugar eat hot with
with water not too softsprinkleflour on tea cloth tie
[note: diagram here of how to fold pastry] brush with beaten eggsprinklewith flaked almonds cook at
strecht a straight strinkil vsprinklestuipit a stupid sturt n
yep toilet seat goes upsprinklewhile you tinkle [laugh] m815:
if you liked you couldsprinklecinnamon on top then you
sprinkles f1126: then cause isprinklef1125: mmhm f1126: i put
m1042: cause they used taesprinklethe body because oh god
put it in there andsprinklethe shapes on here okay
tae the bile an synesprinklein the oatmeal steerin aa

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