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ate a wasp when hestolea juicy rasp noo he
m642: it wasnae us thatstoleit so we was loadin
ghaist thamson s dug hisstolema t shirt mammy daddy
eventually blew the gaff andstolelewis macdonald s thunder again
on a celtic strip youstolealba s eyes he said
helpet her tae escape theystolethe muckle kaiys o the
the northern mart whyles cottarsstoleneeps an firwid an her
bit a lot o menstolehens an aa an cooked
meet wi the ane fastoleyer pride in the bonnie
that like got drunk andstolehis dad s car and
her money agnes correcting himstoleher money gordon becomes agitated
a fur coat tippet orstoleshe is very full of
feel a bit strange hestoleglances at lily while she
speccy he fuckin did hestolehis shoes they were in
tides turned traitor this foreneenstolefrae the puirest o the
trusted to you that youstolefrom him while he was
cause somebody in ma groupstoleuh huh [laugh] yeah cause
huh [laugh] yeah cause westolethe drugs m1048: oh well
was a criminal for hestolework from other sculptors good

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