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again the mantles in thestairf1018: mmhm m1021: what about
about the mantles in thestairjohn what about the mantles
locally ye wouldnae use thatstairrods f1054: of course yeah
mmhm i ve bucketing torrentialstairrods m1008: mmhm f1009: mm
yeah f1054: comin doon likestairrods m1015: mm na well
lashin or comin doon likestairrods ye know f1054: that
tuik lu da up thestairan seen him settlt then
lu da come up thestairan sit doun auld jin
owrancer lu come doun thestairand the officiar flung hissel
o chappin frae doun thestairlu da apent the winnock
stair we went up thestairit was a bit scary
from stair windows 10 dimstairlighting 11 roof slates loosening
stairs it was up astairwe went up the stair
pointing 9 panes missing fromstairwindows 10 dim stair lighting
the close up the ootsidestairan in throu the lobbie
an up the first ootsidestairroond the back he kent
brither rin up the ootsidestairtwa steps at a time
bo- bob is on thestairand i ve found [?]nearly found[/?]
bob bob s on thestairf1089: we havenae lost bob
weers fae ma up estairbedroom windae tae different trees
a [inaudible] vest up thestairin my bedroom f1105: this
we ll go up thestairinto your bedroom and tidy
i cd rin up estairat a fair rate an
rin and hide unner thestairwatchin him walk by wi
fin i d cleart estairas far s i cd
s a step on thestairan noo the door s
saxth step ben the scaffoldstairhe welcomed hame his queen
toe staunin on the bottomstairstep peer in nae twa
fae a step on estairtee till e riggin an
sittin doun thare ablo thestairah keep on tellin thaim
quynes ir sittin ablo thestairgie it til thaim an
ye tak this doun thestairthe kolotilin quynes ir sittin
there was one down thestairfor the two bottom flats
at the bottom of thestairyour uncle jim did it
hir mither cam doun thestairafore mysie wes wauken she
he gaed skelpin doun thestairan richt up ti speak
fechtin his wey doun thestairbut auld jin gied a
ah gaed doun a steystairfrae the kitchen an fand
afore they gaed doun thestairti the guidman o the
you dinna shift doun thestairwe l aye be rowin
a the wye doon thestairan across the backie to
ma beets fae doon estairan aff e bold boy
licht brocht claitters doon thestairan guffs sae unca fine
peggy o come doon thestairbind up yer yellow hair
them ah fell doon thestaircarolanne but they d have
we can go doon thestairf1104: [child noises] mummy f1103: nearly
it i was doon thestairf1104: there was erm there
they ve been doon thestairfor aboot the last three
at is he doon thestairis he putting his parcels
on then go doon thestairm1098: bag of coal f1097:
fyvie o come doon thestairpretty peggy my dear come
my dear come doon thestairpretty peggy o come doon
the balmoral suite doon thestairsae at least they ll
mrs mcharrie came doon thestairtae oor hoose queer that
smarties at f1103: doon thestairthey ve been doon the
they re runnin doon thestairwait till you see this
oor close an up oorstaira verse of which sums
queer that maist o thestairendit up in oor hoose
nathan watt bides up oorstairhis body s like a
ellen bogle lives oan oorstairshe s seiven bairns or
oor close an up oorstairso ca- [?]capagush[/?] f1011: [inaudible]
wi you away up thestairagain johnny i ll fight
a millipede hauf up thestairan hauf a hunner mozzies
go up a steep woodenstairand into the loft where
doos flee up the heivenlystairas free as odes bi
be better aff up thestairbetter than you think you
we go back up thestaircome through with mummy to
the stour richt up thestaircomic turn tod s lassie
somebody else somebody up thestairf1018: well it was always
i was going up thestairf1105: that s good m1106 :
some is back up thestairf1116: ah f1115: they ll
hid a room up estairfaar i kept ma books
up a kinda up astairfae de street f960: oh
some huremongerin keelie up thestairfor a bit dram sae
bi hissel up a tenementstairfur the last thirty year
wheezing his wae up thestairgasping his pathetic begging routine
the disastrous fire of 1716stairhad decided to take up
an e rooms up estairi happent tae mention es
s gone straight up thestairi ll need to awa
he steppit up the gibbetstairintae the page o history
i put it up thestairlast night didn t i
a colouring book up thestairm1090: remember don t sneak
let me be up thestairm1098: [laugh] f1097: fa was
m coming f1131: up thestairm1132: mum f1131: fitt m1132:
did come on up thestairmum [inaudible] one two three
the wye fae up thestairneil recognising his duty take
i tak you up thestairso drink up now if
toots mrs swanson up thestairsweers by them she takes
they aa goin up thestairtae eh are they throwin
but they were up thestairthat was a lot o
the two rooms up thestairthe floors were of wood
he was coming up thestairthere was the sound of
up a st- a tenementstairthing- things like eating were
up an taen up thestairthrie quaichs an thrie pair
him biddin him up thestairti sit at peace ma
she bade him up thestairti tak a sate a
that climbs right up thestairto all you folk of
young sisters went up thestairto what had been the
in e wall o estairere wis fit lookit like
think o em in estairwall an tryin tae sattle
on e curtains o estairwindae an on e waa
you take it down thestairfor mam come on then
birls roon oan a turnpikestairauld reekie sings an auld
house at the corner ofstairdrive and royal crescent which
a house with a stonestairhe started with a horse
had a toilet on thestairin our first house it
[exhale] have to go downstairhave to go down there
made as she hit everystairon the way down wump
and launched herself down thestairwell what a noise she
ilkie airt frae room taestairplayed laldy wi the ozone
return for a portion ofstairholdings since three members of
when i take the nightstairfrom the ruins of the
ah cannae even climb thestairah ll need tae wait
ti the heid o thestairabuin the puil o bluid
an crap daith climmed thestairo a gangrel chiel on
o the fit on thestairstill life with knife nae
cludgie still out on thestairthat the four on the
an cannily cannily climms thestairbit fin she sleeps in
time several successive earls ofstairdid not reside in wigtownshire
a multi let in thestairour area already has well
nicht a tread on thestairan the door unsneckt it
fight left haundit on theirstaircause it was shapit a
blue sandals maybe on thestairhave you had them on
a small courtyard with astairleading off ring bell on
on a junkie s sordidstairlike a shed snake oh
the toilet was on thestairthere was no electricity until
they had this this thisstairin the in the opposite
lands to the earl ofstairby excambion that is exchange
non protestant faiths 28 thestairencyclopaedia of laws of scotland
descended the five floors bystairher voice echoed after us
in the box beneath thestairi m pulling myself together
deal hit a snag thestairlands proposed for exchange were
stonehaven advice and information resourcestairproject for the welcome that
fye to the earl ofstairs great credit he not
avrage punter time wis astairthat wad unrowe as you
scope of this paper seestairencyclopaedia vol 7 para 707
shipbuilding company leased land fromstairestates to build concrete ships
s ladder beckons that tallstairwhich souls ascend bequeathing flesh

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