See this word as a collocate cloud

house etc gs the glottalstopas an alternative to t
m1055: ehm ehm the glottalstopehm m1007: [laugh] m1008: [laugh]
iona has developed the glottalstopf1009: [laugh] [laugh] m1055: mmhm
people using the [laugh] glottalstopin glasgow i mean they
for it somehow the glottalstopis a kind of ehm
[inaudible] m1008: [inaudible] the glottalstopm1007: [wheeze] [laugh] aye wheeze
the spreading of the glottalstopm1055: mmhm m1008: you know
only gutties with a glottalstopmaybe gutties but usually gutties
don t have the glottalstopnormally m1055: i ve n-
missed out with the glottalstopwould nor- normally have been
it and certainly the glottalstopwouldn t normally be ehm
stop as if you couldstopa runaway truck once you
s shouted instructions left forwardstopall forward stop right forward
jist fuckin stop that fuckinstopand she d be tryin
stop i use the wordstopas a layperson s term
throughout and begging him tostopas if you could stop
nae mair beatins ur tistopbruising hus ti stop della
listen f1142: [sob] [sob] f1141: stop[censored: forename] listen stop crying come
[sob] f1141: stop [censored: forename] listenstopcrying come on we ll
ti stop bruising hus tistopdella krista stop thum fechtin
stop i have make itstopget off then i go
huh f1136: i make itstopi have make it stop
always had the power tostopi use the word stop
stop the day did nastop[inaudible] f1099: [censored: forename] come on
let you listen to [inaudible]stopit [censored: forename] stop it m1096:
noise stop it stop itstopit i can hear some
to [inaudible] stop it [censored: forename]stopit m1096: [child noise] did you
dinna want tae dae thatstopit noo stop it peggy
dae that stop it noostopit peggy she takes a
stop that noise stop itstopit stop it i can
others oh stop that noisestopit stop it stop it
fire laughs stew noooooooo stopstoplong silence cammy chill stew
cause he s had tostopm1092: why him stop who
what you wantin on f1136: stopme f1135: stop you f1136:
left forward stop all forwardstopright forward stop then unexpectedly
stop splashing m1098: [splashing noise] ayestopsplashing f1097: look do you
it s time you want-stopsplashing m1098: [splashing noise] aye stop
oan fire laughs stew noooooooostopstop long silence cammy chill
again stop that jist fuckinstopthat fuckin stop and she
sobs and his voice againstopthat jist fuckin stop that
klein and significant others ohstopthat noise stop it stop
stop the blood oh pleasestopthe blood i want to
head to stop the bloodstopthe blood oh please stop
tightly round my head tostopthe blood stop the blood
got a [inaudible] i didnaestopthe day did na stop
all forward stop right forwardstopthen unexpectedly as we reared
hus ti stop della kristastopthum fechtin zeb lori i
stop within that hour longstopwe had time to walk
to stop m1092: why himstopwho crash james f1091: cause
rothesy for an hour longstopwithin that hour long stop
on f1136: stop me f1135: stopyou f1136: from going on
case to the nearest busstopa chap in a big
it was a nice busstopa crutch a prop it
halted near a busy busstopan old man walking his
standing at a bus s-stopand asking the lady next
could stand at a busstopand folk would talk to
a run to the busstopand here by the time
or stand at a busstopand that s where you
got up to the busstopand the bus came doon
shuffled up to the busstopand unceremoniously plonked his shopping
the bus into the busstopand unloaded most passengers including
not even a proper busstopany more it s all
the café near the busstopat the same time as
the bus at the samestopbut i couldn t ignore
walk to her accustomed busstopbut wrapped herself around the
wishbone mittra at a busstopcarrying two white bags in
wis waitin at the busstopfa shood be alang the
walked doon tae the busstopgot a bus oot tae
lines and at a busstopin the lawnmarket high street
me at that last busstopoh wait a minute it
stood at the profsoyuznaya busstopon monday night cursing a
bread mittra at a busstopslight as a wishbone mittra
goths cavorting near the busstopstrange how the gloopiest gloom
like a troot frae busstoptae hame blottin aa the
like a troot frae busstoptae hame blottin aa the
pulling away from the busstopthe young team began shouting
neds knew that the busstopwas used as a change
the people at the busstopwill see him nobody will
a saw gin ye wadstopan listen but sin ye
the spring ah had taestopan listen when ah heard
