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an excellent record in businessstartups and often outdo their
them of doing so onstartups and the commercialisation of
if we want more businessstartups and we want our
the rate of new businessstartups and whether it will
vision 15 months ago businessstartups are sadly at an
business not only for businessstartups but in support that
the number of new businessstartups has decreased people will
first devolved parliamentary session businessstartups have declined business regulation
first devolved parliamentary session businessstartups have declined business regulation
first devolved parliamentary session businessstartups have declined business regulation
been record figures for businessstartups in scotland there have
to provide assistance for businessstartups s1o 231 4 bristow
i press it f1115: okaystartagain back to the start
yi ur doc let sstartat the naw ken start
start at the naw kenstartat the start pause door
mam start m1092: aye youstartf1091: right there you are
start again back to thestartfarr s the first ain
how you feel shall westartlet s start on a
us f1091: [laugh] will mamstartm1092: aye you start f1091:
glasgow don t even fuckinstartme don t fuckin start
start me don t fuckinstartme you got me afore
shall we start let sstarton a positive note pleased
naw ken start at thestartpause door doc creaky groanin
his head cammy dimps stevestartscreaming ed and stew start
start screaming ed and stewstartscreaming silence stew we huv
v twin shaft drive electricstartf643: you re talking in
stern n star stert vstartstey v stay stodge v
stell v fix stert vstartstodge v stump stound v
steik v shut stert vstartstound n v ache stour
pupils off to a betterstartbuilding on the educational benefits
and received priority from thestartcairnryan had to fight off
was off to a badstartfor jimmy anyway unlike most
he ll know where tostartme off and build up
lays down a word tostartoff a sentence the others
a couple of people wouldstartoff and before you knew
lot better than than theystartoff but of course some
m017: to sort of ehstartoff by renaming public lavatories
very good right let sstartoff in the top left
strength you know i llstartoff pedalling for 4 seconds
classical music as well westartoff slow an we re
f943: [laugh] well we didstartoff talking about bridges m944:
paper cans so let sstartoff the new year with
sugar some was kept tostartoff the next batch this
f1122: [vibrates lips] f1121: okay youstartoff then f1122: [inaudible] woo
what you call them sectionstartoff wi mother there gordon
a great big one thenstartoff wi that ains in
saturday morning you could allstartoff with a big group
of chipped in er tostartoff with m608: right m1174:
f1091: well come on thenstartoff with some walls m1092:
[laugh] f806: yeah let sstartoff with that one [inhale]
you had that right tostartoff with that s it
it is generally simpler tostartoff with the abstract field
yes f1105: okay then youstarttaking off your clothes for
and your jeans [running water] nostarttaking off your jeans for
m1106: mum f1105: okay youstarttaking off your t shirt
correct type of bin tostartthis off firstly lay a
struggles up again slowly theystartto go off together would
get off my butt andstartup my own business which
it we ll have tostartagain and it ll mak
as he s gone theystartagain andy has got to
probably the furthest [?]along there[/?] sorrystartagain billie f1041: eh my
but it doesn t usuallystartagain but [inaudible] but [censored: forename]
oh that s him rightstartagain f1104: po- he popped
re missing one f1121: rightstartagain f1122: see mmhm now
it cut oot an widnaestartagain for aboot ten meenits
he stumbles and has tostartagain he reads two sentences
till it s time tostartagain i m afraid my
in st ni- i llstartagain i m elaine [censored: surname]
ready we would need tostartagain if we wanted to
ask whether we need tostartagain some organisations within the
now it was time tostartagain to get to know
it would be better tostartall over again derek miller
grun en gang forrit anstartawa again this time auld
over i ll have tostartexercising seriously again i ve
noo she only needs taestarthowlin again an i ll
ingredients so that they couldstartmaking it again mmhm f718:
it was again like thestartof a bairn s rhyme
its meaning let s notstarton meanings again shut your
one again f1089: i llstartright [inaudible] what about this
that but it was astartshe might have phoned again
that enough tatties don tstartthat again i don t
ginormous clinically obese don tstartthat again jimmy warned himself
it wasna ma fault dinnastartthat again tell us whit
m1090: ready you sta- youstartthat one again f1089: i
stop to this nonsense andstartthe process all over again
of january before i reallystartto come round again [laugh]
forgotten about andy either istartto shout again and bang
sweet toffee then his fingersstartto sting again and he
