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[?]more to be funny though i think[/?] m1019: pissed pissed [inaudible]steamingor stoned f1018: steamin aye
i actually just wrote downsteamingsloshed erm f1024: sloshed aye
lying erm eh tiddly pissedsteamingstotious jaked er plastered mortal
scorching day swaying into thesteaminghumming leaves peppercorn peppercorn peppercorn
s steaming somebody that ssteamingis usually happy that s
stoned f1018: steamin aye m1021: steamingjust steaming steaming m1022: four
aye m1021: steaming just steamingsteamingm1022: four sheets to the
that s somebody that ssteamingsomebody that s steaming is
steamin aye m1021: steaming juststeamingsteaming m1022: four sheets to
beckoned to me with asteamingcoffee mug i could make
wonderful pots of soup asteamingvegetable casserole seafood leg of
rough boarded table in asteamingcrowded low roofed room poorly
through with a tray ofsteaminghot stovies and oatcakes blushing
pair of them were alreadysteamingon vodka and oranges in
look and there s percysteamingaway out of the flood
when all the kids weresteamingdamp and half had pee

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