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o an auld carl hesteppitforrit yerkit the placket doun
his officiars frae the rawsteppitforrit a hie meinister ti
coorse spikk bit i haesteppitaside frae the main rug
chae on her birthday ansteppitforrit tae spikk a wird
puir tint craitur that arthursteppitforrit tae spikk till her
bin her faither he hidsteppitneatly ooto them an vanished
lad pit aff the inginesteppitooto the car an telt
luik if iver the deilsteppitooto the pages o the
an aura comin on saesteppitooto the ward an intae
beets or sheen afore yesteppitintae the hoose the smith
at furth o the thrangsteppitthe councillour in chief zhao
wi their magic horns thatsteppitthrow men s dreams deil
on her behalf aince theysteppitinno the car he drave
as it widna skreich synesteppitoot inno the pitmirk cauld
an caimbed his hair hesteppitup the gibbet stair intae
neist wednesday nicht fan katesteppitaff the schule bus she
wis nae soon as isteppitower e gairden bed ontill
t he gat up ansteppitawa fower an five houses
o this quick sae hesteppitout turnin as he gaed
keckled like schulebairns as theysteppitalang the tar blaik meenlicht
interfere wi t syne esteppitower e park followin e
bit nae afore he dsteppitower tae the byre tae
aa his ain an tammassteppitoot his lane tae try
at the time finiver nellsteppitup tae the fairm her

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