so i let go andstartto wander again there s
musicians and dancers again thestartwas inauspicious a raucous loud
year rubber ear let mestart2007 with a confession for
let me doon can yestarton monday smiling greg watched
what di yi say westartthe meeting now cammy let
f1054: left handed let sstartwi you andy for that
that idea pam let sstartwith drunk [laugh] f1023: [laugh]
right so eh let sstartwith eh we were gonna
first of all let sstartwith how you feel fair
let s say let sstartwith the word for annoyed
than one hour before thestartof the business item during
business debates right at thestartof the parliament the debates
of when we would normallystartour members business i am
otherwise we would have tostartthe whole business from scratch
tae a strange country anstartup a business me an
celebrate the 100th new businessstartup in the area despite
others praise the new businessstartup strategy of scottish enterprise
to improve entrepreneurship and businessstartup survival and expansion with
to improve entrepreneurship and businessstartup survival and expansion with
i ll we were gonnastarta cafe first m642: aye
says su-ses-sugge- say we llstarta saw mill so we
yes lovely f1054: we llstartaff wi words for drunk
till we see we llstartat the beginning aye wait
se- aye but we llstartat the beginning look see
a road through they llstartbuildin hooses roond aboot it
the curriculum so they llstartby looking at what s
spinnin ah ll hae taestartfae the beginnin that s
their coffees neil i llstartgetting things ready before gladys
week or so i llstarthanding the exercises back to
missed my instructor today goodstarti ll have to see
get them m1128: i llstartice- chocolate icing chocolate icing
cause f835: i ll probablystartin the second week cause
m gonna i ll probablystartlike revisin and stuff just
the money meantime i llstartlooking in the papers for
no no no you llstartno [laugh] f639: in any
the christmas holidays you llstartplaygroup ooh you looking foward
sit doon and we llstartright ready up and down
we ll le- we llstartthe conversation with whatever words
enough to eat i llstartthe redding up she tries
s hro announced i llstartthe video watch very closely
your blocks [inaudible] i llstarttidying up f1114: look look
one in there we llstarttidying up okay f1114: not
the fleer then ye llstartto feel it an the
up and we ll juststartto jam and we i
yeah m762: and i llstartto kind of erm break
much coffee and you llstartto kind of you know
it an the bleed llstartto pump oot o you
and preparing for classes whichstarttomorrow i ll write soon
mad i ll come alivestartup tick hum work juice
ony nearer ma een llstartwatterin an ma throat ll
s do baby we llstartwi colin cause he s
re lived there we llstartwi gordon since he got
about pregnant ladies i llstartwith the ladies first [inhale]
begin to do they llstartwriting a scots that is
and [inaudible] just before westarterm aye have a look
fairly lengthy agenda before westarti report that i have
dr dick shelton before westarti will say a few
the standards committee before westarti would like to welcome
your own doorstep before youstartlookin for muck on somebody
collection in glasgow at thestartof a scottish tour before
the weekend before christmas thestartof the daft days but
probably do that before istarton the revised draft of
bill the convener i willstartthe ball rolling before i
a on rules before youstartthe game you know it
that we would try tostartthe registration process before the
the inquiry remit before westartto consider from whom we
f963: yeah m762: before istartyou know and i have
who knows we might juststarta new fashion a fashion
village reflected his need tostarta new life like odysseus
more explanation than he deservesstarta new sheet no that
competition with cars we willstartconstruction of new rail and
areas a difference for transportstartconstruction of new rail and
the parliament while celebrating thestartof a new democratic era
president george bush and thestartof a new era in
this parliament this is thestartof a new sang the
the opportunity is presented thestartof a new topic area
new regulations prior to thestartof the new fishing season
starts wi me at thestartof the new term i
bus services pilot new kickstartplans to create better value
sector such as the surestartprogramme and new community schools
new an then gradually thingsstarttae get a wee bit
second world war as westartthe new century we are
maries catholic church 14 mondaystartto paint new upstairs bedroom
nae local then you wouldstartaff but then we well
have done german from thestartand then had the option
[laugh] f1049: a fight wouldstartand then somebody would get
m1108: pooey f1107: now dinnastartchucking it cause then fitt
and then you have tostartdigging at everything and f1151:
and then did they nostartgetting oan aboot valium addiction
