See this word as a collocate cloud

a layer when the musicstartedagain you started passing again
it goes look steam sstartedalready m1098: started already that
steam s started already m1098: startedalready that s nae my
started getting doubts after istartedbusiness and so the only
fast flowin current the crowdstartedcheerin and some started to
i was four when istartedehm cause i started in
their spring cleanin fin eenstartedey a a started the
about two three weeks istartedgetting doubts after i started
this congregational church and istartedi must have started quite
i started ehm cause istartedin august and i turned
bit about how how thatstartedm1174: yeah sure erm started
started m1174: yeah sure ermstartedoff er well my sort
the music started again youstartedpassing again the one left
i started i must havestartedquite y- young maybe about
een started ey a astartedthe firewid sales wid come
turned eighteen er you thenstartedto make you then started
started to make you thenstartedto pay into the pension
crowd started cheerin and somestartedto scream as the ducks
that since jonsar eck hidstartedhis firewid roon fin the
the road the damned truckstartednae bother ata jonsar i
fin the mannie appeared anstartedtae cast peats jonsar gaed
dee tae you jonsar eckstartedtae explain tae him ere
the flooers afore they gotstartedtae gruw jonsar eck shook
for jonsar asks ey baithstartedtae laugh an een o
ootsize set o bagpipes jonsarstartedtae laugh an said the
the lift missus chatterbox hidstartedtae tell jonsar aboot her
so quick fin jonsar eckstartedtae tidy up efter the
jonsar eck left school anstartedtae work wi his father
the larry fin jonsar eckstartedthe larry up the cat
we just want to checkstartedan inspector fuck off bellowed
on one part than bitsstartedflaking off somewhere else whole
off an then i juststartedgoin back tae my right
out of the metro istartedleading us off in diametrically
the scottish national dictionary thatstartedme off on this ploy
gaithirin thur ain stories yinstartedoff a long long whiles
ve got i had istartedoff a- eh about fifteen
the sandshoes was that ehmstartedoff as lace an then
streamers and balloons when westartedoff but by the time
warming the nippy air westartedoff by climbing more gently
wife returned to work shestartedoff by working what is
then based in england hestartedoff by writing two books
the same course that istartedoff doing with f1150: really
m608: oh right m1174: whichstartedoff er during the month
guy in particular that alwaysstartedoff his conversation with i
on his situation he hadstartedoff his day with little
three more of the groupstartedoff in a chorus which
never discovered but eh itstartedoff in a very modest
from glasgow to edinburgh westartedoff in bute and made
in within the asian mediastartedoff in nineteen ninety seven
s st- i mean itstartedoff it s very interesting
very odd book because itstartedoff just being a book
chicken then so i juststartedoff like that and then
these the same people thatstartedoff no so it s
poem in mind when youstartedoff or a se- or
and the punctured tyre andstartedoff towards home through familiar
but m1163: aye erm istartedoff wi the being a
school was so successful westartedoff with a hundred and
the member well knows westartedoff with a record spending
sector or private landlords westartedoff with hmos because bodies
year yeah absolutely no di-startedoff with psychology last year
glasgow this would have juststartedsomeone else off across the
into the pension fund theystartedto take the contributions off
with familiarity the meals planstartedtonight which took me off
those changes work has alreadystartedand we intend to complete
modern european language are alreadystartedearlier than p6 if circumstances
east lothian council has alreadystartedto work out plans to
their own place john hasstartedwork and there already seems
has referred it has alreadystartedwork on this matter the
passengers seat fin the larrystartedawa ey decided tae hae
firewid roon fin the wifiesstarteddeein their spring cleanin fin
sellin weel fin the auctioneerstartedtae sell some bags o
wee bit foostie an fowkstartedtae shun the circle fin
fin the mannie appeared hestartedtae work at the sweet
irish medium situation there theystarteda secondary school with nine
two weeks since school restartedafter the summer holidays mother
from the burn mrs aitkenstartedat arbuthnott school when she
i remember when i firststartedat the gaelic school primary
came [laugh] only since elainestartedat the school not so
