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nope f1125: still putting prink-sprinkleson f1126: aye sprinkles on
prink- sprinkles on f1126: ayesprinkleson here and this one
really good f1126: mmhm thesprinklescome off f1125: the sprinkles
sprinkles come off f1125: thesprinklescome off no you dinna
the sprinkles f1126: and thesprinklesf1125: mmhm f1126: i m
the icing on and thesprinklesf1126: and the sprinkles f1125:
bottle from his pocket andsprinkleshimself with scent vershinin tara
out a scent bottle andsprinklesscent on his hands ah
scent bottlefrom his pocket andsprinklessome scent on his hands
takes a scent bottle andsprinklesthe scent over his chest
i ve got the sprin-sprinkles[sneeze] [sneeze] f1125: bless you
m putting more o thesprinkleson the icing f1125: you
dae the icing then andsprinkleson the top of what
f1125: mmhm f1126: are mysprinklesall cleaned okay f1125: right
catch it f1126: eh ehsprinklescoming off there isn t
re good my little bitsprinklesf1125: mm f1126: mine there
thank you where s thesprinklesf1126: i don t know
crumbs are put there f1125: sprinklesf1126: then cause i sprinkle
sponge f1126: aye [inaudible] f1125: sprinklesfor on the top isn
s my dinner f1125: ayesprinkleshave to go on f1126:
first you can put thesprinkleson f1126: eh f1125: you
is how we dae itsprinkleson here f1126: oh mmhm
s got a lot ofsprinkleson it f1126: aye this
want one with lots ofsprinkleson it f1126: yes f1125:
did you put all thesprinkleson the floor f1126: aye
and and we put thesprinkleson the top f1126: and
isn t it f1126: ayesprinkleson the top o there
then f1126: no f1125: mmsprinklestaste good well done f1126:
of you finished with thesprinklesthen f1126: no f1125: mm
we don t hae enoughsprinklesf1125: right is it aboot
on it hae lots ofsprinkleshere and f1125: i don
f1125: you keep aa thatsprinklesokay dinna lose them right
f1125: keep going then moresprinkleson more on that one
f1125: you can put thesprinkleson the cakes when the
this one f1125: handful ofsprinklesthat s a girl put
i ain t got anysprinkles[censored: forename] f1124: here f1123: i
f1124: i want to getsprinkleson them f1123: i- oh
one nae gaun to havesprinkleson it hae lots of
you to put your sprink-sprinkleson now this is how
the cake to put thesprinkleson right this one we
take this paper off seesprinkleswill still come off but
nae got a lot ofsprinkleson it well done and
think we need any moresprinklesyou want to try a
raked the border ower shesprinklesaw the seeds but whit

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