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splat stars trippy tars splatstarstrippy tars linn spin linn
lit split lit split splatstarstrippy tars splat stars trippy
opened his wings and scatteredstarslike jewels deevilick deevilick deevilick
the circle and explain itselfstarsand stripes bonfire season dry
stars and stripes that sstarsand stripes f1115: stars and
flame rekindles sixties fire thestarsand stripes flap like an
boots pace twenty one thestarsand stripes flap like an
s stars and stripes f1115: starsand stripes i thought he
japanese whisky as opposed tostarsand stripes just then unexpectedly
plum mm f1116: that sstarsand stripes that s stars
and crooned through some thoroughlystarsand stripes themed tracks such
wasted life the shy poemstarsstripes undergrowth story time the
so high twinkle twinkle littlestarshow i wonder what you
jingle bells twinkle twinkle littlestarshow i wonder what you
the sky twinkle twinkle littlestarshow i wonder what you
a lot of rich rockstarsand pop stars who you
do first i found twostarscan you find stars next
stars i ve got threestarsf1091: okay we ve got
get with the moon m1094: starsf1093: stars that s right
stars i ve got threestarsi ve got three stars
f1091: three stars m1092: threestarsi ve got three stars
think coronation street stars singstarsin their eyes f631: [laugh]
in there f1091: is thatstarsloads o stars mmhm m1092:
two and three f1091: threestarsm1092: three stars i ve
is that stars loads ostarsmmhm m1092: erm and there
two stars can you findstarsnext f1093: hm m1094: you
find stars next you findstarsnext f1093: right put that
f1093: hm m1094: you findstarsnext you find stars next
special i think coronation streetstarssing stars in their eyes
the moon m1094: stars f1093: starsthat s right m1094: the
rich rock stars and popstarswho you know aren t
and a plough amongst thestarsand the times in the
gosamer clouds or seek yonstarsbear or plough we wait
lluch today seven the sevenstarsof the plough the great
did ye come bi thestarsan licht o the meen
an e meen an estarsnotin e airt o e
an anither the meen thestarswad dwine an the midgard
night fireworks soar like shootingstarsof light pumpkins leap off
of bad weather is thestarsshooting across the sky sometimes
us to witness two shootingstarswe were then led back
moon i am familiar withstarsas trees i shall not
fairly met he ate thestarsin the meadow moon carrot
moon s her pillow andstarsshine round her head the
guardians but the moon andstarsso fierce they pierce the
grows clear kidney bean childstarsstare from hollow sockets moon
moon and thousands of levantinestarsthe pension fell silent i
of the printed word thestarsdo not shine through the
air is clean and thestarsshine even during the day
you know all these popstarsand people like bono and
of football players or popstarsand what they perhaps need
in mutual fellatio with popstarssuch as bob geldolf like
know what television footballers popstarsyou name it eh f1009:
fill the room watching thestarsdrop down on the river
the moonlit room watching thestarsdrop onto the river s
down to the loch carryingstarsto drop into the dark
you could find with goldstarson it that shone through
gold and blue with goldstarsthe entrance gates are splendidly
sick dreams to stupefy pitilessstarsflower in the sky no
the sky is different siamesestarsharvest time under the plane
in the sky wi thestarsisn t he f1103: aye
that dropped from high fromstarsunloading blizzards in the sky
the eyes of the terriblestarswatching the earth for signs
i ve got two morestarsf1093: oh yeah you ve
what did you pick m1094: starsf1093: star so you ve
a sun i got twostarsi find them f1093: where
pair you ve got twostarsm1094: i got two f1093:
m1094: you can do yourstarsnext f1093: right you pick
what have you got m1094: starsthere you go- f1093: did
what the fuck is thisstarsin their eyes dimps where
that they d have likestarsin your eyes on with
morning a window of frostedstarsa tangerine like a huge
window and looked at thestarsas the tears slid down
link with mission control thestarsoutside the window have stabilised
court life with weans andstarsand washer wife then dark