you are you sleepy listenstopcrying cause you ll listen
listen goslings gaither roon anstopyer squabblin settle doon an
usual son haud oan noostopyir daft gemm an listen
[sob] f1141: right fann youstopbeing bad i ll tell
[sob] [child noises] f1141: right herestopcheepin will ye f1142: [child noises]
[sob] f1141: come on [censored: forename]stopit come on we ll
no no [sob] f1141: [inaudible]stopit f1142: [sob] [laugh] f1141:
f1142: no no f1141: [laugh]stopthat f1142: [inaudible] yogurt f1141:
handie f1141: [laugh] f1142: oistopthat noise [laugh] f1141: [inaudible]
should there be a onestopshop and if so how
concerns us all the onestopshop approach and co ordination
she will consider a onestopshop approach to support elderly
have many examples of onestopshop approaches in our communities
designed to provide a onestopshop at the post offices
office really is a onestopshop but it certainly is
extend the provision of onestopshop delivery of legal information
that they need the onestopshop idea that has been
the idea of a onestopshop in which one public
the idea of a onestopshop is misleading some sectors
grey fermer hisnae time taestopjist noo brakin in ere
slowed em doon till astopjist wi e friction i
an on he jist widnaestopjonsar s mither said i
ootside ye d jist taestopnoo an aan tae tap
this mannie he jist widnaestopspikkin he kept on an
knuckled hard looking fist jiststoptalking englified and say yer
appeared she demands jonsar jiststopthat swearin susie disnae believe
the breet wid jist abootstopye deid an ye began
weel i didnae want taestopyou jist work roon aboot
be coorse f1118: [laugh] f1117: stopbeing funny [censored: forename] wouldna dae
they re saying cheerio [censored: forename]stopbiting your nails yuck are
f1101: [censored: forename] f1102: [cough] f1101: stopit come on up you
want a banana then [censored: forename]stopit do you want a
got sair legs f1101: [censored: forename]stopit f1102: no i ve
that m1096: [inaudible] f1095: nostopit m1096: auntie [censored: forename] s
me with your musket m1106: stopit mummy f1105: shh [censored: forename]
dress [singing] [inaudible] f1103: [censored: forename]stopkicking the box please f1104:
it s the sun f1123: stopmixing up colours [censored: forename] f1124:
does f1107: he disna [censored: forename]stopplayin wi that cable he
yesterday [?]i should be i should be so lucky in love[/?] [singing] f1103: [censored: forename]stopsliding aboot on that rug
cred so i said [censored: forename]stopthat an he s- he
time i have had tostopa marriage ceremony going ahead
am going to die istopcoughing and mummy stands me
i m not going tostopfor anything until i ve
what he did carolanne tostopher going out sadie then
i m not going tostopi m not going to
address they re going tostopmailing stuff to my ayr
jackson is there anything tostopregistrars going private derek miller
condensation for god s sakestopthat whining i m going
then i m going tostopthe microphone cause you re
i m just going tostopthis then i m going
slow sometimes it seems tostopaltogether but i don t
don t know when tostopand people don t know
don t know when tostopf965: they don t know
lie mum i couldn tstophim don t you know
s waiting for me f1099: stopit don t you shout
f1136: [sob] [sob] f1135: rightstopit then look you don
moment erm but don tstopreading read different stuff that
her mouth i don tstopshouting then my daddy stops
don t expect you tostoptalking or anything m1007: aye
don t know how tostopthem f963: yeah mm mmhm
something but that won tstopthem i don t know
difficult business m827: doesn tstopthem saying don t drink
don t suppose it willstopthem though ta ta for
t mind when i eventuallystopand soon i m able
as well you didn tstopand speak to me or
obsessed that i didn tstopexcept for jimmy s visits
in cafes i couldn tstopher and she gave lectures
now maggie i couldn tstopher i tried everything upset
oot carolanne no we llstopher we won t let
own miss wood can tstophim for the rector is
a psychopath he can tstophimself presumably but somehow i
time if it didn tstopi d be even further
agony of uncertainty at eachstopi didn t know what
business the world doesn tstopin its tracks because fred
in and i couldn tstopit all on my own
like rain you can tstopit it never pauses i
just look at them istoplistening it isn t my
s poked out can tstopmy friend i ve got
