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mill had four pairs ofstonesi e two pairs for
mill with two pairs ofstoneson the finzean estate it
mill had two pairs ofstonesso he went into aberdeen
even before then the rollingstonesetcetera who were breaking new
carrott s banned from rollingstonestours cause they say he
he s banned from rollingstonestours they won t allow
m815: yeah on the rollingstonesyou know m816: [laugh] m815:
f889: complained an aboot thestonesan that but they were
i ve covered it wistonesf606: yeah f889: an a
mmhm f889: throwin aw thestoneson the road i was
on the beach and throwstonesat them when you were
all matter any matter thesestoneson the terraces the trees
big catholic boys can throwstonesright across catholics are even
tapa cloths underneath the standingstonesthick trees like mushroom clouds
spindly trees lace ruffs ringstonestracks leave a tell tale
went up to the standingstonesabove blawearie a serious youngster
the mountains and neolithic standingstonesbefore returning along the same
is a half circle ofstonesabout four feet in diameter
know a constellation of cherrystonesat her feet you know
just wanted to put thestonesat my feet and the
whose feet trod these samestonesof miramar and who worshipped
pile i had removed largestonesand placed them near the
wir maakin on the hotstonesaround the fire a large
reported that two large copingstoneshad been levered off on
eh f606: mm f1039: thestonesoot o cherries we used
s the it s thestonesthat s the expense f606:
it was ither st- itherstonesthat wis on it f606:
an he he maks thestoneswi that ye see f606:
n darkness plainstanes n pavingstonesplaint n complaint pleasance n
call the three inch ehstonesb- eh pebbles and all
a waterfall just running overstoneswe call that a hurst
foundations rest on round riverbedstonesall to withstand the severe
alsatians sniffed round bricks andstonesarcing their pee to shoutings
trudging round lichen encrusted pictishstoneswhich were frequently ringed by
is calling lean dogs chasestonesacross this urban waste it
only went through the sheelinstonesthen went into a pin
can we jump onto thatstonesf1121: if you want to
we jump up on thosestonesf1121: okay you go for
go and sit on thosestonesf1121: that s rocks f1122:
with many of these paganstonesthe early missionaries had tactfully
cockerin aboot e close thesestoneswere big ones of quartz
her back where the bigstonesand the buffer hit her
hard we know as breakingstonesand desperate distance even when
got aw it s awstonesbut it s i m
they re different colours ostonesbut they were aw on
brown water sliding over slimystonesand between crumbling peat hags
over here mam [inaudible] f1109: stonesin the rockery m1110: what
tree slides its shadow overstonesparishioners like pews have worn
inscriptions of the old pictishstonesif anyone could be found
about we both like thestonestoo just to be old
masks we danced to thestonesbefore the six peruvian indian
not a member of thestonesbut he gets paid something
f1109: this ain s carryingstonesor something look mm m1110:
their perquis there were 10stonesin a boll and a
emery surface and the otherstoneswere french burrs they made
there were the wee damstoneswhere we congregated on the
the fact that several carvedstonesare built into high balyett
cloudy eyrie raining pearls andstonesinto the bay then i
possession of point x threestonesgood scouting work seen here
to melt rock and weldstonesforever then going home planting
carvings and designs on thestonesthe pupils could then consider
very gently go under thestonesmostly at the side where
disappears under a hail ofstonesthis is the music of
we just step on thestonescan i put my finger
user has lost about sixstonesas he no longer has
he spoke about the cockertystoneson the hill o auchmaleddie
of mauchline ware and curlingstoneswe have talked about things
a mix of rocks andstonesstill yes it does look
f1122: oh here s somestoneswe have to be careful
are remembered on the headstonesin arbuthnott church yard the
on the grave faces ofstonesin the deep fork of
on the juke box thestonesmaybe or you choose the
stand on the pile ofstonesthat we got up on
replace some puny we copingstonesi wonder so i wandered
why are we up thisstoneswhy are we going up
wednesday market days its honeyedstonesappear gilded when the world
further twentieth century depradations itsstoneshave been cannibalised in the
gold covers inlaid with preciousstonesand enamel work icons jewellery
shoes drawing sparks from thestonesmrs morrison led her small
for her bert s twentystonesof affectionate sagging curves human
be adopted as the foundationsstonesof eu reform i e
tables inlaid with semi preciousstonesenormous lapis lazuli vases whole
also at shoppies with littlestonesfor money sand for sugar
an empty brasso tin withstonesin it hobby horse homemade
soon o bishopin tamping downstonesor earth with a heavy
with silks glitter sequins yarnsstonesshells and plaster the felted
car was filled with astonestrack that i like a
coxcomb charmers hurl oaths likestonesbeano bedlamites luddites of law
like the square itself fromstonesthe colour of pale honey
mostly older men who brokestonesit seems to me that
images backs aching from carryingstoneseyes blind from straining at
shrugged off insults sticks andstonesand all that but inside
have they gotta be specialstonesto m822: oh well he
in a field supposedly gatheringstonesreading a book at the
isn t that funny f1038: stonesthrown at me i couldn
excogitata nequicia of robert brucestones1970 no 35 274 5
would be a heap ofstonesfor road metal and a
east briggistane path of flatstoneslaid in front of house
heavenly rails sunsets wear steppingstonesof tower blocks this is
scheme no hopers are throwingstonessmack in the centre of
there was a circle ofstonesthat served as the ruck
sort of wee piles ofstonesthat that would be erected
a lobsterpot of exotic feltedstonesthe boat exhibition showed the
dry leaf scraping the pavingstonesdaunerin blithe i the caul
the radio and lost thestonesi was not disappointed for
dismantled stone by stone thestonesnumbered in white paint a1
mort le dit monsire johanstones1970 no 34 266 7
a th agad oirre steppingstonestha i ag obair ann

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