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kent bit mebbe the blarneysteendid hae cantrip pooers anaa
fa iver kisses the blarneysteenis blessed wi the gift
i hid kissed the blarneysteenthe ither hauf o oor
the ploo wad strikk asteenan the ploo blade wad
the dreel ploo hit thesteenauld eck got a crack
the dreel ploo hit asteenso fin their feet hit
the dreel ploo hit asteenthe stick broke an nae
care if he hit asteenwi the dreel ploo he
aboot makk oot the horsiesteenfrae the windae o the
leddrach caad it the horsiesteenfur gin ye luikit close
runkled face o the horsiesteenloons warna coorse tae shelts
the wids stude the horsiesteenthe bairns o the leddrach
e tap ere s asteendyke an a railin an
o girse or a langsteendyke ere s nae mony
doon haiv t ower asteendyke teem t intill e
aa roon t wis asteendyke wi square openins for
i ain a braw granitesteenas weel as sax fit
cupid luiks best in granitesteenfin yer ower auncient fur
seen for ere wis asteencairn i howkit intill eence
tee syne crash like asteenfae a catapult intill e
dam fin ye throw asteenintill t as time geed
warm her chilblains on thesteenpig in her bed at
frae the kettle inno asteenpig tae heat their bed
hett milk drink an asteenpig tae takk tae bed
goon i ll fill thesteenpig wi hett watter an
duntit an stottit aff ilkiesteenae veesitin day the exhaust
aff ilkie hole wi asteenmakkin ready fur a day
bairns kent ilkie stick ansteeno their faithers grun an
o fit hid been asteencircle maist o e steens
ve been up at esteencircle on mains hill an
speert e wye tae thesteencircle on mains hill or
as they hashed ower itssteenflags inno its open doors
duntit doon like a draptsteeninno a boorich o bullrushes
o e scythe an esteenan haad throwe e close
carraway cassen cast dug cassiesteencobblestone ca throwe drive energy
gairded yon parks nae asteens throwe frae the fairm
the ither hauf o oorsteeno destiny an noo like
the ither hauf o oorsteeno destiny that we crooned
heid tae kiss the mucklesteeni winnered foo mony ither
staa there s mony asteenis made o fire an
disturbit an set a slatysteenflat abeen e lowse yird
gairden bed ontill a flatsteeni d putten doon as
graves makkin fur a flatsteentae dowp doon on o
there fur aa time mucklesteengargoyles glowered doon at them
she wis clatterin ower thesteenpath flags aside the muckle
yon wis a muckle greensteenwi three wirds on t
at e back o asteenere an e s nae
day the grun like asteenere s a bonny blue
grey jock grey as asteenshakkin sae hard it s
the gab faiver kisses yonsteenis gien the pooer tae
auld scots kings on yonsteenit s got byordinar pooers
east pronunciations gweed seen geensteenaleen good soon gone stone
bone stone one become beensteeneen grant 1911 xvi in
you say stone we saysteenyou say sore we say
teuk aff tae veesit auldsteencircles tho they cudna min
faar a knablach o slatysteenhid nae lang faan aff
since the echteenth century itssteenhowked oot an shipped aff
rush o water aff asteenin e bed at a
plunkit masel doon on asteenan jist lookit aboot s
she caad doon the tapmaiststeendandy wad seen be set
doon at them frae deidsteeneen frae their perch at
doon she could see asteenin the mids o the
the year an still naesteenpit up nancy wis doon
wid cry closh against asteenan at wid fair dirl
by a semi vocalic glidesteenand een show characteristic north
carve it on wid orsteennur yet on onything moveable
i as in een heedsteenreed skweel f as if
ago risin grim frae graveyardsteenwid fleg the breeks frae
until they knackit against asteenan e shell cracit an
wi e brod or esteenilky sae aften bit nae
a spaad at a bigsteenin e nyeuk o e
ye nott tae keep esteenon e blade e hard
e wis deein wi esteenwis o nae god s
t i dinna wint naesteenfaither hid eence said it
eyn er kitchen hid asteenflagged fleer an somebody d
jist couldna he liftit asteenan chappit it ower the
greet i cowpet ower asteenan hurt ma tae it
set fit ower my doorsteenan i tell ye this
the trough there wis asteentroch cut oot o a
cut oot o a singlesteentwis aa one piece an
on the tap o asteenan fur seeven oors they
snap a sup fae thesteencauld plate that wytes fur
wis to seek a halfsteeni d seen hae naething
o the taepot on thesteenfleer he thocht he d
she thocht on the sheltiesteenin the wids that raise
in eez han an asteenin eez throat gin ye
she answered there s naesteenup tae say fa s
blastit drilled rived fae thissteenwyme scoored an scrattit bi
face is a mask osteena knife in her bosie
wis still puckles o gweedsteendykes bit ey were growin
pairish kirk bell the smaaeststeenin the kirkyaird wis vrocht
o their pew wis thesteenstatue o a bishop lyin
dug keech splytered on asteena skoosh o orra watter
like the drappin o asteendeep inbye a lochan s
s a different colour osteenfar it was repaired efterwards
the back o a marblesteenit s actually the eggs
as fite s a stauninsteenfar sunlicht steeks its rosy
its briars an its queersteenstatues an said the hale
steenhillock an aathing in itsteenan lime ay gaed tae
bane in aiberdeen it ssteenan been the wizard s
bin preened ruth haived asteenat the breet an it
i d raither be asteenthan humpty dumpty leopard an
neuk unhaley three the firststeens in the lady s
anchored on the lan asteenamang the seggs there s
jing bang jinx haived asteenat a windae peen tinkle
mapamoun arriving arriving is asteendrapped in a pond the
the cosie sheets ontae thesteencaul linoleum ruggin on her
kept it safe the weepinsteenseeven hunner years for should
the ythan haps the secuntsteenthe third bides in the

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