have her breakfast and thenstarther daily chores [note: photo: 'taking a break from coleing hay.'] [note: photo: 'a maid in 1927']
or nineteen and then istartliving in digs all over
at first but then westartlooking at the rather attractive
la- then they have tostartlooking for gaelic teachers and
emma who has agreed tostartmy lessons on monday then
then the mcflannels until thestartof board games time with
year or two and thenstartputting roots down is a
then why do you notstarttelling the truth beaumont now
huh m194: and then istartthe post office [cough] m608:
spikkin o claes should westartthere then whit whit words
s age and then theystartto c- fall out themselves
and eh i would thenstartto clean out the fire
should address then we canstartto divide up the work
but then when it wouldstartto go an i used
to the noise then istartto sing yes i actually
that s i-i- if youstartto talk their language then
your cloth you want tostartwashing up then f1122: rub
was really quite broad tostartwi then i started university
f1054: okay if i juststartwi you bob then tell
the heap is dry tostartwith then add a little
put boxing gloves on thenstartwork on the punch bag
m going to have tostartactually decamping up to university
you re not going tostartarguing f812: that s why
m really just going tostartby giving you a brief
the tories are going tostartdefending the unemployed the conservatives
ehm i suppose we couldstartehm just by going around
aye m1163: you need tostarterm going about and networking
right who s going tostartfirst f1114: [censored: forename] f1113: [censored: forename]
erm f641: when did youstartgoing and why f640: er
is that children this mightstartgoing in a bit old
erm f631: when did youstartgoing skating because that was
er sort of if youstartgoing up maryhill road away
it would be fatal tostartrestructuring the unit going through
dog i was going tostartwalking they re still f810:
cause i m going tostartyou know working now and
census would be a goodstart16 52 the deputy minister
drive which was good goodstartan i didn t have
she s getting a goodstartanyway might go places f958:
as good a place tostartas any twenty years ago
not a good way tostartbecause i thought if this
the parliament made a goodstartby holding our own convention
it would be a goodstartfor future generations of scottish
usually a good place taestartgordon what did you put
to say that a goodstarthas been made as the
s a good place tostarti like that idea pam
way in turning this goodstartinto more jobs more growth
the capacities so a goodstarts essential because without that
the pavement not a goodstartto the night still once
structure which ensures a goodstartto their language learning in
what would be a goodstartto their second language ex-
efter broon an roost didstartae day jonsar noticed a
luxembourg f963: when did theystartbeing available to you you
mmhm mmhm m608: did youstartin scotland was it aviemore
did about finance for astartlabour or the lib lab
she never did spanish tostartout with and she stopped
did the alarm bells notstartringing did you not realise
m608: what age did youstartskiing m642: i was at
have started why did istartsurely i knew even at
a car when they didstartto come into the area
through i think i didstartto tone down the erm
at what point did youstartto well have preferences i
at what point did youstartto well i m presuming
hang on when did youstartwhen did you finish f813:
in shetland very likely didstartwith aald peter o da
yeah i really need tostartactually doing more japanese f807:
thy breistie thou need nastartawa sae hasty wi bickerin
it and we need tostartf640: that s right f639:
family so you need tostartm608: that s right yeah
that you d need tostartputtin m816: yeah it s
f810: [yawn] i need tostartthinking about graduate jobs even
in a minute need tostartturning them roond m1096: turn
need to go back andstartwi them at seven year
we need that bits tostartwith that s the bits
burnie creepin slow at estartan syne comin faister i
can be used at thestartand end of each lesson
and being there at thestartand organisin and settin it
preparing for holiday saturday 3startat 10 20 get stuck
because proceedings in the chamberstartat 12 i therefore apologise
ye sit doon for astartat bits feels caal an
get yer danner up anstartat em withoot takin richt
challenge m815: hm m816: youstartat fort william m815: [cough]
f640: minutes ye didn tstartat half seven because in
mills at she would probablystartat half seven quarter to
still i ve made astartat least to the introduction
english framework is a notionalstartat p6 through to s3
minds and that encouragement shouldstartat school they must not
be f638: i used taestartat six in the mornin
age discrimination in employment canstartat the age of 40
yesterday so i have tostartat the beginning and re
beginning aye wait till westartat the beginning and see
[inhale] three f1113: right juststartat the beginning of the
