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problems had arisen did thesqaassure the ssta that the
that the ssta met thesqain april to air concerns
when the ssta met thesqain june were those concerns
that the ssta met thesqamargaret nicol said that the
1 june alex easton schoolsqaco ordinators and in particular
operates with the executive ofsqafor example alex easton to
issued to centres by thesqain august alex easton we
for it alex easton thesqawould have to speak for
on the future of thesqaand national qualifications 6 meetings
on the future of thesqaand national qualifications followed by
with the scottish qualifications authoritysqaboard on the proposal to
that the scottish qualifications authoritysqaboard wished to include in
of the scottish qualifications authoritysqaheis with degree awarding powers
of the scottish qualifications authoritysqais paid to a senior
scottish qualifications authority sqa thesqais the national body in
and training establishments which offersqaqualifications issue certificates to candidates
the assessment of people takingsqaqualifications quality assure education and
of qualifications other than degreessqas functions are to devise
by the scottish qualifications authoritysqasection 3 becoming eligible to
b the scottish qualifications authoritysqasince 1 august 2000 to
by the scottish qualifications authoritysqathe sqa is the national
of the scottish qualifications authoritysqato the education culture and
at the scottish qualifications authoritysqawere proposed by the sqa
and colleges to deliver thesqathen awards and certificates these
assessment certificates and for thesqato produce the core certificates
sqa were proposed by thesqaboard and whether it approved
500 people work for thesqadavid elliot the sqa has
after consultation with sqa givesqadirections of a general or
perceive from sqa management orsqaemployees who were in communication
not being recognised by thesqafrom the sqa s point
education may after consultation withsqagive sqa directions of a
the sqa david elliot thesqahas more than 500 members
not what we perceive fromsqamanagement or sqa employees who
by the sqa from thesqas point of view the
and go out of thesqadavid elliot that is correct
for the situation that thesqawas facing david elliot there
lack of communication between thesqaand teachers i ask that
communication between schools and thesqas computer systems insufficient or
in its consideration of thesqawas a lack of communication
of the functions of thesqai put it to the
to the discharge of thesqas functions and the power
no way in which thesqas functions could revert to
of direction refers to thesqas substantive functions as conferred
that data were sent tosqathe major difference was the
hardware and software at thesqato ensure that data processing
data transmission we met thesqato explore the problems surrounding
that data processing at thesqawas a significant factor and
at a videoconference that thesqais a can do organisation
he told me that thesqawas a can do organisation
of july was that thesqawas a can do organisation
get it right that thesqawas a can do organisation
assessment focus group which thesqaset up to address those
early on we told thesqathat the amount of assessment
internal and external assessment thesqavalidates each programme of study
that there was no substitutesqawhat risk assessment would have
the eis also met thesqaand that there were follow
raise when we met thesqain april we reported a
were inclined to trust thesqaand not the teachers and
sustain the view that thesqablamed schools and teachers for
on the view that thesqablamed teachers head teachers or
and so on trusted thesqamore than they trusted teachers
teachers for weaknesses in thesqasystem i am not saying
objectives and remit of thesqathe point of the authority
2112 higher still and thesqalodged on 15 august 2001
have not been in thesqas offices since 11 august
the problems surrounding that thesqainformed us of the procedures
and the problems at thesqamust be laid at the
report the nature of thesqas problems which we all
were not returning to thesqato say that problems had
as has happened at thesqanot all schools are on
schools on implementation rather thansqaregulations it has always been
to do this year thesqaschools and colleges have worked
schools by representatives of thesqathat is not our general
scotland s schools bill thesqathe children s commissioner and
of the board of thesqaalthough i do not appear
reporting control mechanisms between thesqaand the board you will
before the board of thesqaat what level were those
did somebody go to thesqaboard and mention or have
at the level of thesqaboard we have heard that
john kelly i am thesqaco ordinator in my school
was extremely time consuming forsqaco ordinators such as john
proposals to second some schoolsqaco ordinators to assist with
establish the credibility of thesqaand the exam system margaret
then replaced by the newsqacomputer system mr macintosh how
few moments ago that thesqaexamination system was so sophisticated
system there was not thesqahad faxes and bits of
one who could bail thesqaout if the system crashed
the executive which lumbered thesqawith a dual system when
without a response from thesqadeadlines which took no account
the instruction came from thesqain response to parents pushing
not possibly be with thesqathe second interesting response was
one response was that thesqawas in effect saying albeit
the positive view that thesqaand its predecessor bodies had
monday the chairman of thesqadavid miller said that he
much collaborative work with thesqaand other bodies ehm i
will also work with thesqaand the task and steering
work in connection with thesqaand what known or anticipated
agree new arrangements with thesqaand work with key stakeholders
on going work of thesqais not diverted and is
involved in consideration of thesqathrough the work of the
we will work with thesqato provide support and advice
they were not recorded thesqainstituted a video link between
with the minute of thesqaand scottish executive education department
progressing several issues with thesqaand he will continue to
