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wared the nicht unner thesternshech sirs thocht grannie roddenberrie
honor wul shyne lyke thesternson aw that deserrs it
bairns ir born hou thesternsshyne in the lift ye
juist the seivin or echtsternsskinkils in the lift abuin
lowp owre or foonder heresternsdern yeir ootlin fyres lat
flim yin bi yin thesternsskinkil oot or anelie the
emerant sie an the outlinsternsin the bounless lift from
green gress wi the outlinsternsskinklin abuin for thousans an
at the thousans o outlinsternsthat winks doun at me
an goave at the ootlinsternsti see hou the nicht
whaur he cuid see thesternsskinklin abuin in the lift
his een war lyke twasternso fyre lowin anaith his
gaes oot ti watch thesternsdwyne awa ah div howp
a silken raip ti thesternso the nicht gin a
faws doun the lift thesternsgae oot quyne in the
bi nicht anaith sun ansternsor thay cam til a

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