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my parents stayed and westayedall our days down in
right m642: um my parentsstayedand we stayed all our
we stayed in when westayedin govan we lived in
f1151: but erm when westayedin when we stayed in
my granny and granda mutchstayedat bamph croft for many
ehm my granny and granpastayedin almondbank [inhale] so we
a whilie uh huh hestayedwith his granny last night
f606: yeah m845: but westayedwith my granny she was
of the soldiers and hestayedall night in the silver
f1154: bye erm and wentstayedat [censored: forename] s that night
for a week years agostayedonly one night and never
because the shops in inverberviestayedopen late on saturday night
a party and got [laugh]stayedout all night sort of
good public transport system westayedthe night at the transit
to attend the wedding andstayedthe night [note: photo: 'mrs margaret aitken'] memories by
to the railway station westayedwith robert on thursday night
if the rich people alwaysstayedat the west end traditionally
were on but i alwaysstayedi always just liked to
m born in stirling alwaysstayedin stirling except for four
it was always ye alwaysstayedin the one house we
following question have you alwaysstayedin this part of glasgow
in braemar and had alwaysstayedon deeside speaking of her
they never ever they alwaysstayedon i- in italy m608:
how many tens of millionsstayedat home and watched coronation
the 1950s when most mothersstayedat home dusting baking changing
yeah so has he juststayedat home like f1155: at
[child noises] f1105: this little piggystayedat home oh have you
weather was really bad youstayedat home otherwise you greased
the home farm frendraught andstayedfrom 1921 to 1932 though
the summer unusual most peoplestayedhome to watch and of
my childhood home where chopinstayedon his visit to scotland
macdonald home and certainly neverstayedover visitors came only when
taken home again however youstayedquiet and i calmed down
mother s bed he dstayedclose beside the calf all
music room for palma istayedin bed all day dipping
you know you should havestayedin bed so she called
out of bed if youstayedover and into school f814:
f958: how long have youstayedhere for m959: too long
long time i ve neverstayedin a flat for more
noted how long each childstayedin different areas this was
not to be fulfilled jamesstayedin england for 14 long
and enquiring spirit she neverstayedlong in one job but
gets up carolanne but youstayedmarried a long time agnes
called her aunt and shestayedin kilmarnock and she came
deià many moons ago andstayedto write a book called
was tall and she shestayedwith a family called the
and we know that bothstayedat the club during their
the many places where burnsstayedduring his time in edinburgh
carpenter at ballaterich when byronstayedin the area during the
car deck had these shipsstayedafloat for four hours in
making a noise when istayedin bieldside for the four
for four years when istayedin linlithgow when i first
down the stairs only theystayedin a room and kitchen
quite happily today i vestayedin my room at universitetskaya
and drank bulgarian wine istayedin the room at belyaevo
uh huh f1041: [laugh] m1042: stayedin the room f1043: [inaudible]
t he never came hestayedf641: mmhm f640: away from
f1151: yeah f1150: i neverstayedthere but like a lot
going to say you neverstayedto school lunches did you
the mill but he juststayedin two rooms till in
when i went there istayedthere till i was oh
erm my first job istayedthere till i was s-s-s-
first time in ages istayedup till 1 30am this
download m1022: so yes istayedin that area until i
sundays the pony and trapstayedin the manse stable until
and the five of usstayedon in the house until
[?]and eh[/?] f606: yeah f829: istayedthere until i was seventeen
erm chip shop f1135: westayedat the chip shop house
was in the house shestayedwith us f606: mmhm m845:
came but the self beliefstayedwith him he loosened his
glasgow green and i vestayedhere most o ma life
his invading forces many arabsstayedon here and most of
with him while catalina homarstayedbehind at s estacca the
and and eh and shestayedon for quite a while
wh- why they they theystayedthey were while they were
that similar lifestyle f1040: istayedin a tenement when i
aa been when she sstayedin glasgow but her her
in in linlithgow when westayedin linlithgow i think if
the next close when westayedin wee gordon street his
jimmy hunter s father hadstayedwhen he was working at
when bill s brither georgestayedwi us on a week
when i was in istayedwith my at my grandparents
and when i married istayedwithin the portobello area f1054:
of travel was erm westayedin newmains and originally i
another process erm and istayedin the courier office for
erm had f- family thatstayedup north and stuff and
mmhm m1036: and erm hestayedwith his grandparents his maternal
[laugh] f1154: no he onlystayedfor a weekend oh it
oatcakes and skirly douglas onlystayedhere two years in 1919
only william drummond of hawthorndenstayedin scotland and he kept
mcvicar f632: mmhm f646: whostayedjust down the stairs only
mabel remembered two quarrymen whostayedand a trapper who brought