dark socket blearily fills withstarscreeping night is lucifer cast
and looked up at thestarsand we couldn t see
gyang slaw an aa thestarslooked doon frae the tap
sleep is always light whenstarsare the shapes of swastikas
as she squinted at thestarslight wis bright as anythin
okay we ve got threestarsm1092: [inaudible] bit [inaudible] [inaudible]
fur neebors syne ye vestarsaa nicht save on the
sae in a nicht ostarsan frost the market cross
blessed in a nicht ostarsan music in the toon
waukent hauf the nicht coontinstarsan sheep hamewirk s niver
win on a nicht ostarsin a norlan toon the
it will not deceive thestarsabove the safe brown earth
of the first christians twelvestarspunctuate the diadem above the
relax into the experience thestarsshone above children played around
dunt on the head seeingstarsand hearing a high singing
wet leaves lay like fallenstarstoppled from their high pedestals
is crystal clear and thestarsare beautiful old orion s
january nights in which thestarsare so clear that they
of hell and had twostarsdenoting lugar encantado an inferno
it s got tons ostarsf1113: mmhm f1114: [inaudible] f1113:
coffin solace comes with thestarsshining through the blindfolds of
of the ceiling watch thestarsthrough glass now its wings
zero i can see thestarswheeling and spinning through our
lots look and that sstarsf1114: [child noises] f1113: [inaudible] the
s right f1114: lots ofstars[inaudible] bookie [panting] f1113: that
f1114: [exhale] [cough] that sstarsthat s ladybirds f1113: and
f1122: [inaudible] this is [inaudible]starsf1121: will we get a
daren t look at thestarsi nearly knock over fiona
f1121: mmhm kite shape f1122: starslook that s what are
lie and look at thestarsthat reassert their ancient rights
around like nefertiti s veilsstarsare snow seeds sown in
five wounds were cut likestarsit is foolish to shrink
sacred book to hang thestarslike lamps along the cave
twinkling like heaven s dazzlinstarsrobby plays the whistle robby
like a ghaist neth thestarsthe crookit mary sweyed neth
rether ey kint o estarsfleein ower thir heeds an
bed lookin up at estarstill the neebours cam aroon
thick with the silt ofstarsa greyhound skin and bones
this animal carriage painted withstarsand moons flapped her enormous
a hooded cloak painted withstarsat the monastery of lluch
destination with freedom if thestarsor god or fortune determine
a golden cow covered withstarsover time isis and hathor
road to the village thestarsconstellated brilliantly over the nearby
a gypsy lament tae thestarsdid it sail fur the
their names north east tounstarsskinkle ower a parkin lot
don t care what rocksstarssay but they miss the
our hotel el presidente 5starsan unexpectedly luxurious place to
we can thank our luckystarsthat that idea never came
can t all be soccerstarsi m glad you don
dust tore doon the tinselstarso makkie on set there
sure sign o frost thestarswar that sherp in the
is losing contact again thestarsare wheeling away giddily there
are walkin eerie wi rypitstarsfor een a chap at
s amang the aeroplanes anstarshis legs are pylons tail
sword sticks push daggers deathstarsand butterfly knives as i
yer future is in thestarsfa s been born and
thick laich cluds maskin thestarsan smoorin ony reflectit licht
one by one the eveningstarsappear candleflame the flame s
for remembrance even if thestarsforget we d had a
laich cluds were hidin thestarsfrae sicht an smoorin the
sat ere on the fleerstarsfurlin roon his heid he
were tuned in to thestarshitler s was merely a
llama amidst the billions ofstarsof the milky way friday
ordie shelt astronaut new plottitstarsthe clash millheid an ruthven
sound the substance of thestarsunfortunately it merely serves to
baths of all the westernstarsuntil i die he says
roots ethereal grope among thestarswhose passion flowers perfume eternity
nae mune bit och thestarswir bricht the milky way
allocating them a number ofstarsfrom one to five s1w
finance films that have morestarssmoking in them i urge
jars go cars xmas treestarscast aff trock fills up
deein sun flashed firey reidstarslichtit up abeen each heid
open wide a glut ofstarsa swaying urgent tide of

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