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tastiest tooshties o mait istoppittae swap a fyow wirds
richt scunner at masel anstoppittempora mutantur nos et mutamur
as e ditch an westoppitat e side lookin at
see faar e roller hidstoppiton e road ere wis
an aince there here megstoppita meenit tae claw a
a meenit ey d aastoppitan swung up eir binoculars
in again fin e soonstoppitanaith e nest on e
it s unca hard taestoppitsome skirl like feels they
on wi her ganzie westoppitagain at a wee irish
skyty ice the snaa hidstoppitthe kirk wis reached the
d managed tae get wulliestoppitand i sune saw whit
clattered ben the close synestoppitat the barn door an
can syne his fit stepsstoppitnear her door she jinkit
steens an syne fin yestoppitpressin it raise again aye
siller frae t it aastoppittho fin a loon cam
ll niver guess she sstoppitsmokin twa month noo an
ll be that weariet minniestoppitcaimbin her hair an sat
aboot e cross it wisstoppita gweed lang time i
o the watter wad haestoppitthe need for sic senseless
at s fit we dstoppitfor jist afore we cam
eence i wis clear istoppitin e run in an
e thraahyeuk at wye fowkstoppitmakkin strae rapes an took
bi the auld waas hestoppitawhile an luikit ower tae
her new man tae bestoppitbi the security guairds at
rowed his windae doon anstoppita passin fit ganger excaise
buits merched up the streetstoppitthe pulse o the toun
breathin sterted tae slaw doonstoppitaa thegither fur hauf a
for a filie ir itstoppitfitiver it wis it mn
the gype she wis hestoppitthe car tae let her
wast tae donegal far westoppitfur a picnic an swatted
a rhododenron buss till itstoppiteneuch tae droon an ark
i can tell ye istoppitgey smert my een were

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