was like sixteen before istartedgettin wasted f1049: school was
the big school and yestartedgetting different teachers for arithmetic
i left the school istartedin f638: [cough] f637: kate
in may and then schoolstartedin september f1149: erm was
his leg so he wasstartedin this little school under
richard laugh is before istartedmy posh school richard was
just like to say istartedmy school days in the
phoned for an ambulance jennystartedprimary school when her father
be his friend before theystartedschool and he met geordie
parish of drumblade where istartedschool and then in auchterless
broom pods she had juststartedschool and was eating broom
6 years old normally youstartedschool at 5 but as
was the dominie when istartedschool i spent most of
william adams montgoldrum when istartedschool in 1924 there were
worked on the land istartedschool in 1941 we all
total of two when istartedschool milltown had the first
at secondary school when istartedsecondary school at the age
startit the scuil f643: shestartedthe school and [censored: forename] was
public school she has juststartedwith the boy alex [censored: surname]
do f1150: has he likestarteda course before or f1151:
least 5 30am before itstartedagain we spent the time
down in spring before sowingstartedand put back afterwards there
cause that was where istartedbefore i had the pen
you used to get milliestartedbefore what did you used
and comb before the judgingstartedbut when katie morag arrived
before term was starting istartedcoming down with the cold
of the bank before shestarteddigging the peat and kept
music and then when theystartederm well actually before they
mmhm f965: erm before theystartedfactory farming and it got
you the handouts before westartedhere but ehm as i
an hour before the picturestartedif ye wanted to be
two months before the coursesstartedin schools it was just
two months before the coursesstartedit was too late to
now probably just before istartedmy course at strathclyde f1150:
before indeed we may havestartedprocesses that have been proven
the interdependencies than before westartedthe exercise the importance of
about several areas before istartedto consider the bill i
recommendations of the report andstartedto do so even before
before leaving scotland i hadstartedto read winter in mallorca
while ago well before istarteduniversity obviously but er very
erm well actually before theystartedusing pirate radio f963: like
aware of that before istartedyou know doing this interview
a young man when hestartedand he s now kinna
languages programme when it firststartedand that has to some
the holidays when i firststartedat the academy it seemed
it and then when westartedbouncin it backwards and forwards
the data when we firststarteddoing this kind of work
when i even when istarteddow- which was in nineteen
nineteen eighty seven when istarteddown the road part time
like when i d juststartedf812: that s totally got
ooh m941: when we firststartedgoin out m942: i have
f631: right f634: yeah istartedgoin when i was twelve
was about eight when westartedgoing away in in winter
it s when the oilstartedhearing about all the f746:
at the agricultural college andstartedin 1925 when he wrote
and it was when istartedin gray s john m608:
when the bombing of citiesstartedit was felt that children
enough ti say mah abuserstartedlaughin when ah said ah
gave me a wink andstartedlaughing when he was home
when my nieces and nephewsstartedliving together so i mean
eight hours f1155: the policestartedlooking for her when she
where or when this journeystartedmight huv been in mommy
when the shakes and sweatingstartedon his second dry day
when i think how westartedout over there with nothing
affecting metal that when metalstartedout the bands that were
when we got out itstartedraining didn t it yeah
current and ongoing project itstartedseveral years ago when toe
i was 14 when istartedsmoking dope soon after buying
we knew that when westartedso it wasn t a
huh m642: in nineteen seventystartedtae gang when the pits
can tell you when istartedteaching i did not like
present burns visually when istartedteaching i had one 35mm
on that day when westartedtelephoning that the results would
it took us when westartedthe exercise i will ask
they were in when istartedthere 30 years ago will
now for ehm when itstartedthey had to have ehm
because i think when istartedthinking about what i was
you were a when youstartedto eat food f1112: what
mm mmhm yeah skating istartedto go erm when i
and that was when istartedto go on the homeopathic