i said i couldn tstopmyself i could kick myself
i realised i couldn tstopoh god oh no i
down and he didn tstopor look up at me
this time she doesn tstopshe goes on running until
angry but i can tstopshouting messy morag has her
leaves but it didn tstopthe roses coming up the
gordon the school can tstopthem sadie bit they can
up because we couldn tstopthinking about the meaning of
up because they couldn tstopthinking about these exact things
just in time our finalstopwasn t even a village
at it i can tstopwhat on earth would i
is that i can tstopwondering what he meant by
they say they can tstopyou f1025: aye f1023: you
twa een bleezin he llstopan turn an fa daur
or i ll have tostopeating i was talking to
well that ll need taestopf1054: [laugh] [inaudible] f1143: [laugh]
you tell me when tostopf1122: i ll mix them
ll go beth reaching tostopher oh please sadie i
front door sadie to carolannestopher she ll get oot
s willin ye ll canstophere nae bother it s
bad bit perhaps i llstophere no i must go
putting pen ower the tablestopit move move dad ll
soap f1099: here you gostopit or i ll go
transformer [child noise] you ll neverstopme [child noise] [child noise] f1089: can
ll take one it mightstopme from if i lose
no wait maybe it llstopphone stops ringing agnes it
gaed the nicht he llstopsee i the hous o
and we ll hae tostopsticking pictures he willna let
f1101: right then i llstopthe car right that s
good i think i llstopthere [inaudible] f643: wis that
ll finish it off andstopthere m1042: just remember what
interestin m642: yes i llstopthere noo john m608: [inaudible]
why f1129: cause it llstopyou speaking f1130: aw f1129:
press the button and itstop[child noise] [inaudible] [child noise] f1095: [cough]
f1113: [cough] oh mum cannaestopcoughin the day [inaudible] f1114:
you re nae soakin m1106: stopit [inaudible] mum f1105: right
eh right m1094: [inaudible] f1093: stopmaking so much noise m1094:
bike f1135: [?]come on[/?] f1136: cannastopme f1135: [inaudible] what you
will she oh [inaudible] heystopshu- chuckin things f1118: here
hey you no f1097: [inaudible]stopsplashing now m1098: watch i
keep your fingers out [inaudible]stopye painting green f1124: mm
[inaudible] oh there you arestopyour tunie just noo f1114:
digger mcphee the trick taestopa horse frae pittin its
a bit ae paper taestopa man wi murder in
d nivver be able taestopagain a wooden shelf nailed
s gaun tae try anstopan aw can ye imagine
the likes o her taestopan aw then a doot
langsome wey da time taestopan gie a sink wis
tae hae her nephew sandystopand gie her his blessin
i m nae gaun taestopaskin or you tell me
quick eh ye d taestopbut if ye were caught
tae be lichtlified ye shouldstopdeavin fowk bi priggin fur
till she drew bluid taestopfrae sneezin terrifeed jock dow
ruggin on her claes taestopher teeth frae chitterin gettin
because ye dae it taestophim gettin annoyed forcefully he
tae leddrach s steeny lairstophodgin minnie an keep yer
the car jittered tae astopin the car park o
breets he sliddered tae astoplowpit affhis skateboord an wannert
tae spik an forgot taestopon the wye doon tae
did nae hae time taestopspik he hid better things
wis fit hid garrt sstoptae gie room bit e
wis sypin throwe i didnastoptae meditate on fit wye
mair he d need taestopteeth dirlin in his heid
feet o ony stranger taestopthe birds fae fechtin ah
it hid tae be taestopthe consternation they war destined
bedtime finiver derkness comes taestopthe germs wi clarty buits
yon wee malkie rifkin taestopthe shambles tae gie her
re byllies an managed taestopthem at the brig it
body liftin a haun taestopthem whan the river wis
at the erosion hed taestopthere wi thaim nou the
filie for yer heid taestopturnint ower an ye begin
years at the schuil taestopuisin thon common street slang
we wis niver gn taestopwe saa some widden hooses
tae dee some shoppin firststopwis tae buy a pair
support pat needed you tistopbullying an shoving him in
time the loon i shidstopcaain him at he s
erm his mum told himstopfighting f1095: was his mam
seeks to make they mightstopgiving him intelligence on maureen
d get me nobody couldstophim a doctor he said
wants but that does notstophim from raising the issue
on her finger just tostophim from seeing she isn
one night i tried tostophim he was too big
girl lilian you hae tostophim lilian surely you can
you could have done tostophim loretta i suppose pause
