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f1109: that s the bigstanesm1110: big stanes [?]there, and the back[/?] f1109:
the big stanes m1110: bigstanes[?]there, and the back[/?] f1109: mmhm m1110: [?]at the back![/?]
skirrievaigin river bi the staupinstanesan sklim the heich brae
aw roads an stertit pilinstanesan yackers roond the fit
the river bi the staupinstanesno a myle south o
pit some yackers an bigstanesroond the ootside o the
doun on thair whyte chuckiestaneseydent wurkin but thay nou
needin a load o chuckiestanestae mak a gairden path
lyklie nou ae rickle ostanesa m gaen tae forstand
telt is anither rickle ostanesay craik sheil wis the
hes been ae rickle ostanesfur ay mebbies 50 yeir
nouadays than ae rickle ostanesup borth ick sei the
wis juist ae rickle ostaneswhan a wis born whit
wet the stanes is thestanesis mam f1109: it s
the stanes is wet thestanesis the stanes is mam
stanes is wet f1109: thestanesis wet ah m1110: yes
stanes is wet mum thestanesis wet f1109: the stanes
m1110: it s it sstanesis wet mum the stanes
stanes is wet mum thestanesis wet mum the stanes
one at s m1110: thestanesis wet the stanes is
rockery bit that s bigstanesm1110: is there little stanes
stanes m1110: is there littlestanesmam f1109: mm m1110: is
the wet close tae thestaneshuv the braith o the
m1110: yes mum f1109: thestanesis wet aye they re
little wet there s bigstanesisn t there in the
hoose da een med ostanesdey yalled tae dir bridder
ertie dir some fine bigginstaneshere an far mair as
s pansies m1110: it sstanesis f1109: can you see
f1109: oh m1110: it sstanesis f1109: [?]dainsis[/?] i m
s f1109: oh dangerous m1110: stanesis f1109: oh it s
it m1110: no it sstanesis it s f1109: oh
f1109: oh there s littlestanesover tae there aye m1110:
mm m1110: is there littlestanesover to here mam f1109:
your house there s littlestanesthat s right m1110: bi-
ebb tyde an the blekstanesan syne he kent he
door haud ti the blekstaneson the sea shore nou
the bridge della mind thestanesoan the brig berna krista
mind the brig side sstanesur loose pause krista dey
hurt ye were sticks andstanesskinnin yer knees on gravel
git ye naewhaur sticks anstaneswul brek ma banes nanse
burn suppin lazily roun steppinstanesjinin the incumin sea hame
fire set roun aboot wistaneswi ootstreitcht hauns we d
coups its load o fossilstanesower the heather moss while
s wark was biggit wistanespykit frae the abbacy o
had dune fell wark anstaneswere lowse an aa wis
the white watter ahint thestanestho tae luik at it
ower the burn s ruckledstanesthrough its white watter an
lik oor name cawin thestaneswid lie heavy unner watter
d dam the burn wistanesan a gleefu glen wad
were twa young lads chuckinstanesintae the heid o the
the tin wi enough weestanesonywey whan he got intae
an sores sewn intae mastaneswid ye believe there wis
in deid still amang thestanesfor that s aye the
war latchy in pittin upstanestae the deid an arthur
the twa hounds lyin lykestanesjuist lyke thair maisters haed
soars nae gled whaur thestanesstaun nor it thair cobbled
they taen awa the bigstanesthat formed the the side
muirland burns chuckle ower thestanesan the wee troots come
see that maist o themstanesare ower wee tae catch
gurgling ower yon slippery slimeystaneslong pause live in hope
taps o aw the caipstaneso aw the dykes ower
kirstal wattir skelters ower thestanesquynes hoyin hame frae the
bens whaur clintie s thestanesay mang rammels o the
hae some o yon finestanesta bigg a peerie hoose
wi the sun an brekkinstanesbi the roadsyde or a
mak me twa graun curlinstanes___ lammas august 1st souter
aw white froth an helplessstanesbehind wis a sheer wall
hed a muckle roog ostanesat his feet an mair
thrie dictons howkit in thestaneso the waa the mair
a dyke o sods anstanesacross its shalla tail an
ground an planted lots ostanesbut whit kind o floors
went an sat on thestaneso the disgrace of edinburgh
than ony circle o stauninstanesshair as a snaw ring
wes bot a rikkil ostaneswi ane enorm saltyre hingin
at a laicher lavell thestaneswar the waw steid fur
lookin fur crabs under thestaneswi a bucket an spade
haze nae roman laid thaestanesnae engineer set oot the
leivin nocht but saund anstanesan the gret tuim wattirs
a million an a haufstanespave memorials in monie tungs
hiz pinch barr inti thestanestwycet an a bit sham
walk for fear the verrastanescrys oot that a am
if ye ve just gotstanesye cannae pey for it
[kicks stones] f1095: dinna kick thestanes[censored: forename] m1096: okay take off
youth feel auncient as thirstaneswhy suid my prieven virr

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