the boys who hadn tstayedat school you know they
another little girl died whostayedat the milltown cottages her
members of the public whostayedfor this debate and to
by a friend who hadstayedhere recently the señora was
keeping a record of whostayedin and who didn t
convert the infidel arabs whostayedon in mallorca after jaime
by george sand who hadstayedon the island with frederic
all the members who havestayedon tonight alasdair morrison and
right m1078: we went andstayedno just a hou- well
they went with him andstayedthere from 1902 to 1907
a few years ago istayedfor less than a year
i understand scots i vestayedin ballater for 7 years
ehm an my little brotherstayedthere he s he died
feet below next day billstayedbehind after breakfast retrieved a
aye f826: aye f902: hestayedfar next door tae far
up to it so hestayedfor an hour or two
mmhm f1067: and i vestayedin two er ex council
two of the teachers hadstayedwith him for about 10
down to visit him westayedin bordeaux for a couple
perhaps because i had oncestayedat the similarly fin de
been like if she hadstayedin australia i would have
the children had gone westayedin it longer than we
i had no relatives thatstayedin the same town f641:
the station as they hadstayedto the end of the
united and if they hadstayedunited portuguese would probably have
her imagine if she hadstayedwith parents like yon we
andrew [censored: surname] i ve ehstayedin dunbar all my life
was at uni and hestayedin my flat got back
the chopin sand graves suitestayedin my mind a quill
scuil f643: and my mumstayedjust along fae us m642:
no not no because theystayedat a distance away you
jessie and williamina welsh theystayedat arbuthnott for a number
gillian by myself so istayedat gran s for a
a german p o wstayedat milltown the farmers were
see cause the poorer peoplestayedat the m1014: aye they
wasn t so sure andstayedat the periphery fascinated by
i almost certainly would havestayedat the port and her
though both the hotels westayedat were specially for tourists
an the the posher peoplestayedeh at the the posher
i f122: uh huh f010: stayedin the south of the
in it f718: so youstayedwith them uh huh m1078:
d study better if istayedhere so f810: mmhm f809:
to play thegither weel istayedhere to play your part
recovered from the slip andstayeddry for three days although
fun f631: mmhm f689: westayedin there for about three
kennaway f643: aye and hestayedthree nights a week m642:
with someone bairn child biddedstayedbarrie great brilliant cairry ons
friends with a girl thatstayedon murano street f1150: yeah
over with their produce andstayedon to work in the
we that year so westayedwith a family in a
and his broken sentimental tunesstayedwith me on the metro
it did not work itstayedwith the people if not
her father s side sometimesstayedwith them and she taught
was cleared up however westayedin and spent the evening
mountain stream but otherwise westayedin the shelter in the
and swatting stinging insects westayedon the rocks for a
steps conversing in whispers westayedthere too for a spell
the colouring in table westayedtogether through nursery then primary
get this done but itstayedin and it wasn t
yeah i i well istayedin dingwall for a couple
an edinburgh one then istayedin edinburgh for a wee-
garvock hill to laurencekirk itstayedin laurencekirk for 30 minutes
in the early evening istayedin listening to the crackle
oh the passage well hestayedin morningside [laugh] [laugh] m1021:
to me you said youstayedin portobello could i point
was a bit that youstayedin the a lot o
the horse trough if youstayedin the bothy it could
catholics whereas the protestant famliesstayedin the castleton the majority
een for eez claes hestayedin the chaamer and used
oh right i thought youstayedin the city centre of
you stay f010: well donaldstayedin the north of the
studying medicine in aberdeen shestayedin whitehall road near to
and that was it juststayedthere from then on in
front i think maybe hestayedfor your sake continued the
tae braemar tae bide hestayedwi a wummin that spoke
forever i m surprised istayedawake i m sleeping well
m1078: that s where theystayedf718: yeah i di- [laugh]
royal infirmary and there istayedfor several weeks ehm and
of the assessment too istayednot for an answer but
south a new squaw istayedon the edge of the
delicate and more expressive istayedon the headland a mystical
folk ye know and istayedon there and then i
i yes i fiona phimisterstayedsilent for the whole drive
past the quarry but insteadstayedthere all day playing truant
this was where the [?]vet[/?]stayedyesterday f1103: was it f1104:
the seventh century expansion andstayedfor several centuries under the
not harm me then juanitastayedto explain the plans for
braw new goon but nelliestayedtae milk the kine tae
one note celestial choir butstayedupright hate helping me the
1970s and the majority havestayedperhaps there was a time
buffet the other group largelystayedaway and as the teachers
tie other faces whose namesstayedon our tongue tips and
the water this minute youstayedputty coloured hesitated and turned
list the places you havestayede g partick up to

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