over him tonight he dstopplaying the nanosecond grampa dan
unsmiling lust will be satisfiedstopsquinting at him like that
him wanted to make himstopwanted to smash his face
shouldnae let him on fullstopwhales canny play fitba jimmy
that there is nothing tostopan eia being obtained anyway
poem coming is due tostopat being a poet is
does not mean that theystopbeing active interested and involved
you painting m1096: gluein f1095: stopbeing silly what was you
cover and why did itstopbeing written the language of
he murders my ear drumsstopintellectualising and being sorry for
and that way you canstopit from being fossilised i
polis use their powers tostopoffences being committed that was
the convener how do youstoppeople being precious lee cousins
the wall i have tostopbeside them grab two hooks
what do you do f1100: stopf1099: pull them both back
we stopped okay f1122: mmstopf1121: okay you mix them
offences and help them tostoppeople interfering with their legal
whether other member states canstopthem because the detail has
wad daur step forrit anstopthem flesher zheng cud tak
wad daur step forrit anstopthem fowk at wis passin
straw for eating which didnastopthem haein a chow at
having conferences sometimes i canstopthem if i want to
attackin us how can westopthem oh no the government
currently receiving any treatment tostopthem reoffending against children and
rope burns stew tries tostopthem steve crawls around on
team f963: mm f965: tostopthem they all had to
o thing chrissie enough tostopthem working georgie oh they
gloresheddae county can pit astopti them tho the r
imagine rupert murdoch beaming nonstopunofficial tv down at them
[clicks fingers] you get a fullstopand a period can be
o daith that nocht canstopit sets the copper clouds
that s where we canstopokay we can do but
he can but has tostopsuddenly when he sees a
not think that we canstopthe industry in its tracks
but i mean they cannaestopwell they say they can
wi but i can maybestopyou fae emptyin the bloody
of the committee can istopyou there richard will you
i can i can istopyou there sir this is
says larry an load maunstopan takk tent o me
love my mummy sometimes istopcrying so she takes me
john swinney asks me tostophaving review after review there
the chimney attracted me tostopi approached cautiously rosemary grows
and you tell me tostopif you see a o
for me this planet earthstopit now before it s
in the air [singing] m1106: stopit you re making me
forgie me bit i cannaestopmasel bletherin i feel sae
s like how dare youstopme for speeding [laugh] f814:
ti shut mi up tistopme gawn stew an the
just a small diversion [laugh]stopme when i erm you
asks fit wye did youstopme your truck could do
you als- m954: and andstoppeople thumpin me when i
uh [laugh] f1095: will youstoppoking me please m1096: [laugh]
found in such phrases asstopsquatting me down and squat
me if i tried tostopthat conference me and beastie
ahead of me i willstopyou on that first point
was be bladdit did itstopfin it struck the grun
go or when did thatstophas it still no stopped
re finished m1096: [child noise] f1095: stopit m1096: did you hear
certainly did not intend tostopits progress 11 30 the
had to pedal backwards tostopladies bikes did not have
huh f718: when did theystopmaking that m1078: in a
greater jeopardy that did notstopus drafting in more staff
to understand the fuhrer tostopwhat he did from happening
hand moves as if tostopher beth is now looking
he is now struggling tostophimself from becoming chunky eric
bath now over here m1106: stopit f1105: no you re
[raspberry] [squeal] [child noises] f1097: nowstopit m1098: [raspberry] f1097: look
brian adam s1m 3132 energywatchstopnow campaign lodged on 17
maureen macmillan s1m 2662 energywatchstopnow campaign lodged on 29
maureen macmillan s1m 2657 energywatchstopnow campaign lodged on 29
for later debate if istopnow i move amendment 5
for happy memories i willstopnow with kindest thoughts from
at the front now andstopplaying john faur s your
f1113: is that toys rightstoppressing the buttons just now
i do not want tostopright now but i assure
alike officer took out astopwatch begin now she told
a fly when work cogsstopall needless converse ceased it
ordinary people who would oftenstopand talk when they heard
his poem making the readerstopand think when moving over
spread over the straw tostopany frost penetrating when the
