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wind larick larch rosit thestickysubstance from the larch or
rod rings held on wistickyplaister an the reel haunle
moss bit anely spreid thestickyclart aa ower hersel noo
a mess she s aastickyurgh f1116: urgh urgh f1115:
in glaur it s astickyhorrible greasy substance that needs
tight skirts or s- verystickyout skirts f963: oh sort
to my right forehead withstickytape another covered the crown
it s a piece ofstickytape f1109: a piece of
tape f1109: a piece ofstickytape ye ve got m1110:
t feel that thing toostickyf1097: is it too sticky
sticky f1097: is it toostickym1098: no f1097: oh no
her drawers war damp anstickyas if something wis leakin
what to do crumpled andstickyand dirty with her knickers
bottle m1108: that s aastickyf1107: aye that spoon s
aye that spoon s aastickyit s still got syrup
thinks about beardie jean sstickysweet toffee then his fingers
just a wee bit ofstickystuff underneath it s horrible
belly mash against the materialstickyclumsy hopeless hamblin had leaned
it wiz aw wet anstickyhere wiz it no blood
wait ooh that s aastickydicht that bottle m1108: that
have been to alleviate thestickyfingers syndrome for the residents
min t me o lemonadestickyan sweet an soor fit
don t like this thisstickybits in here f1111: maybe
f1117: oh they ve gotstickybits on the bottom what
this f1135: you re astickyf1136: up f1135: [inaudible] right
it s gaun be astickyon there wonder if we
mooth and twa chins andstickyoot teeth but if ye
gossip clairt to spread clairtystickyclappers for butter cleek up
thair windaes wi strips ostickypaper an aw tae cut
blearing the window gumming thestickyview cut roses bloom in
f1107: oh are you aastickywait anoo then i just
big sycamore at spews doonstickystuff at times an sens
out their own examples withstickypaper for other pupils to
it was decided to usestickypaper labels which would have
f1111: well if you restickyand dry the jamas ll
d be gey hait anstickyan wid i nae like
was suffocating under his ownstickyweight made worse because it
their derk een glazed anstickythe pain at the fit
the custard hauf o thestickyweet soss gaed ower the
it s comin it sstickyin here f1142: [child noises] mum
like ice cream here astickyrather sour affair like their
ti git um oot astickysituation cammy we re here
plastic skill steel elastic butterscotchstickylight jewels and oh his
re stick- look at thestickyspot [yelp] f1113: [laugh] oh
trunk hid its ration ostickylumps an bubbles an dribbles
asked him if he usedstickyflypapers no he replied i
careful your hands aren tstickyare they no [inaudible] that
the bubble hadn t feltstickywhen he grabbed it but
pits the stoor is greystickywi swyte archeologists dunt centuries
the way to pantomime lipstickyromance sealed with a smoochy
floats pearling clear glass withstickystrands set forever in beaded

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