cultures and histories is tostartat the education level where
green flag tae a bullstartat the top both are
bottom we ve got tostartat the top f1112: no
aside ma chin though istartat wye i ve ay
bonnie birds an fin eystartdivin at s a divine
a licht waa for astartere wisna aa at mony
get past that at thestarterm but trying to develop
will not be able tostartfor at least a fortnight
mornin broon an roost widnaestarthis pal looked at the
lot till t at estarti d be sittin in
i i mentioned at thestarti m i m a
from uig in skye tostartinto service tomorrow at six
its kinna orientation when youstartlike lookin at immigration from
see headmistress at girls theystartmond 2 saturday cath girls
wis knockit doon at thestarto the 20th century they
of words particularly at thestartof a line was a
culture that exists at thestartof a nurse s career
a typical lesson at thestartof a series on a
the early lessons at thestartof a topic it is
that facility available at thestartof developments the social justice
read in full at thestartof each meeting if the
non denominational basis at thestartof each plenary session of
non denominational basis at thestartof each plenary session of
read it out at thestartof her speech i have
reigns or at least thestartof majorities or periods of
caught cat napping at thestartof may the plaintive sound
it from frozen at thestartof meal preparations and it
perhaps have done at thestartof that exercise which we
tug salveda which at thestartof the day had been
assigned clear values at thestartof the entries reinforced by
as i said at thestartof the event members of
get under way at thestartof the next school session
reasonable strategic management at thestartof the situation have alleviated
it like this at thestartof the summer holidays last
f1151: right at the verystartof the term especially if
been at least at thestartof the week it seemed
the scottish executive at thestartof the year it was
that you used at thestartof this agenda item was
semmerwater verse quoted at thestartof this booklet like that
sure what happened at thestartof this debate but the
convener we are at thestartof this process and it
the past decade at thestartof this year it was
me at station 7 tuesdaystarton section in cammel lairds
es fowk at likes taestartsleepin flat on eir stamach
erm higgledy piggledy at thestartso we we had it
wid you believe it disstarttae sna aye bit at
the scottish national party tostarttalking about policies at all
the age at which westartteaching languages is crucial to
for remembering that i actuallystartthe conversation at the table
prompt at 11 00am tostartthe demolition of the great
be used quickly at thestartto involve pupils in the
at seven year old andstarttrainin them all the way
too much like at thestartwe tried to farm this
you think so many sentencesstartwith and e look at
descent honest men we willstartwith mr babinton at the
executive when it intends tostartaccepting applications for its 2
go wrong when will youstartadvertising that service muir russell
when this is due tostartand we hope that everyone
when such an exercise mightstartand what its duration might
the prefab so when istartcawin that doon f643: and
aw right m642: when istartcawin that doon we re
silence bj when you gonnaestartlivin in the real world
f1149: okay f1148: when youstartout you have to do
even come out when theystartplaying it like two weeks
you re four when youstartpre school like we actually
old you are when youstartschool cause you like you
you re five when youstartschool here unless like there
old you are when youstartschool in luxembourg f1148: that
status quo when the deadstartshillyshallying to and fro what
i get irked when folkstartspikkin aboot yards m1000: aye
nithered when the cauld windsstarttae blaw an oor feet
tradition pause forty when yistartthe brew wis faithirs side
bringing to it when theystarttheir second language so phase
and when you obviously youstartthinking about it and you
for more when the peesiesstartto nest a bad storm
is anyone else when peoplestartto talk about such issues
really when ye s- reallystartto think f1023: [inaudible] f1025:
would be trouble he wouldstartwith bible and when the
idea i decided i wouldstarta campaign of positive vandalism
poles the first person wouldstartand leave the bike propped
like normally they would allstartf814: [laugh] f812: fights with
instead of english would itstartfrom primary up to university
excellent experience behind it tostartfrom scratch would be crazy
information it would be astartif the sign guidelines were
i would be happiest tostartit would help us to
if you would like tostartnot quite a roman wall
the french vernacular for astartor it would be written
might have known it wouldstartpissing just as i come
came through apprenticeships apprentices wouldstartquite young and would be
and weir s heid wouldstarttae batter itsel aff the