of the land when istopby the wall the two
noo morag was able tostopher bubbling when she began
maureen macmillan i saw thestopprogramme when we visited the
preferred maximum mrs [censored: surname] willstopselling tickets when the number
extra egg white when tostopstirring a sauce how long
on but he has tostopsuddenly when he sees fiona
about it afterwards when istopthe film a fanfare of
mixer beater 2 3 minsstopwhen stiff or butter results
say when when when theystopyou know sort of put
doors ouch normally i wouldstopand make sure the person
is an absolute requirement tostopand make the assessment before
oink oink f1114: make jakestopit in the yeah make
it was from a standingstoptrying to make f643: so
leap off at the rightstopand hammer at that little
f1123: right well right juststopand wait and be patient
and and you rescue youstopher from oh right and
car f1122: we have tostophere f1121: that s right
just right through m815: nonstopm816: and the idea is
f1105: i wasnae doing anythingstopright you re goin to
el- f1095: right will youstopscuffing your trainers m1096: el-
before your time darling mumstopthere right there before you
i just ask you tostopa second i ve got
aye m1015: if you juststopan think where the two
the morra sadie will yestopbangs iron agnes will you
said look i- you knowstopco- ta- stoppin concerts to
mummy [cough] f1113: you cannastopcoughing the day you ve
you re having your teastopdancing aboot put it down
f807: [laugh] f806: you knowstopfor an hour have a
you ve got these m1092: stopit f1091: [laugh] you re
you re no m1106: mumstopit f1105: i wasnae doing
two you re like bairnsstopit gladys ye canna ha
f1115: fitt you daein nostopit oh she goin to
without lifting a finger tostopit you re no as
oh for god s sakestoplooking so shocked you re
would sit down i wouldstopm642: well you ve got
f1105: mmhm m1106: that thatstopmum show you it s
regular breaks you know theystopoutside f122: mmhm f010: the
this disnae concern you anstopplaying that flute agnes ah
it s my turn f1113: stopscreaming f1114: [squeal] f1113: you
bucket beth maggie will youstoptelling her what to do
cause they d say heystopthat or you know they
each other steve you wantistopthe pain cammy ah wanti
written you need a fullstopthere who it was you
have you liked fireman samstopthrowing f1118: ah hm f1117:
you re to put astopto these speeches to the
as well f1103: will youstoptouching that please sit doon
fitt jigsaw do you wantstoptouching that thing f1104: erm
if you want millie tostopwhat do you do f1100:
to order you about andstopyou biting which is what
the dustbins i could neverstopyou eating any tasty titbits
wee barriers across like tostopyou goin into the aisle
the convener phil i muststopyou there we have another
kent the word they couldstopa shelt on the road
of hypotheses we could notstopeverything we do simply because
could block that current andstopit returning south in which
was nae way ye couldstopthe glegs that was that
apart before the constable couldstopthe process where there is
ah could dae that dellastopyur fibbin tess ah said
over the knuckles just tostopf1025: aye mmhm aye mmhm
get that one over herestopit f1125: it s okay
by a punter at thestopjust before the change over
roof over the stable tostopmy daddy horse from jumping
capital of bolivia with astopover to change planes in
arms away too exhausted tostopthe bubble creeping over his
tuesday sliced up wednesday carolannestopit we re talking about
ye re miles beyond yerstopoatridge agricultural college if ye
festivals and creating new onestopcultural centres similar to irish
gloves yesterday i went onestopdown from the universitet metro
point at which one muststopflogging the horse because it
plans to extend the onestophealth clinics initiative in glasgow
fox streaked through a redstopone shot sent the fur
one visits the prison thestopprogramme is one project that
has to create a onestopregistration for nursing homes and
profit distributing trusts providing onestopservices and similar bodies owned
scottish executive how many onestopservices are available for stroke
the proposed local authority onestopshops for ancestral research will
persuading even one person tostopsmoking tobacco products would simply
the fields after a shortstopso that one of the
flatline one way ticket fullstopthe lady of the loch
