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gordon enters beth freezes rigidstaringat him carolanne is locking
beth freezes struck with fearstaringat the envelope agnes it
is locking up gordon stopsstaringback gordon eh hello carolanne
she leans on the barrelstaringinto its depths it doesna
down at the base presumablystaringinto the depths of hell
is stunned and just standsstaringat his mother they all
not to see him nowstaringhard at the brass crucifix
open and he found himselfstaringinto the brass buckle of
vote in which it wasstaringdefeat in the face to
leaning on the guts barrelstaringinto it long pause georgie
slowly coming to her feetstaringat bessie in horror then
slowly from a half bottlestaringtransfixed into the bottomless whirlpool
tries the two women sitstaringat each other finally beth
looks at us with horriblestaringeyes exactly like the authoritarian
they freeze for a momentstaringinto each other s eyes
her already my daddy isstaringinto my eyes without blinking
as i have always enduredstaringinto the eyes of the
open and his blue eyesstaringthen he realises what mother
in the bright orange busstaringaway out at the darkened
faced the reality that isstaringher in the face highland
well i wasn t exactlystaringi m shifty eyed remember
near us arms behind backstaringat nothing in particular was
case for the railway isstaringhim in the face the
again he goes back tostaringinto fiona s face too
the business case is notstaringme in the face because
he s just sittin therestaringat the tele she starts
in dialect he stood immobilestaringat his mother and wondering
real fright gawkin is peeringstaringahint is behind fan is
again he began to mumblestaringat nothing i fell he
night god almighty said sandrastaringaghast at the retreating figure
m954: individuals who are alwaysstaringinto the abyss er the-
is the cyclops only eyestaringso intently into the pool
dormouse on the marital bedstaringwith a sense of alienation
new boyfriends anyway she saidstaringat the bride s father
of the young queen benignlystaringdown at us at first
child of the bog thestaringowl my hood of feathers
we were the two andiesstaringat each other we were
your hair alex ewan saidstaringat her as if she
has come in and isstaringat her fearfully it s
of her breasts he wasstaringat it when she turned
i don t want youstaringat my bruise like that
door to front centre stagestaringat the backs of her
and awkward yet strangely impressivestaringat the bench as if
them then realised i wasstaringat the man with the
sat for nearly an hourstaringat the message he phoned
the world large uniformed menstaringdown at bloodied victims a
he leaned on the bonnetstaringthrough the windscreen which was

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