would be totally inappropriate tostartthat on a major scale
lines and her body wouldstartto crumble from hard and
be lookin and she wouldstartto cry and of course
of many people it wouldstartto diminish the value of
of discretion to allow forstartup costs this figure would
the the s- they wouldstartwalking towards them m608: uh
i d done three taestartwi would o [inaudible] it
i told myself i wouldstartwork as the sun broke
american imports probably we wouldstartwriting theater and center etc
they d been allowed tostarta year early f1148: so
demanding year right from thestarthowever we had the software
this time o year fowkstarttae fill up their bunkers
they have recently graduated willstarttheir probation this year the
charitable organisations which was tostartthis year will be delayed
summer holidays this year andstartto use euros they will
determined to build on thestartwe made last year the
time o year you canstartwirkin oot what s laekely
playin up sometimes it widstartan sometimes it simply refused
gather up the sketches andstartarranging them neatly on the
on till e machine taestarter up an get awa
up an i d taestarthaivin e paper abeen ma
yi pick it up tistartironin dara oan it comes
machines take up positions andstartmusicians play scrapers and shakers
i think that was thestarto the brak up o
him up steve cammy dimpsstartplaying leap frog cammy ah
suppose fock f961: yeah [laugh]startsavin up f960: wance dey
de jarl s squad deystartsaving up for it [laugh]
up rather than having tostartsomething else completely from scratch
a quorum so we willstartthe meeting we are up
up the work load andstartthe process of appointing rapporteurs
in i want you tostarttidying up some of your
fix more windows phil rodstartto clean up 13 monday
her glance up with astarttwo nesting birds were taking
mrs boyter and tried tostartup a dancing school but
people who had decided tostartup businesses and invest in
percentage of microcredit loans forstartup businesses go to women
fund the sub post officestartup capital subsidy scheme 9
their students on entrepreneurship andstartup companies the university of
from of government assist thestartup of local co operatives
latvian economy if they couldstartup the same trade now
shood be fed up taestartwi andrew hid a tv
too much toys will westarta shoppie eh f1122: mum
in the mornin fin westartawa day bides dry it
and in it we willstartby clearly establishing in relation
addressed we committed ourselves tostartby ending the anomaly whereby
must win it i willstartby saying what we in
provisions should be should westartfrom scratch and review the
happens in another we couldstartfrom the assumption that there
presentation if we are tostartfrom the perspective of the
called mm where s thestarthere we go you gonna
mr jack mcconnell as astarti believe that we should
every child has the beststartin life we are also
f965: so we had tostartkeeping a record of who
friday we go to seestartof sailing race to i
makes a suggestion for thestartof the meeting that we
we are now making astarton a corpus of the
and we can now allstartour re cycling it has
to get very despondent andstartpanicking we could not cancel
reach our 50s we suddenlystartreceiving saga brochures we resent
we already have or kickstartsomething that people have been
surely not suggesting that westarttaking officials and bits and
28 friday cath down westartthe search 29 saturday still
is what we have tostartthinking about the convener the
moment is assuming a p6startthrough to s3 so we
a thought that we shouldstartto build regional delivery units
an informal discussion we canstartto divide the priorities and
by working together they willstartto get there we genuinely
funding if we do notstartto make preparations and do
areas this is where westartto scrutinise the cross cutting
is not advent about tostartwe should all try to
ye ken an for astartwe wis like tae be
f1054: ehm unwell should westartwi that m1146: seek f1054:
with eh we were gonnastartwith eh what were we
all of our language westartwith letter games and move
eh what were we gonnastartwith m1002: how ye how
mmhm f1054: er shall westartwith pam to rain lightly
issues ms macdonald we shouldstartwith the process that allan
convener i suggest that westartwith the social policy agenda
of work i mean theystarthaving meetings about it months
junke yoam warm smell yokinstartof a spell of work
was just exhausted with thestartof the term work student
step is that work willstarton monday 22nd of november
be seeing my supervisor tostartsome real work on that
on effect the company willstartto do procurement work in
18 7 but no prizestartwork busy tuesday 13 gardening
auld enough tae go anstartwork in the carpet factory
you really think you canstartwork next monday that s
f1005: no don t youstart[er] bun in the oven
poor family gives a poorstartin life don t you
seen children now don tstartmy grumpy old women thing