gaelic one demanding that westopwasting money on it the
work to finish once seminarsstopin a week or so
the scenery and work tostopmyself moping around feeling homesick
pursue policies that work tostoppeople reoffending cut youth crime
of sentences that work tostopreoffending seeking to divert young
leap and a bound lowsestopwork maamie of broth thick
to get british telecom tostopwork on the erection of
to get british telecom tostopwork on the erection of
if mr welland lets usstopwork on the palm tree
case the bill seeks tostopwork with terriers but if
a arrest that person bstopand search that person if
to andy and the screamsstopas if they had been
dae if this shite disnaestopcammy nane o us wid
canute if we try tostopchange development and the spread
moves as if she mightstopher then as if she
cup if yer faither disnastophis bletherin an drive a
that would be acceptable tostopit but if it s
help if nicola sturgeon wouldstopshouting at times the scot
the second instance decides tostopsmoking if they do not
the pain cammy ah wantistopthe guilt steve if wi
an ye wad come anstopa wee while at ma
met jo at her metrostopand headed on up to
the phone rings they allstopand stare at it agnes
banged the side at eachstopand yelled the destination the
live in ladywood in penicuikstopat 7 30 pm people
saturday 10 home by huntlystopat aberdeen we see caroline
a traveller on foot tostopat any wayside house and
do but we must notstopat at rifles this was
s why they have astopat edinburgh cause it might
odd reason there s astopat edinburgh f806: why f807:
england franchise to agree tostopat lockerbie station on the
from boroughbridge arr 6 pmstopat morpeth sunday 17 to
gourdon and johnshaven with astopat northwaterbridge this line was
we may have i willstopat that point on that
i would be prepared tostopat that the question in
obscured by fog at astopbeyond esporles the doors of
had boarded at the previousstopdriver she s got a
130 to profsoyuznaya at thisstopfortunately a lot of people
smoking endless cigarettes at eachstoplooking at my feet most
she calls clearly and istopmy heart at it again
many sex offenders undertook thestopprogramme at a hm prison
at which point i shouldstopscribbling this diary and get
questions from members i willstoptaking questions at about a
and campaign at westminster tostoptheir introduction anywhere in the
christmas chrissie quickly putting astopto it at s enough
the town square our firststopwas actually a yard at
only much better the firststopwill be at the little
it costs i want tostopthese damnable newspaper reports that
the case that it willstopa significant number of people
peace will the carnage [?]every[/?]stopand children s suffering cease
place jilly shouts will yistopbelieving what lee tells yi
will be reid she willnaestopfur car nor man she
road will be reluctant tostopgo back and say that
head bowed cammy will yistopgrovellin ti that scum ed
like that sadie will yestopit s bad enough stuck
ban in itself will notstopmost smokers smoking but we
appeal to the minister tostoppassing the buck will she
is done we will notstoprunning infrastructure events straightaway we
s election address i willstopshort of personal praise but
or will have had tostoptaking the medication because of
supporting its motion will somehowstopthe process fiona mcleod will
it s more lucrative tostopthere because other people will
[laugh] f718: okay will westopthere okay f1077: mmhm mmhm
that this bill seeks tostopthey will therefore be reluctant
be encouraged and supported tostopwe will enforce restrictions on
the top a concrete bufferstopwill be met and a
in scottish goods the finalstopwill be stirling where delegates
crichton campus to try andstopf1155: oh yeah f1154: like
f1155: oh yeah f1154: likestopus from leaving the region
officialdom here forced her tostopcorresponding with someone some years
possible beaumont we hae tostopher johnny s on board
ringing i was ready tostopthere but having recovered her
he would have put astopto her madness pause forgive
us he chatted almost nonstopperformed a comedic routine with
us a presentation on thestopprogramme hearing about people s
initiate action that would notstopus ensuring that the petition
cannot see anything that wouldstopus from doing so again
where they are forced tostopfishing because of unforeseeable circumstances
yi ti say is gonnaestopmi silence jilly ah ken
