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tae dae his shoppin trainstoppinhop in hop in oh
drink whan he wis drouthiestoppinat een an awa wi
meeve farrer aff wirk wisstoppinbit fowk ay hid eir
raxin farrer oot an niverstoppine same s e rings
you know stop co- ta-stoppinconcerts to talk about debt
but the coach ll bestoppinat yin o thae service
contour at s ma firststoppinpint jist tae look aroon
fae e dashboord fae estoppinpint we set aff alang
twae whaurabout s auld jinstoppinmaister jin cries the number
time nae in ony hurrystoppintae admire the bonny views
me f1142: why is itstoppinf1141: [inaudible] get really fed
a reist train rinnin tootinstoppindev is here tae dae
but i m forever speakinstoppinkids doon here i ken
drink whan they wir drystoppinwi the nicht an awa
yer foot in an ehstoppinthe water an [?]capagush[/?] f1011:
governor wis careerin roon teestoppint wis nae less fykie
stuff like that and actuallystoppinand goin hey how are
he d nae chaunce ostoppinthe bawd wisna merked bi
wi the weeds a mstoppinnoo tae wipe ma broo
say the horseman s aithstoppinat ilkie line sae the
whitna guesten hous are yestoppinin an whaur does this

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