when we realised why membersstartedto let slip the fact
other day here when itstartedto like snow and in
back that tear when theystartedto pray lest we ever
relax even when the bubblestartedto shrink the man didn
our schooldays when the blackbirdsstartedto sing and we had
believed andy too when hestartedto speak of the real
when i was twelve istartedto try and learn to
when i i used tostartedto wear trousers you know
umpteen fingers especially when istartedto work in the steel
speak and when i firststartedto write actually i had
and when i i originallystartedtrying to learn massage a
to risk when tsc firststartedup in our area the
was beelin when the musicstartedwhat d you think you
cause apparently erm it onlystartedwhen i was about know
schools and that now itstartedwhen i was i don
war i mean the warstartedwhen i was seven f637:
o sayin that when istartedwork as a fourteen year
and in fact when istartedwork if you had stiletto
suppose when you think shestartedwriting those books a while
but california might get mestartedagain a change of light
he s got the ploughstartedagain e tool s aa
well it s sta- theystartedagain f640: yeah f638: uh
and the bill must bestartedagain from scratch if all
at the golf match hidstartedagain he gulped doon his
in the hi fi hasstartedagain i know about her
see the hi fi hasstartedagain i thought you d
bloody hi fi it sstartedagain on its own i
macchu picchu until the discostartedagain then the place erupted
again a year later andstartedagain with the same argument
think o i wid haestartedall ower again blithely and
half past eight again yestartedbringin them back intae stranraer
after the war they neverstartedbulk buying again in 1932
eventually it worked the hairstartedcomin in again f632: uh
kisses and my catherine wheelstartedfizzing again i took my
is coming on again istartedgrowing it a fortnight ago
gee a haand the manstartedhis varnishing again ralph looked
the same again as theystartedteemin the second coort it
but it ra- it hadstartedto rain again and everybody
its translucent rainbow skin hestartedto resist again but felt
and that was and thenstarteda a sort of a
that was the wey istartedaff mairied life an then
aboot nineteen forty one itstartedand eh then they built
four month and then istartedas a as a ba-
brilliant and erm and thenstartedclasses er and and then
wee while and then istartedgoing to mr butt and
a guy and then westartedhanging about with him cause
for that and then theystartedhaving raves there f965: mmhm
huh [laugh] and then westartedlike primary four onwards it
he s deid he thenstartedpointing at people on the
then left the byke andstartedrunning the second horseman then
town for shopping then theystartedthrough time to have some
erm and then we alsostartedto approach businesses local businesses
ear then the old hensstartedto become hyper active and
then the canadian government hasstartedto consider legal action against
of weeks and then istartedto get really quite well
needed just then and istartedto relax later in the
have been crying then everythingstartedto settle down and some
read russian i must getstartedto this language sometime then
gesture with uncertain hands thenstartedto undress rather slowly like
to start wi then istarteduniversity an i was university
offering and then the climbingstartedwe took it slowly silvio
was secured and building workstarted113 came from the rankine
al this week the workstartedfor real i ve thrown
seen athing wis ere anstartedtae work awa ere wis
pay for it bobbie hasstartedto work in one of
fair- fairly easily so istartedto work in the courier
thinking about right away andystartedto work up some resentment
work done and so westartedup this group on our
evangelist 1956 james stewart hadstartedwork and was no longer
stung unknown in 1940 istartedwork at 13 as a
get me erm so istartedwork in a shipping office
ready to leave she hadstartedwork with the college only
be a librarian so hestarteda course for that but
f978: well of course theystartedehm goin round teaching in
at edinburgh university the teacherstartedher course by writing down
things are going well istartedmy chaucer course last week
alter its course the bubblestartedto move aroundabout him pulling
fe- car ferries hadn tstartedand it was just ehm
eh f746: yeah f978: theystarteddancing ehm a shetland reel
[laugh] f689: ehm it allstartedi think it must have
f631: right f689: it juststartedout ehm tryin to keep
s interesting point ehm istartedout you know asking for
