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retaining the principle of relativestabilityand hague preferences as the
limits the shetland box relativestabilitythe hague preference regional management
phoneme scores iii 3 populationstabilityrural iii 4 population stability
fisheries policy founded on relativestabilitymaintenance of six and twelve
this principle is called relativestabilityspain portugal and finland have
stability rural iii 4 populationstabilityurban iii 5 social networks
to secure lasting peace andstabilityin europe it provides the
europe to maintain peace andstabilityand in doing so to
a factor in the politicalstabilityand the continuing peace that
a force for peace andstabilityenlargement and the extension of
threat to international peace andstabilitysupported by mr john mcallion
widely understood than scots populationstabilitysee figure iii 3 and
key factor in bringing aboutstabilityending boom and bust and
have said core funding andstabilityof funding are critical if
key part obviously levels andstabilityof funding are of critical
with it the lack ofstabilityand security in core funding
revenue funding revenue funding lacksstabilitya year on year scramble
with uk levels and thatstabilitywas a very attractive feature
biggest challenge to those companiesstabilityis not changes of executive
policies have helped to producestabilityin that area that is
of atbs concern for greaterstabilityand certainty in the funding
term funding and that morestabilityand longer funding cycles are
it has for improving thestabilityof funding for voluntary organisations
the legal options to providestabilityand security for children whether
european leaders have recognised thatstabilityand growth policies the economic
the parliament to provide financialstabilityas regional government develops in
to a degree of financialstabilityand the public can enjoy
schools to ensure their financialstabilityfor the future and to
review coupled with the financialstabilitythat three year budgeting is
has available to bring financialstabilityto further education colleges in
local government finance including thestabilityfor three year council tax
local government finance including thestabilityfor three year council tax
system it is important forstabilityto be applied to standard
it is providing long termstabilitythat will make a difference
with the need to bringstabilityto the sector our three
was also a call forstabilityin the system and time
grades the consultation called forstabilityin the system it is
in place we now havestabilitythere are record increases in
wholesome sense of safety andstabilitythe years turned slowly upon
hospital or the need forstabilityin the care homes sector
has been a period ofstabilitysince 1987 and prices have
s presence has given usstabilityand an opportunity for this
agreed to set up thestabilityand prosperity for much of
such developments would remove thestabilityof many existing community pharmacies
market fluctuations and create morestabilitydoes helping the russians and
nhs staff face is employmentstabilityacute services reviews my colleague

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