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needle he left it ahintstickinin a mukkil puddok stuil
finnd it pompitie it wesstickinin a puddok stuil no
ye gomeril ye left itstickinin a puddok stuil on
render stern star sterve starvestickinreticent stob stake stound throb
his ile skins they werestickintae his claes wi damp
ontae familiar myths tam linstickinhis girlfreen oan the last
ma lugs ah haena gotstickinoot lugs lyke you nanse
wutch here is yeir needlestickinin ma coat here it
that wes the lang needlestickinintil him syne a wee
twa black slimy glisterin feetstickinoot a kinna crossed a
is wutch here it isstickinin ma coat here it
ogre catches ye wi mestickinin yeir jaiket pompitie runs
his road whan he noticedstickinintil a reid puddostuil sumthing
helper hid bits o furniturestickinoot a a wye jonsar
the jaggedy bits o glessstickinoot the sides pause and
no see a lang preinstickinoot the reid bul s
lift an the ba haufstickinoot his foreheid juist abuin
you doing f1114: look [inaudible]stickinhis feet he's- [exhale] f1113:
screw yeir smeddum til thestickinplace an we l no
en there wis a wispstickinout o a hous whan
clock face sae it wisstickinup juist the richt hicht
a bunch o black threidstickinoot at ae bit i
cups grandad only his heidstickinoot o the fite sheet
there was a metal bitstickinoot the chute and i
here should we noh bestickinti the therapy session dimps
it wad be guid forstickininti fowk it wad be
it doesna does it nostickinf1103: look oh boy haud
f1117: [inaudible] her hair sstickinup already i dinna think
fair prood o him forstickintae his scottish reets till
mair man ye re awfustickinwhat s gaun on ross
cam on a dram wandstickinout the easins o a

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