erm was that because youstarteda year earlier or is
how i kind of gotstartederm within no that s
f689: that s what itstartedout like so erm [throat]
and carol tut erm hestartedto skate around with me
few years because erm westartedup a playwriting group an
was the third day itstartedactually properly bruised i just
m1096: no f1095: it juststartedbleeding m1096: no f1095: all
it was i d juststartedgetting boyfriends you know how
it just to get itstartedin breaking down place an
with his jigsaw haven tstartedit yet i m just
introduction of the comprehensive approachstartedjust a little bit later
f813: [laugh] f812: so theystartedjust having a fight and
as soon as i juststartedlaughin at the registrar she
like totally urgh so istartedmakin just totally meals fae
f643: no it was juststartedmmhm m642: they were just
need i ve only juststartedmy christmas shopping so i
though i have just gotstartedmy view is that an
morse author cause he juststartedpinchin their ideas and turning
just standing there and itstartedraining i was like aw
these girls went they juststartedscreaming at the top of
it onto his bread andstartedspreadin but that has just
m762: and so i juststartedtalking about the books that
m1014: [inaudible] if ye juststartedusin mary an walter an
company went down well theystartedto go down the tubes
as you must remember rainstartedto pelt down in great
threw down his brush andstartedto shout at the top
of april and i vestartedtrying to get down to
was gonnae suggest that westartedwriting down all the sayings
the diagram that you reallystartedwriting down lots for you
weights cammy meeting noh evenstartedan dimps is huvin a
60s and even beyond istartedas an office boy at
cause i ve not evenstartedit yet which is really
doan t even git mestartedoan lindsay lohan s tits
and she hadn t evenstartedthere were some scraps of
well and i ve evenstartedworking on the maggie library
the head clerk who hadstartedas an office boy in
ye another per- f643: hadstarteddoin it up m642: ah
i had i i dstarteddoing a diploma in marketing
the hairst as usual butstarteddrinking about turriff and had
days but the daftness hadstartedearly spread out on the
club but the practice hadstartedin 1878 originally only for
amendment after the debate hadstartedit would be unprecedented although
was lying empty it hadstartedits life as the fever
decided i would i dstartedmy studies and it had
stooked but leading had notstarted[note: photo: 'rows of stacks at allardyce in the 1920s: 'sic a rucks, sic a siller.''] in november 1924 mr
of higher still we hadstartedon the premise that children
his jaw her mother hadstartedonce to tell her about
1848 the intrepid sand hadstartedout on the road to
told that the competition hadstartedout with 1 million participants
july 1943 though shipping hadstartedto arrive and depart some
bungalow and the council hadstartedto decant people from the
very welcome because it hadstartedto rain and the country
in mintlaw that somebody hadstartedup and carried on with
project which if it hadstartedwith them to see if
really good because they vestartedactually talkin an asking questions
f1038: and she s reallystartedgetting involved in snowboarding yes
to the shop an itstartedraining really heavy on the
it didn t really getstartedthe young team were in
weeks away so but shestartedto feel really uncomfortable in
to 16 c things reallystartedto go downhill in august
me and my dad [laugh]startedlaughing [laugh] cause it was
thingummy as well cause youstartedthinkin what was that thingummy
year s exams the examsstarteda couple of days ago
the go this year whichstartedin advance of the agency
the new year s partystartedin there m815: [cough] m816:
back end o the yearstartedtae draw in the fermer
m815: yeah m816: and westartedthe new year s party
in the budgets that westartedthe year with brian adam
in my year out istartedthinking well you know if
time of year heavy rainstartedto fall it cleared long
wasn t it that youstartedgoin out m959: yeah it
was bad i think istartedhangin out with the wrong
out of morse novels theystartedmakin up their own which
yeah [laugh] f965: maybe itstartedout as that but of
adjusted but many people probablystartedout having faith in the
were refilled every hairst theystartedout high and gradually packed
you f689: oh right westartedout sort o gettin up
and by the time westartedout the sun was warming
song on get the partystartedout with the good whisky
out an i pod andstartedskipping through some tracks such
print this is how hellostartedso watch out all you
