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where charles meacher tended hissteamengine but still intact on
sapper charles meacher whose booksteamsapper has left us with
stephenson sons 1975 meacher charlessteamsapper square one publications 1992
then in construction the bigsteamnavvy as we called it
down here so the bigsteamnavvy finished his job and
[note: photo: 'stacking hay at alpitty in 1959 using a hay elevator. john reid is on top; dod cheyne standing below.'] [note: photo: '(above) dod cheyne driving a grey fergie with a vicon acrobat, turning hay at alpitty in 1959.'] [note: photo: '(below) dod cheyne on a power driven binder; gordon reid is driving the nuffield tractor.'] [note: photo: newspaper article: 'obituary of mr john barclay, who travelled round arbuthnott with his steam driven threshing mill.] asteamdriven threshing mill was used
from the window a greatsteamengine hauling a threshing mill
m1092: steam clouds f1091: mmhmsteamclouds and what s wrong
that s the steam m1092: steamclouds f1091: mmhm steam clouds
m1098: that nae steam naesteamf1097: no oh m1098: yes
s clouds that s thesteamm1092: steam clouds f1091: mmhm
this time m1098: that naesteamnae steam f1097: no oh
an pent ma eebrous ansteamma heavy plets ma maid
you dinna seem to haesteamcoming oot your engine this
s that s percy ssteamcoming out of his engine
cattle bedding these were oftensteamdriven or sometimes diesel engine
wis in charge o thesteamengine at pouered the temporary
a bit like getting asteamengine when everybody else has
clouds f1091: that s thesteamclouds cause he s going
got any more clouds ofsteamcoming out cause he s
be taken away by asteampug driven by a big
especially with libya letting offsteamand the sudan threatening to
going out and letting offsteamwas passé you know f963:
we wanted tomato soup andsteampudding or not it has
milk broth and then asteampudding was quite common at
you know we got thissteamtrain and then we had
this year unmissable as asteamtrain approaching a victim tied
train f010: we got asteamtrain back to the airport
we ll take the tr-steamtrain f122: and was it
have to speak like asteamtrain to get through the
floor of stall stame mullsteammill steek to grip clench
oot dimps gladiator wi ironsteamiron cammy removes his shirt
cammy take mair than asteamiron ti straighten you oot
proposal so it s fullsteamahead i m really pleased
to go ahead boyter fullsteamahead mr thomson harry really
by the argyll and antrimsteampacket company to withdraw from
heal and cleanse the risingsteamcondensed on the mirror obscuring
top and tie on tightlysteamfor 4 6 hours then
a deein industry snaw whitesteamrents the blue veil o
car [cough] look at thesteamcoming out of it m1098:
f1097: there it goes looksteams started already m1098: started
of the railway the atlanticsteamnavigation company bought the lighterage
run on s- they makesteamand they go and they
fitt s that is itsteamcause i think they run
i think they run onsteamyou put coal in the
wash hoose filled up wisteamit was rare ye were
was going off at fullsteamto write me up i
the place was full osteamye know an the dog
past week the position ofsteamfruit pudd in all its
past m642: aye the oldsteamtails went past john and
car its windaes rinnin wisteamthen again it michtna be
kind when she wiped thesteamaway she would be herself
on tae bei pouert bisteamthe herd appent the sluice
prominence i remember when thesteamboiler came down through the
to tolstoy dostoevsky yevtushenko whensteamcurls up its sides it
m1110: no f1109: they resteamengines ye see the water
up an doon like asteamhaimmer till e saft grun
and the face behind thesteamwould emerge like a new
was officially opened with thesteamlocomotives soller and palma pulling
and of course a hugesteambelching funnel two passport size
a certain incident dt saasteamemenatin fae a flushed shitepan

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