operated fairly closely with thesqaand other groups no combination
be in touch with thesqaduring the holidays and it
to the exams round thesqahas engaged with all key
we had meetings with thesqait was clear that we
could not cope with thesqas business but by that
unit to cope with thesqas business however other factors
constructed to cope with thesqas business i took over
s business but with thesqas business which was considerably
does blame lie with thesqas political masters pat cairns
suggestions such as that thesqashould have closer links with
the new arrangements with thesqaso that in the minister
we have agreed with thesqathat it must take a
from my dealings with thesqathat the quality of the
we are working with thesqato agree a programme of
shall be the duty ofsqato comply with such directions
about the difficulties that thesqawas experiencing with higher still
or to change radically thesqaat this time would not
lab you said that thesqacould not handle the volume
by the fact that thesqadid not run its usual
as i could see thesqadid not speculate as to
number of markers whom thesqahad contracted did not match
less in place however thesqahad not been running for
was very concerned that thesqahad not covered some of
general purposes committee of thesqai have not been in
not know how much trainingsqaoperatives had that is a
mr macintosh was it thesqas decision not to carry
then not carried through thesqasystems pressure was put on
in other unions and thesqathat did not happen michael
not a matter for thesqathe convener thank you mr
that are held by thesqaabout each candidate are accurate
total staffing complement of thesqais broken down by each
expected in each task thesqapacks in french german italian
were now working in thesqaand were responsible for running
phoning up or approaching thesqafor clarification because they were
were often identified by thesqaofficers they said we have
were all raised and thesqatook away a commitment to
we were hearing from thesqawhich was resolving the issue
that comes back from thesqamust be more transparent if
scripts are marked for thesqathe principal assessor must be
committee s report on thesqatwo years ago we did
the executive rather than thesqaas margaret nicol has pointed
scottish executive rather than thesqawill allow for marking and
unit going through all thesqaprocesses of advertising posts and
have taken pressure off thesqawhat seems to come through
we had to create thesqafirst and then plan the
had intended to make thesqagot one thing wildly wrong
that had implications for thesqaron tuck we are in
too easily reassured by thesqaand other bodies could the
in the appeals process thesqahas also committed itself to
note that this year thesqahas been able to recruit
who participate in it thesqahas completed thorough reviews of
for writing in modern languagessqahas made available to all
the process has enabled thesqato plan the arrangements for
that quotation was taken fromsqadocumentation that was sent out
and sport committee during thesqainquiry and was aware of
what was happening in thesqajohn kelly it is fair
was done maliciously but thesqatended to think that it
should have been whether thesqawas able to implement in
7 of my submission thesqawas starting up a new
from the hsdu to thesqawas that an easy shift
do you think that thesqawas unable to deliver all
aware from briefing inputs bysqaand hmi as to the
probably moderation and whatever fromsqabut what there and we
to statistical evidence from sebsqathe number of students entering
including a review of thesqaadministration the removal of stress
therefore reasonable to trust thesqaand have faith that it
that the procedures of thesqaand its predecessors have resulted
these will be updated bysqaas a result of the
27 march we contacted thesqabecause of our serious concerns
as it turned out thesqabeen listened to we believe
be carried out by thesqabefore awards can be made
is a matter for thesqabut it is little wonder
on voluntary professional labour thesqacannot mark the scripts we
track record of estimates thesqacarries out a sort of
that you are reorganising thesqaconference to allow mr galbraith
apropos the executive of thesqado you think that the
the centre and sent tosqafor central moderation and to
raised outwith and within thesqafor some time i think
inaccurate presentation lists that thesqaheld inaccurate lists and that
effects the standards of thesqai am referring to the
their results for example thesqais answering to a group
rigorous scrutiny of what thesqais doing i imagine that
on our colleagues in thesqait is impossible to follow
sure as well for thesqam605: right m741: ehm but
and the successor body thesqaoperated as efficiently and effectively
time i think that thesqarecognised the problem if the
the way in which thesqaresponded to the crisis you
submission you say that thesqas decision to allow centres
however i can see thesqas problem if every teacher
a few words on thesqas progress towards this year
important decision about when thesqashould be created and when
asked the officers of thesqasome penetrating questions about how
have liked cathy peattie thesqastaff have clearly been under
speculate on the processes withinsqathat caused the difficulties but
are e mailed to thesqathat would avoid the danger
respect for colleagues at thesqathey have been unfailingly helpful
and the failure of thesqato capture properly the original
no powers to instruct thesqato do anything official report
time after you left thesqausually when results are prepared
recognised the problem if thesqawants markers and the scottish
no clear suggestion about thesqawhat are your thoughts about
kept a close eye onsqadevelopments and we have confidence
committee appear to discuss onlysqafellowships at some length if
and notification of entries forsqacertification i hope that what
and conditions packages for seniorsqastaff performance bonus payments and
and conditions packages for seniorsqastaff s1w 15014 michael russell
absence departmental training can usesqaexemplars in a planned way
lifelong learning committee debate onsqainquiries 2 30 pm finance

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