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by the ltsn subject centresstellabegan as a cti project
programmer the aim of thestellaproject is to develop teaching
in sesll is supported bystellaespecially starn scots teaching and
large corpora of english thestellaliterature and linguistics links web
to use the programs instellaother arts faculty labs and
texts in our experience atstellastudents take enthusiastically to searching
packages the main purpose ofstellahas been to create tailored
scottish literature and language thestellaproject stella software for teaching
and language the stella projectstellasoftware for teaching english and
difficult for students to obtainstellateaching packages the main purpose
and web addresses email [censored: emailaddress]stellasoftware for teaching english and
members of the academic staffstellaplans and implements the introduction
aries punctuation and spelling allstellaproduced as well as electronic
been created by recent studentsstellasupports these students by both
design of the data structuresstellais also involved in a
steeply that the 20 pcstellaclassroom cannot accommodate them in
its contents pe445 petition bystellar anderson calling for the
thi- this girl particularly thisstellaerm you know she she
was a lady there calledstellawho she was the sort
the world and many morestellaalso provides training in the
windowsill s a yellow postcardstellaartois been flattened by a
of senior clerkess and ehstellai think from day one

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