can remember it [inaudible] itstartedto come out in patches
the corpus i have nowstartedweeding out a few gems
m635: er we we westartedgetting real teachers for the
and why f640: er istartedgoing i think whether my
the now and er shestartedher christmas shopping yesterday they
is er we we havestartedi think as a nation
about er how you gotstartedin sports journalism and and
she er i think shestartedlike on sunday morning or
european language that they vestartedat those different levels so
with the income i vestartedbuying winter clothes there s
than christmas pudding they vestartedf- faffing about with christmas
the table oh ye vestartedgettin ready i ve mair
f1026: great [laugh] i vestartedknittin [laugh] f1025: [laugh] [cough]
or 1924 and we vestartedrecording the first dialogues may
ve discovered as i vestartedstudying gaelic we have kept
brusquely nothing much you vestartedthe nappies goody did you
was the first one westartedwith we have we ve
[laugh] so i ve notstartedyet f833: i did nothin
them seviril others sealife centrestartedas well up to six
she didn t well shestartedhaving a family quite quickly
said to me earlier itstartedin about well the early
m827: aye well since westartedlooking at them there s
a c the second daystartedreasonably well until beatrice mcsherry
well that s where theystartedthat s where they originated
it was the war thatstartedthis habit which is well
eager to get home maclaurinstartedfrantically to close up against
tips on how to getstartedkitchen and garden waste is
[laugh] don t get mestarted[laugh] m964: [laugh] f963: [laugh]
helping to get other projectsstartedmr swinney although i appreciate
m trying to get thingsstartedon the thesis we got
a mechanic to get itstartedsuddenly i felt frightened what
mouth got around and westartedto get a bit more
can t remember whether istartedto get into urban realist
i know one girl whostartedanthropology at edinburgh and dropped
like two buses and istartedat eight o clock f641:
was in an office istartedat twenty five past seven
from a previous occasion istartedby saying that my objective
busily on i haven tstartedcataloguing the maggie s library
any television programme if istarteddoing so i could be
got we got they dstartedeh demolishin the railway i
weekend f806: has she notstartedf807: i don t think
m608: uh huh f638: istartedfor aw it was in
other members but i recentlystartedgetting saga magazine sent to
eventually but the p ostartedgrappling with him i can
blanket since this pregnancy businessstartedi ll be right glad
have coped he d havestartedi thought by having a
i don t know mumstartedit [laugh] m1048: yeah i
one but i haven tstartedjumping through hoops yet beaumont
a heavier bike and istartedlaughing [inaudible] helmet it was
you ken fine i hinnastartedmy spring cleanin yet far
moved in once term getsstartedproper i m sure i
is the bit that istartedreading but it s in
i finally got together andstartedsome conversational russian we concentrated
you don t so istartedspeakin properly ye know the
an guid bliss me istartedta flyte apon him for
wow no i haven tstartedthe arabic yet i don
l i lady dorothy arbuthnottstartedthe arbuthnott branch of the
an i think that whatstartedthe brak up o this
another girl i asked youstartedthe car and made a
no sign of you istartedthe engine and revved it
here as i ate westartedthe first of the long
professionally by the way istartedthe meals plan this week
england nick and i tentativelystartedthinking about forming a small
i remember while it wasstartedto be built i received
couldn t move her istartedto crawl up the stairs
i think you know peoplestartedto go to norwegian classes
that lost hunderd pound istartedto grieve an ah wiped
at the same time istartedto help him with his
my turn and as istartedto open it went dunk
ideal because [cough] i dstartedto reach the stage where
s newsdrive last week istartedto read primo levi s
ye baith nae nonsense hestartedto shut the door i
have done the two passengersstartedto talk but i could
and excited and urgent istartedtowards the tempting warmth and
thinking about it until istarteduni and every single day
were using them and istartedusing things like paint and
hard i would never havestartedwhy did i start surely
i thought you should haestartedwi that matthew that was
meal was surprisingly good istartedwith a garlic soup and
i moved and i wor-startedworking with [censored: companyname] m608: oh
s okay [laugh] [laugh] f1148: startedfrom about six or seven