m642: don t want tostartro- credibility is like you
i don t want tostartroll back m608: oh god
don t they and youstartto de- derealize don t
probably the logical place tostartbecause children with disabilities should
an increasing number of peoplestartcoming down with flu dr
with those comments a greatstarthas been made in involving
what if it wouldn tstarthere miles from anywhere with
do pleased to begin withstarton a high note pleased
get sweep to do chimneysstarton window cords with fred
lang nou queen with astartwhaur is she oniewey she
other words the accused willstartwith a clean sheet about
friday 7 june it willstartwith a parade from george
by voluntary organisations i willstartwith a political point successive
aye f1054: what they wearstartwith clothes this time m1015:
which was pretty general tostartwith commenced with an offer
f1104: but does it musicsstartwith does the music sound
choose whether you wanted tostartwith english straight away or
for the whole time tostartwith he writes very very
ask a simple question tostartwith i have read as
okay so if i couldstartwith just the background to
that s obviously where peoplestartwith orkney literature it tends
with the trial must notstartwith the assumption that the
testing system however i willstartwith the second issue which
it might be useful tostartwith the sections that andrew
ethos is distorted the materialsstartwith the underlying principles that
a continuum language learning theystartwith their own home language
usually f963: it didn tstartwith them hitting each other
to inside and outside andstartwith to rain lightly kenny
but aberdeen i found tostartwith was more like eh
these books you have tostartwith what they re familiar
army surrendered that was thestartbut get this straight now
dinna get lost or tommystarteating them or something unless
all children get the beststartin life by maximising pupil
all children get the beststartin life by maximising pupil
think once they get astartthat s them [inaudible] f947:
the economic forums once theystartto get established as for
the rope you had taestartand caw the rope f640:
s finished if i everstartand you ve handed over
how f1111: not for astartbut you got used to
erm perhaps you could juststartby erm introducing yourself in
you just touch them theystartflarin m608: god so they
so away you go andstartgrating f1112: a wee bittie
s gotta it s gottastartlike you say one to
duncan do you want tostartm1146: stotter nothing else just
that torch and you canstartmaking yer ain crocodiles m1108:
so do you want tostartmillie f1018: eh my name
yi ur pat you gonnaestartoan aboot that crazy crap
time has passed since thestartof the meeting convener you
i d go mad andstartshouting you were half way
now f1112: home f1111: youstartsinging it- f1112: doesn t
f1105: which you s- youstartsinging m1106 : the bow and
i d just like tostarttalking about er how you
some foreigners [inhale] and youstarttalking to them they say
barnardo s scotland i willstartthank you for inviting us
them in ages for astartthe druid told me you
finished you can help kickstartthe party news flash there
oh my god f813: youstartthere s something like it
you just m741: yeah m605: startto think well wh-wh- m741:
o writers ehm and youstartto think well why are
you re hired you canstarttomorrow next day she was
do you do f1093: [cough]startwashing the plates m1094: cu-
splendid what you call themstartwi mum mother m1012: mm
aboot a kit of toolsstartwi you f1144: [inaudible] m1146:
in there because if theystartyou know if they re
ye div peggy noo dinnastartyou two bessie muttering weel
were just they could sta-starta fight in an empty
just had soup maybe tostartf640: soup usually mmhm f639:
i slip in an istartf831: mmhm m842: ye just
f832: i m just gonnastartin the first week of
and [censored: forename] was just gonnastartm642: aye she startit the
mmhm m842: ye just kindastartusin f831: mmhm m842: kinda
first mum f1103: well juststartwi the bitties look right
too they pressurised from thestartand fairly rattled the hearts
m194: so they had taestartand re- hi- ra- hi-
m608: mmhm m194: they dstartaway in the field and
to kill her for astartbut they got it changed
comparative peace the two mothersstartchatting they are intimate friends
that they will have tostartclosing their homes if the
as they had an earlystartin the morning and a
all they are only thestartof the process of making
three to fifteen where theystarttheir formal learning to age
scots language written they willstartto believe that it is
that way th- they willstartto change folk s minds
examples of english as theystartto construct their own model
to have markers they muststartto pay them properly the
subject area from where theystartto the end of s3
done it from wherever theystartto wherever they finish but
he shouts orders they allstarttraining lee yur telt kin