imperatives [laugh] i would saystopthat sit down etcetera but
wid say neist she daurnastopthe doctor fin he drave
toot toot fin i saystopthey dee it i am
my mither would say ochstopyer haiverin f831: aye yeah
nothin ah say is gonnaestopyi jilly pat nothing lee
never got into it fullstopf718: [laugh] uh huh m734:
way round [laugh] m944: [laugh]stopit f943: aw it was
f1049: [laugh] m1048: [laugh] f1049: stopit kyle [laugh] no cause
turn f1114: [squeal] mummy f1113: stopscreaming so loud [laugh] f1114:
prince he s allowed tostoppeople from doing things morag
s it locked f1121: tostoppeople getting in [?]do you know that[/?] f1122:
initiatives to encourage people tostopsmoking s1o 5367 19 mr
stomach just wanted it tostopflying boston to montreal was
something on my back mumstopit f1105: [runs water] just a
he says and has tostopwhere he is just inside
yours stew it hud tistoped we hud ti breck
auld mither s juist tistophere in ma dwallin for
aa pleisance an joy tistopthere the meantime an ilka
and looked in but wouldnastopand she kent it wasna
daein it but i cannastopbill observed his young protégé
i couldnae get it tostopbut he s been in
s turn f1114: [?]hey![/?] f1113: stopcheating f1114: it s my
other words that it shouldstopdealing with that case where
goin ye daardna let itstopir e job wis deen
happened tell somebody thit kinstopit aw happenin again ed
an i thought i betterstopit before it gets out
gordon we were trying tostopit happening to beth maggie
frame and that nothing shouldstopit least of all genuine
[yawn] broke your bucket f1097: stopit m1098: no no f1097:
no it s to tostopit m941: toss gently against
the way from the metrostopit s a sensitive military
ah he never seems tostopit s like a twelve
a stink poo ey urghstopit that s disgusting that
i m gonna have tostopit there i think m1022:
it is therefore reasonable tostopmajor drug dealers escaping that
the countryside and it mightstopmrs [censored: surname] trying to persuade
beta interferon have decided tostopprescribing it pending the ruling
haimmers o hell an didnastoprinnin till it reached the
stay there surely it dstopsoon i thought but no
better place but it didnaestopthe tears fae fallin fae
not war and seeks tostopthe war in afghanistan it
fit wid happen should itstopvoodoo cock craa cat an
hit firm grun they widstopan let auld eck lift
wander along the street theystopand speak to each other
runnin past but they didnaestopand then m642: the rai-
per lb they had tostopcoming round during the war
lies became their truth nextstopfreedom he cried and they
they are long termers thestopprogramme lasts for three years
they came too late tostopthe taking ears blocked to
she stops he has tostoptoo they played together nearly
f1155: and he trekked nonstopall day every day so
till daurk betimes he dstopan share his cheese an
parcel he skids to astopby his mother dod have
things that got broken daddystophe stops like a good
he seen the twa horsestopnoo the horse got a
reason why he wants tostopsilence stew fuck sake this
doun an said he cudstopthe royal bairn frae greitin
for trying to adapt thestop2000 programme for other offenders
those on the river tostopaccess by bin rakers these
for the scottish parliament tostopall scottish housing associations from
for the scottish parliament tostopall scottish housing associations from
not have the power tostopan individual who has been
pump to overload so istopand lie down under my
in the stack so tostopany running up their trouser
home from school decided tostopbetween east lodge and parkneuk
m away dimps an stewstopboxing stew goes to steve
in the standing orders tostopcommittees lodging amendments in the
getting the tea so istopcrying i run to pick
there was an attempt tostopdiscussion which is to be
planning and which things tostopdoing before christmas to avoid
rights in an effort tostopfgm s1m 2534 save post
salmon fishery boards dsfbs tostopfishing inshore netting takes salmon
fight on his hands tostophis mind from scrolling down
help other nations battling tostopillegal logging and produce timber
is not specifically designed tostopimports of bananas cocoa and
heads to each other andstoplistening lizzie i ve aye
street started too late tostopplanning approval gow is working
cycle on to the nextstoppoint passing the others on
more definite news to followstoppress the west end festival