fact michael says he firststartedtalking about his bisexuality in
21 july 20 time youstartedthinking about p s cabbage
to hear your meaning andstartedto chatter about our schooldays
wouldn t mind if theystartedup a brangle about it
come time the game gotstartedit wis three meenits intae
got on the bus andstartedmoving up the aisle he
s gey time a gotstartedor aw the wee bairnies
da muckle wolf so hestartedblaain an blaain till da
muckle wolf ava so hestartedblaain an blaain till da
so evidently the fun hasstartedoh scotland oh my country
manly toiletries lf you dstartedone of those oh so
twice so he tells mestartedstudying to be an accountant
up the road so theystartedto walk up the road
fruitfulness our courses have alsostartedtwo of them so this
m1008: mmhm m1007: so theystartedusing le deagh dùrachd m1055:
the place where it awstartedaw happened yi might ask
don t know where theystartedcounting but it certainly felt
the urubamba where the trailstartedour local guide a native
rugby pitch where the revolutionstartedthe ship which fired the
where this [laugh] where westartedwith this question but that
t- two of my cousinsstartedfighting each other like normally
church two of the girlsstartedup the steps like conditioned
1920s the first vans whichstartedin the early to late
were in the middle westarteda rota for showers after
of april and the groupstartedto meet fairly soon after
forthright with the lallans movementstartedby c m grieve hugh
day one of the trekstartedearly with an alarm call
of the present willie beattiestartedgoing round the countryside with
locked the door he restartedhis conversation with his companion
be growing pains it allstartedin january with what appeared
1981 1994 staffing the 1980sstartedinauspiciously with the crisis of
strong robust case we havestartedto do that with the
but as soon as youstartedto have a grate with
parliament in recent years thesestartedwith a bill introduced by
with a stone stair hestartedwith a horse and cart
sunday 21st june 1999 todaystartedwith a morning tour of
this process may have beenstartedwith able standard grade pupils
of more general interest hestartedwith an 1864 map of
flight back ome classes havestartedwith methods which looks dry
good too lunch and supperstartedwith soup of various kinds
son baker cooper s vanstartedaround 1933 bert lemon was
round and skipping the gamesstartedat 3pm tea was served
earn extra cash and hestartedat 8am the family was
continued an initiative that wasstartedaway back in the days
rebellion against the father wasstartedbut at that point the
highlands and islands which wasstartedby michael forsyth on 7
was christmas eve christmas daystartedearly 6am rod the son
the women s guild wasstartedin 1907 and is still
was the answer this wasstartedin 1923 and completed in
was a completely artificial peninsulastartedin january 1941 and composed
this was the conservatives whostartedit and they re still
it was his mother whostartedit strushle jock she d
was in there and ehstartedlooking at the books and
words once the scheme wasstartedthe formal grouping of officers
the time it was allstartedthe solicitor says that robert
roxburghe hoose toby s mindstartedworkin and suddenly it was
the anglo saxons would havestartedcoming up the east coast
poet phoned me up westarteddiscussing words do you know
as the kitchen extractor fanstarteditself up and begun inhaling
crazy band struck up andstartedplaying argentinian music f809: [laugh]
forestry right up until youstartedthe saw mill m642: no
up the side and hestartedto talk to them and
festoon and austrian blinds andstartedup a wee production line
a whimper she must havestartedup in a terrible state
each other in 1933 douglasstartedup on his own at
how many of the businessesstartedup through the small business
make is that we havestarteda process that will push
the process that we havestartedand to have confidence in
end of the fireworks theystartedearlier than we d been
forward the current examinations dietstartedin june how do we
european union can bring westartedour conference on 16 september
m608: oh right m642: westartedthe ayr classic the scottish
wiped the windows and youstartedthe car and found we
environmental progress that we havestartedto take for granted we
said to the guys westartedtogether we ll finish together
back to finish what theystartedall around me glistening on
queue for lunch they actuallystartedpushing each other a little
girdlestone glenbervie they were theystartedthe granite tenements that were
she reminded them whenever theystartedto answer a new question
