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to cool 14 oz unsweetenedstewedapples 2 fl oz lemon
vague provenance and mashed potatoesstewedfruit or icecream the icecream
as curds whey roly polystewedrhubarb and apple dumpling are
had in summer there wasstewedrhubarb at hame i aye
this was usually followed bystewedrhubarb often made into a
by adding tapioca or otherstewedfruit or a dumpling if
again works she gives andystewedapples and creamola another of
down half drunk cups ofstewedtea and trot after him
then there could be stoviesstewedrabbits fresh or salt herring
ever have thought we dstewedin the same juice portrait
heart which she stuffed andstewedand sometimes they had milk
of jam on it orstewedfruit when it was in
to get sort of mixedstewedfruit which was really quite
tea it ll be toostewedfor andy now and i

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