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be in de jarl ssquaddey start saving up for
was in de jarl ssquadoh some years ago i
der costumes de jarl ssquadparticularly f961: oh yeah in
agency and the scottish crimesquadacting as the agency s
officers in the scottish crimesquadamendment 34 agreed to section
not say the scottish crimesquadas defined in section whatever
officers of the scottish crimesquadas i said the scottish
and within the scottish crimesquadat 31 march 2000 and
made to the scottish crimesquadby each police force in
i said the scottish crimesquaddoes not have a statutory
outset that the scottish crimesquadhad to be covered by
position of the scottish crimesquadhad to be ironed out
to cover the scottish crimesquadhowever questions were raised about
activities of the scottish crimesquadi should explain that from
given that the scottish crimesquadis not established by statute
forces and the scottish crimesquadmaking a total of 147
serve in the scottish crimesquadmr jim wallace no i
and within the scottish crimesquads1w 15158 christine grahame to
and within the scottish crimesquads1w 2578 linda fabiani to
officers of the scottish crimesquadto authorise directed surveillance and
provides that the scottish crimesquadwill be able to use
my comments the scottish crimesquadwill be the operational arm
intended that the scottish crimesquadwill become the operational arm
this is from the godsquador that we were presenting
they have a theme everysquadhas some kind o theme
night until stopped by 2squadcars and half a dozen
ago and eh then thesquadall his eh men are
twal men tae mak asquadas a metter o fact
his own group of mensquadusually friends an colleagues an
fowk tae mak a richtsquadshaves were biggit intae roon
misty steps dusted by nightsquadangels dusky wings such a
just like him in oursquadand the number of scottish
a fortnight every october asquadof around 30 40 children
from aberdeen called the flyingsquadshe felt that the doctors
procurator fiscal and the murdersquadand you name it we
scotland act 1967 because thatsquadwas constituted by way of
know you re in asquadf606: uh huh m691: an
nine o us in asquadyou know you re in
pickers he had in hissquada bit of broom or
hed ti cry in asquado warkin brithers ti teir
he cried in the captioneersquado the day an subscryvit
bellowed one of the revenuesquadas they all clumped aboard

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