during the conversation thomas hasstartedto show interest thomas they
rapist in the slammer andstartedto talk at me through
the door open henry mcleishstartedto walk through the door
this jotter and my heartstartedbeating for its daft contents
taken there like my mumstartedin the mills at she
and ye d go yestartedwalkin the mile home and
notice that miss wood hasstartedat the back and that
side has tae say dundasstartedfrom his seat like a
miles a day jane hasstartedmichigan state uni and rod
the pipeline or has itstartedwhich monitoring procedures will be
harry that the clack hasstartedyeuch beaumont whit do you
some shoppin f832: have youstartedrevisin yet f835: what for
o forming a syndicate somestartedto blether but ah wasnae
tae come meg s sisterstartedtae dish oot the orders
and that wis eneuch lizziestartedtae lauch and syne telt
oot o his pooch anstartedtae see if ere wis
foreneen she dowpit doon anstartedtae skyte chukkies inno the
her taewards the lift shestartedtae spik an forgot tae
the nest lair appeared hestartedtae spread peats wi a
intae a sweat an hestartedtae tell the fowk on
road for em he wisstartedaboot ten o clock ronald
for nae nonsense he hidstartedawa as a loon an
wolf wis da mad hestartedblaain an blaain blaain an
decided to collect it hestartedby showing a print and
hated and every time hestartedcrying and wet himself it
that everything happened wee drewstartedto paint the minute he
knees into a comfortable positionstartedto whistle a tune he
forgotten suddenly he turned andstartedtowards the door a route
he jist hoped he hidnaestartedworld war three at nine
like the rice although shestartedit and finished it and
on each of them shestartedwashing in one tub and
to our astonishment the guidestarteda motor and half the
massive intrusion into our streetstartedtoo late to stop planning
his voice the waiter carlosstartedlife cleaning horse shit in
logical part of his mindstartedto follow this line of
over a lengthy period thatstartedback in 1996 there are
friend isobel mccue who havestarteda charity there to help
which the procedures have beenstartedbut not completed transitional provisions
it all party groups havestartedto form but the advice
why everybody ran outside andstartedscreaming [inhale] f807: [laugh] f806:
authorities but the local authoritiesstartedfrom somewhere slightly different and
looking police car the menstartedinvoluntarily but the police men
but at last the railingsstartedto be given a new
sooner the task force getsstartedand is given a timetable
term paper at last andstartedanother seminar paper time is
went to the door andstartedbanging on it weir s
lownie tuesday and friday fishmanstartedin 1946 and came from
the preparation of this guidestartedin october 2000 and the
wear and tear it allstartedone night in november shortly
in the red cross andstartedthe bervie and district women
and kincardine ld jackie bailliestartedthe debate by emphasising the
and stop that biting thisstartedthe kind of internal dialogue
the rear doors and waterstartedto flood the car deck
turned your head away andstartedto mutter which wasn t
dt needed a cut andstartedto walk towards the twartree
university of prague in 1926startedthe prague linguistic circle which
s the tsar s bridestartedat 7 on the dot
scottish socialist party the troublestartedat an organised smoke in
hang on a minute youstartedat ten to nine you
somebody s empty flat thisstartedthe next quarrel you re
now tell me boys whatstartedthis hellery good question canadian
highland region given that itstartedin the north of scotland
felt it easy till johnstartedworking in the in the
to oversee s estacca salvadorstartedconstructing the ornately styled s
the shape of cones thatstartedto narrow gey near fae
a sex maniac the sunstartedto pour horizontal rays of
recalled the point as euanstartedto speak if the intrusive
club a girls social clubstartedin arbuthnott sometime around the1920s
m608: in stranraer m194: yesstartedin nineteen forty seven m608:
wifies in the bakers shopstartedspikkin aboot geordie grip an
on the friday night whatstartedas a peaceful protest against
timmer tam jist smiled anstartedaitin the plate o mait
hostal es port the carstartedlaudate domine the second drawing
1999 la paz the tripstartedon the evening of 17th
7 9 rainfall 2 16startedawa affa weet an affa
dances poor helen mavor herselfstartedher dancing days too young
an ven dere twa dugsstartedsniffin aboot oor erses said

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