famely notice how they baithestartwi the letter f pause
to to kind of ermstartthings in a in a
a wedding from finish tostartbible black s an affair
from the clerks i willstartby speaking in general terms
of recommendations from a freshstartfor gaelic pe451 upgrade of
of recommendations from a freshstartfor gaelic pe482 compulsory blood
f963: mm m762: i reallystartfrom a point of energy
and that one had tostartfrom scratch i am conscious
but yeah all the memoriesstartkind of from later on
of sustainable development and tostartliving from nature s income
in her poetry from thestartlochhead s third collection the
parliamentary acts exists from thestartof james i s direct
1426 dating from near thestartof james i s personal
free time from assignments tostarton my first term paper
000 from the council surestartscotland and grampian primary care
and d funding from surestartscotland to benefit gaelic medium
make it plain from thestartthat my amendment does not
much the same from thestartthe edinburgh burgh records for
come from it s gottastartthere i think er and
to be excellent gripping fromstartto finish as the performers
time lucky right sta- nostarthere a bonny m will
jamieson is right immediately istartto read burns i forget
s scone burn for astarttrout that s right f1023:
mornin usually the truck widstarton the first turn o
think of i want tostarton the shop floor and
where i want her tostartshe reads my scrawl rather
blog around i want tostartwriting about positive things i
of them was keen tostarta branch of the celtic
parliament have a duty tostartdelivering for them in action
a solicitor in bermondsey tostarthandling it for them he
i think i was thestartof them locking gates and
in foreign languages is tostartthem very young in scotland
the statutory procedures construction shouldstartin 2002 nora radcliffe although
factor should not be thestartof the process but whether
the long run that shouldstartto intervene in the areas
a- eh accents suddenly andstartspeakin all this scottish dictionary
took advice and decided tostarta beef production cooperative the
the languages and to kickstarta programme of support the
hae ye pompitie gives astartand tries to hide the
robert brown glasgow ld istartby adding my congratulations to
his satchel in readiness tostartdrawing in the oppressive september
volunteers week is due tostartin less than a month
do not know where tostartin my view the difficulty
the student has chosen tostartin preparation for this speaking
is a bit odd tostartin russian but it is
er the the place tostartis in education f718: mmhm
f826: yes decent place tostartisn t it m827: no
idea of post dating thestartof a licence to the
these reulis to take thestartof one of james own
committee agreed to delay thestartof the inquiry on waste
us go back to thestartof the process local authorities
central heating initiative due tostarton 1 april 2001 s1o
or will i make astarton beth stands walks to
in tuesday 11 on leavestarton garden to kdy evening
do stuart duffin for astartone has to ask where
needed to gang awa tostartower listen ye mind o
even ha e time tostartrinnin awa it was a
does not already smoke tostartsmoking and that if people
to make someone decide tostartsmoking i do not think
no somebody s got tostartso fa s it goin
is waiting for me tostartso i begin i ring
what plans it has tostartsuch programmes s1w 19663 stewart
move to questions i willstartthe ball rolling the policy
the minister and try tostartthe process by gathering as
have encouraged the group tostartthe process of thinking through
tragedy and the steps tostartthe recovery support and rebuilding
shifters were staggering in tostarttheirs poor chaps the only
was aff to a badstartthere an it was a
by a whimpering sound istartto bounce him a little
my back on her andstartto build a palace for
for a 5 30 amstartto catch the train to
the auld feel the tearsstartto flow she searches in
pitted caves an early jumpstartto its more recent history
bus i ve an earlystartto lessons tomorrow it s
velodrome therefore all those issuesstartto link and make us
sigh that s a finestartto my aul age hospital
monday rain showers this morningstartto paint scullery 29 tuesday
through nhs direct which willstartto receive more calls seeking
i feel that if istartto say anything i will
and the registrar general canstartto take in hand some
and m762: yeah f963: thingsstartto take on slightly more
loganair had a slightly slowerstartto the exercise the introduction
rid of her smoke andstartto wander round and round
friday 15 soft tyre delaysstartto york via kings lynn
fourteen in modern languages tostarttracking different strands and different
anthropology and i hope tostarttrying to learn a little
until suppertime i resolved tostartworking for a few hours
no a bad time tostartyeah half ten m608: no
a doesn t have astartand doesn t have an
have an end m816: astartand it doesn t have