fewer agency nurses and tostoprelying on the bank hour
and availability of programmes tostopreoffending expand the availability of
the park i have tostoprunning i have caught a
message to the government isstopspinning and have a good
progressive parenting sounds something likestopstealing my money to get
is the minister doing tostopsuch industrial fishing what is
september 2000 to agree tostoptaking payments from the poorest
reinvent themselves we have tostoptalking about innovation and start
truly european europe needs tostoptalking about the euro and
the remains of things tostoptanks coming through in the
speakers the only way tostopthat and to enable our
back round the table tostopthe grim reaper from walking
less than half full tostopthe mouse scrambling out churning
take urgent action to astopthe privatisation of the north
to the rural network tostopthe rate of closures the
there is the varnish tostopthe rust the man turned
fingers on his eyes tostopthe tears ronnie ye killed
that we take action tostopthe transfer of expenditure into
folk mair to speak ostopthis daftness betty awa and
have tried to do isstopthose situations happening in the
opened on a floor tostopto let someone out and
god the union put astopto playground supervision i hope
james managed to put astopto that rowland divine providence
s orders so pit astopto these haverings awa back
the minister to put astopto this nonsense and start
october due to the nonstoptrouble and non compliance with
of my ongoing campaign tostopusing my blog as a
to forego royalties which wouldstopwith the death of craigie
then f1104: is this thestopbutton f1103: that s the
this fine morning my eyesstopby the loch as necessary
my daddy s shoulder istopshouting and puff my breath
time a slow time astopan think afore ye get
nervously lazing about peggy weelstoplazing aboot and get the
2 dt d yooniversitee soodstopenforcin a correct mode u
that wants the perm sostopcomplainin an keep your heid
facing each other yur gonnaestophiding in your corner lee
were really really f814: ahstopdoing that f812: aware in
so fan fan would yestopbein a quinie an start
advertising in scotland would notstopthe import of cheap tobacco
and bow legs an couldnastopa ewe legs the kilt
six seven hours withoot astopan on a a bright
an toddle back again anstopan staun an pech an
aff the scottish cringe anstopapologisin fur wir ain linguistic
meant stert an whoa meantstopbit ower the neist twa
muckle laanscapin ey dee cannastope wheeshin o tyres an
a snail s rate anstopo a suddenty fur anither
fun an e odd waterinstopootside e hotel in liptovska
haunds up in a kinnastopsign an tellin awbodie no
an innocence reborn ice pearlsstoptheir nostrils and the wind
that in yur heid anstopthis fechtin wi yursell yince
comin and the driver couldnaestopm608: aye f643: so of
wilton street so this shouldstopmotor cyclists speeding up through
there was a single briefstopin red square and a
are making a choice mumstopmaking things up there is
that f718: mm shall westopthere m1078: and f718: are
aye f1107: that s goodstopplaying wi yer ears m1108:
bletherin a heap o nonsensestopyer haivers m842: aye well
minister reconsider his position andstopthis doubtful experiment ross finnie
receive are not continuous thestop2000 programme for example runs
pull up their nylons andstopthe unfavourable comparison of their
face the big cruel worldstopyi fi endin up like
maggie embarrassed agnes and gordonstopthe din gordon we were
a beer and talked nonstopand repetitively for 20 mins
the vote where does traditionstopand sensible best practice begin
louder as hen gets nearerstopduring speech tapping on door
come oot wi the truthstophidin ahint masell the real
and education the minister shouldstophiding behind semantic distinctions between
jim phems afternoon caroline marystopout with eliz late april
the 1990s for developing thestopprogramme for sex offenders and
better name the day andstopthat biting this started the
impressive still was our finalstopthe fortress of saqsaywaman on
office shouts desperately beaumont cairdstopthe indian girl for ony
ey wirk in e soothstopthinkin dream a bittie aboot
junction said relax rather thanstopthrow the purdah o calvin
f1118: yes f1117: hey missystopthrowin fa s hat s
snow capped peaks the firststopwas the quiet lakeside town

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