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brukkken till the roch blackstibbleon his blae sunken chikks
he d razored awa hisstibblean his mowser wis washed
warkers seen the new scrapitstibbleon the chafts of profunditas
elbuck he could see thestibblepark far she d liftit
back an fore ower thestibblehumphin a basket stappit wi
doon in the roch jobbystibbleo the sheared park a
days he d three daysstibbleower his chooks an a
wis a scrapin o fitestibbleat his chin his neb
get e shafes aff estibbletae haad em on connacht
up on eyn stibble taestibbleecht shaves tae a stook
settin them up on eynstibbletae stibble echt shaves tae
than he speirt at hisstibblerig whas lass ist she
tae redd e wik sstibblejist e plain kitchen soap
win twa days o blackstibbleroon his chin singin fur
the siller grey o thestibblefield wis a wee bleck
an as we crossed thestibblefield tae get there we

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