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new sprot rush spurtle astirringstick squaar square staa stall
of a new spurtle forstirringyour pots you made it
to boil and add cheesestirringconstantly with a fork until
milk boil 15 20 minsstirringcontinuously until it forms a
bring to the boil whilestirringcover and simmer gently 15
then you let it boilstirringfairly often till it had
and bring to the boilstirringlower the heat and cover
[inaudible] f1111: no you keepstirringcause as you keep stirring
stirring cause as you keepstirringdarling they melt away oh
in jar 3 months keepstirringstrain empire biscuits 4 oz
heat and pour over eggstirringwell 3 strain custard over
cook 1 min add stockstirringconstantly cook for 30 mins
orange simmer for 30 minsstirringfrequently 5 fl oz hot
meat fry gently turning andstirringfrequently for 10 minutes potatoes
if you don t keepstirringand that helps it melt
of ingredients over low heatstirringfrom time to time for
or until meat is tenderstirringoccasionally remove from the heat
and pour the water onstirringwith the handle of the
was plumped in quickly withoutstirringand formed into lumps that
hunkered down afore the firestirringitae a pot that hung
wild garlic seasons my strollstirringthe pot of memories images
flour add hot fish liquorstirringuntil thick add the rest
egg white when to stopstirringa sauce how long to
you ve got to keepstirringf1112: how are you doing
over the loudspeakers followed bystirringmartial music i was irresistably
in ringing tones and withstirringmusic soldiers were in great
used by burns for hisstirringsong of national freedom scots
sound of jean baxter compulsivelystirringher coffee anti clockwise that
you are catching up onstirringtimes here the language games
archers but off course thesestirringtimes of men with bows
a long time i mstirringit augustine as in confessions
made of old railway sleepersstirringour floats pearling clear glass
a theevil was used forstirringporridge and you also had
quiver as if life wasstirringthere closing her eyes she
of meal sprinkled in slowlystirringall the time then you
can m1108: was it forstirringf1107: aye you mix up
i was in charge ofstirringit [laugh] m1048: yeah yeah
the road and the onlystirringwas a flicker of butterflies
i could get involved instirringup a hornet s nest

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