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www scvo org uk researchstatisticsdetailed index htm scottish esf
council for voluntary organisations scvostatisticshttp www scvo org uk
of the scottish abstract ofstatisticss1w 4797 fergus ewing to
of the scottish abstract ofstatisticswas published and what plans
information to ensure that thosestatisticscollected and published are relevant
ask the scottish executive whetherstatisticscollected on the participation in
minister which are united kingdomstatisticsthat are collected about fires
department does not centrally collectstatisticson the levels of prosecutions
the outset to collect regularstatisticson the scheme which are
department at least collect thestatisticsso that we can measure
of the isd scotland nationalstatisticsrelease on waiting times s1w
for the release of officialstatisticssimply to give some seeming
about the release of nationalstatisticstomorrow does the minister agree
snp your report contains tellingstatisticsabout the difference between what
in scotland the report containsstatisticsabout trends and deficits since
could receive rather more detailedstatisticsabout the level of financial
must have detailed analysis andstatisticsto allow us to examine
huge cost behind those drystatisticschilling though they are lies
of social and socio economicstatisticsits special value lies in
scots lies somehow in thestatisticsrather than in in the
note that the information andstatisticsdivision figures for 2000 show
published by the information andstatisticsdivision of the common services
provided by the information andstatisticsdivision of the common services
available through the information andstatisticsdivision of the common services
published by the information andstatisticsdivision on 28 february 2001
a greater rainfall the winterstatisticsshow a change too the
sport a lot of thestatisticsshow a significant drop in
we know that the overallstatisticsshow that poverty is increasing
the depressions interestingly dave sstatisticsshow that some folk wisdom
to cut public spending thestatisticsshow that the tory government
as to make the publishedstatisticsmore informative s1w 19652 brian
with the department of healthstatisticsmrs warrington yes rhona brankin
dispute the department of healthstatisticsthat a uk advertising ban
when an office for nationalstatisticsblunder has meant that the
the uk office for nationalstatisticsbungled the job and the
6 from office for nationalstatisticslabour market statistics january 2003
of an hmo in thestatisticsof the office of the
by the office for nationalstatisticss1o 6037 the deputy minister
employment survey office for nationalstatisticss1w 9246 mr kenneth gibson
in the office for nationalstatisticswhich runs the general register
keeping a note of thestatisticsis there on going research
research it is argied thatstatisticsshould be gaithered anent hoo
research it is argued thatstatisticsshould be gathered on how
whether any of its crimestatisticssupport the research by the
when new national work forcestatisticsare announced tomorrow however we
in the integrity of nationalstatisticsdoes she agree that it
15 november 2002 whether thestatisticson hits to the national
concentrate on national qualification outcomesstatisticspass marks and all the
scottish affairs that specific scottishstatisticsbe kept for all relevant
process and consider the relevantstatisticsmr hamilton who is responsible
a great extent information andstatisticsthat must improve my colleague
option the latest available destinationstatisticsfor the new deal for
speak scots currently the onlystatisticsthat are available are for
the most up to datestatisticsthat are available to us
speaks scots currently the ainlystatisticsthat is available is for
the most up to datestatisticsin future negotiations at which
the most up to datestatisticsto do so transport infrastructure
deal with kenny gibson sstatisticsbecause an important point in
provide reliable authoritative and comparablestatisticsat small area level at
masked by the average wealthstatisticsfor the area there must
march 2002 what the crimestatisticsfor the strathclyde police area
rest of the city thosestatisticsput that area in the
can we be about thestatisticsas i have a small
in my constituency the healthstatisticsare sharply different from those
with fog i use thosestatisticsas an extra guide for
used in the preparation ofstatisticssuch as those contained in
cent those are particularly encouragingstatisticsthat underline our commitment to
pensioners and families and includesstatisticsin relation to the number
pensioners and families and includesstatisticsin relation to the number
on 19 november 2002 givingstatisticson the number of page
john farquhar munro knows thestatisticsas does the minister but
oot frae meikleburgh s healthstatisticsstench owerance wis laid on
when it will publish itsstatisticsplan for 2002 03 s1w
highlighted in the criminal appealstatisticsscotland 2001 s1w 17752 bill
doubt about that but recentstatisticsare encouraging between 1997 and
considerable we could argue aboutstatisticsfor example the withdrawal of
not so much about thestatisticsthat exist on how much
ask the scottish executive whetherstatisticsexist on clusters of any
and housing groups according tostatisticsfrom the scottish council for
for the collation of thestatisticsgillian baxendine the scottish executive
executive september 2002 scottish fisheriesstatisticshmso edinburgh scottish executive 2003
of the current state ofstatisticsin the scottish executive and
ask the scottish executive whenstatisticson forecast cancer trends to
a further disaggregation of thestatisticsthat the scottish executive uses
each year in scottish housingstatisticsthe local authority sends us
by a partial representation ofstatisticsand calls on the executive
by a partial representation ofstatisticsand calls on the executive
voting arrangements report back onstatistics4 letter from margaret smith
of the lowest wage earningstatisticsand some of the travel
scotland finally i offer somestatisticsbased on returns for the
its enforcement difficulties some rspcastatisticsmight help in 1999 the
in the light of newstatisticsshowing a fall in the
them we all know thestatisticsif you are a smoker
brigades relies too heavily onstatisticsderived from fbri forms completed
of all parties have producedstatisticson a variety of issues
i cannot comment on thestatisticson holding replies and so
be replaced by eu silcstatisticson income and living conditions
assist in the collection ofstatisticson poverty be developed in
my question was on thestatisticsthat we get on the
and a suggestion do thestatisticsthat we receive on the
take account of work loadstatisticsour system is output based
exercise we know from thestatisticsthat fewer of our young
no the reliability of anystatisticsthat were derived from a
scotland s census 2001 keystatisticsfor settlements and localities scotland
s right from the barestatisticsit can be seen that
look back over dave sstatisticscomparing 2005 to the averages
bothers to look at thestatisticshe will see that we
modern languages was broadening annualstatisticsissued by the former seb
be treated differently all thestatisticsindicate that i will experience
end with a flurry ofstatisticsbut there is no doubt
meat to be included instatisticsdetailing the meat content of
provided one of the interestingstatisticsthat i have read highlights
overcome the problem that yourstatisticshighlight i accept what you
every form and give youstatisticsthat the as it were
at the weather record andstatisticsto see what the weather
warm sunny days however bothstatisticsand memory can be deceptive
members like to use incompletestatisticswe have a proven track

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