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stir steive stiff stent rendersternstar sterve starve stickin reticent
in a barge with gildedsternand outspread sails of purple
her in barge wi gowdensternpurple sails by her broon
for example george buchanan jamessterntutor were still composing poetry
decoration stunningly commemorates proletarian achievementsternfaced statues of peasants brandish
the inadequate strength of hersterndoors and the lack of
was later fitted above thesterndoors but raising and lowering
would have exposed the breachedsterndoors to the following seas
high steel doors in thesternwhen closed the doors were
shut steir v stir movesternn star stert v start
the prurient and gleeful mitchelsternfaced was among the crowd
a large wave hitting thesternall soon became conscious of
that bade on the fivesterncommon near the heuchie knowe
that bade on the fivesterngress common an near the
the auchter glen estate asternhard man fa stood for
that thick that never asterncuid she glisk throu thair
and you looked off thesterno this boat and [laugh]
forenicht an causlain the gloaminsternwes skinklin in the lift
broun ogre in a deepsternvoice is this whaur pompitie
ma wid yer broos knitsternwid ye pit me ooto
at s sib ti thesterno heiven abune this ane
an he was a ohsternman he used tae [smack lips]
the speirits o thae twasternfrae the crammasie haa aa

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