for t aifter his earlystartit was often cold silverside
m not i won tstartranting about that but it
story but he can tstartreading it until he has
throwe t it garrt mestarttae think o life an
much and i didn tstartthinking about it until i
term proper doesn t actuallystarttill monday but i m
do an i m gonnastartdoin more is ehm recording
a big m like thestarto your name [censored: forename spelt out] and
morn i m gaun taestartspring cleanin autumn feel jonsar
afternoon the convener i willstartby asking one or two
east scotland snp i willstartby declaring an interest in
address the committee i willstartby making three brief points
will be involved in thestartof a cross party group
this one will be thestartof something it s been
meeting iain smith i willstarton the issue of regulations
the route action plan willstartwithin the next few weeks
act now that a seriousstarthas been made the race
more young people a betterstartin life free personal care
tae rin for pails andstartbringing water fae the wash
tae mak sure it widstartin the mornin jonsar eck
that wis tae be thestarto mony a tour in
temp 3 10 fae thestarto the day throo tae
awa till e mornin dreamsstarttae come it s jist
noo an aan ye dstarttae skite forrit an syne
mair likely an willin taestartthan jonsar wis jist as
like thon s eneuch taestartthe bairn aff ony time
took us three days taestartthe emergency generator there wisnae
s saut an waater taestartwi bringin it tae the
rainfall 2 16 day taestartwi is affa fule an
stop talking about innovation andstarttalking about best practice voluntary
breathtaking so that was thestartof a cultural weekend but
folk in your faimly ehmstartwi mither that s quite
same i made a graanstarta freen o ma faither
of the alphabet for astartand also i ve been
aboot voices in a peeriestartbut fur eenoo i waant
gens d autres pays istartby declaring an interest in
syne es bleddy hooverin widstartgweed kens i didna like
conceivable that icc proceedings couldstartafter national proceedings had taken
it well perhaps it couldstartby renaming prestwick international airport
and dragons sleep all journeysstartand end in this dark
f1095: mmhm watch [censored: forename] dinnastartjumping all over the place
all things living end andstartthe space between two snowflakes
that this debate is thestartof a long standing commitment
non native this was thestartof the oil and the
jonsar eck s truck widnaestartthis mornin usually the truck
and ready for a 9amstartthis morning the non trekkers
fin broon an roost widnaestartit made jonsar eck think
be confoonnit an ye dstarthaddin yer breath for fear
lee hope your noh gonnaestartaw that silly crazy talk
arbuthnott in time for thestartof school term in august
of a hindrance for astartf746: mmhm f978: and ehm
f1041: mmhm aye m1042: thestartwas in nineteen thirty eight
stop bein a quinie anstartbein a quine m999: aye
aye that s the waystartgreeting and gie folk mair
touch laurencekirk wis aye thestarto the twa wikk tours
ken yer fowk for astartan hae a bit o
after the hare has astartand chased until the hare
von neudorf it s astartbut the ferrà juan biography
student nurses is a greatstartbut those who are switching
scottish executive 2002b a freshstartfor gaelic the meek report
produced the report a freshstartfor gaelic which was published
trivvellin fur his meids astartgyaun bi da hadd he
mm f965: because for astartit s not very nice
often such a metaphor maystartlife as a simile since
a caring family for astartm964: [cough] f965: it needed
and edward has made astarton his drawing holds it
a foreign surveillance operation mightstartsouth of the border it
however it is a modeststartwhich lacks educational logic in
it dimps cammy steve stewstartplaying leap frog ed joins
the m6 which does notstartor finish in scotland and
know people come here andstartdoing law or accountancy because
concept fund is an excellentstartand an example of the
semi circle round stage musiciansstartnotes and chords human roles
end of june and thestartof the holidays pat cairns
the late 1800s saw thestartof these and the material
oot cammy dimps and stevestartswimming movements cammy dimps sing
domingo in cuzco for thestartof the day s celebration
assistance for shipping services whichstartor finish or both outside
the european committee since thestartof 2001 the committee is
day november 11 marked thestartof winter the feast of
room steek e door anstartbe washin ma heid followin
kent richt frae the verrastarthe kent fine fit his
bondage flashin s the kickstartin humanity s hip flask
vowel sounds rhyme full rhymestartpart half rhyme or part
the critics september 1 mondaystartpiano lessons 12 friday 15
everything out m1094: why f1093: startputting these back into the
badder ye some fin yestartseein fit s nae ere
9 25 richt fae thestartthe day is affa bonny
8 16 richt fae thestartthe sin dis shine bit

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