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stae this zeb will hestaemuch longer della robby starts
and lori lori will hestaethis zeb will he stae
aw naw naw yi beststaeaside me the nicht lori
up lori ah ken yistaedumb when ah m aroond
fine he wishes he couldstaelonger lori bit ah reckon
robby aw aw naw nawstaepit lori tess struggles to
berna robby lori lori youstaepit robby uhll come fetch
slaverin robby silence robby ghostsstaepit in the yin place
kacky an pee pee robbystaepit make shair that well
nae fear robby it llstaestane cauld ti it reaches
falls to the floor bjstaefocused pat lee whispers because
laughin it mi again bjstaefocused pat long silence lee
it pat pat naw meanstaehere face lee silence jilly
ah m too weak jillystaehere wi us get strong
aw that lee stops jillystaehere wi us lee pat
di yi think he llstaethis time jilly why did
her leave lee come anstaewi beej an me jilly
pat exit pat jilly patstaewi us silence jilly shadow
each other pat ah llstaewi yi jilly bj spare
s screwin yur heid upstaewi lee shouts an you
the cottage krista you llstaepit zeb yi broucht trouble
trouble wi yi noo yullstaean face it tess awch
cammy naebody s forcing yistaedimps yur noh oan a
m warnin yi yi betterstaeput pause that stopped yi
bj ok look ah llstaeoot o it aw ah
cammy goes after stew cammystaean face um stew we
dimps so where dis stevestaecammy wi uncle sandy dimps
cammy said ah wis tistaehere doll ohhh my poor
silence steve ah ve tistaehidden cammy n dimps says

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