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tick tick tick and itstopsso i looked over at
tick tick tick and itstopsso i told sam to
tick tick tick and itstopsso we had to eat
skipping rope starts skipping stevestopsskipping stands rigid lights fade
is mah lassie back bjstopsboxing bj an if she
why yi daein this jillystopsboxing does stretching exercises pat
shadow boxes enter bj jillystopsboxing sits on stool bj
bj bj well versed patstopsboxing sits on the floor
silence bj awwwww jilly jillystopsshadow boxing jilly pizza mah
it up her jumper bethstopsshouting and becomes differently agitated
want beastie i say mummystopsshouting and breathes in and
stop shouting then my daddystopssmiling and starts to be
lee tries to leave bjstopsher pat why did he
each other enter bj bjstopslooks at lee bj goes
enters from the kitchen andstopssadie damn damn damn agnes
beth takes a few stepsstopsi couldn t agnes gie
back maggie beth wait bethstopsmaggie to sadie now look
beth say somethin speak bethstopspacing i don t want
letter out to her bethstopsstruggling with her inner thoughts
to agnes fur carolanne bethstopswhimpering and looks up agnes
that starts at six anstopsat seven eneuch tae see
the mess of flowers andstopssadie starts picking them up
starts to light a cigarettestopstakes the slip of paper
ti dae aw that leestopsjilly stae here wi us
all the noise just suddenlystopscause it s sound proofed
to mind but then hestopsproceeding very suddenly he sniffs
for a few minutes patstopssuddenly pat ah stopped aw
you did somethin wrang carolannestopstidying up and sits sadie
got broken daddy stop hestopslike a good daddy horse
a baby s bottle andstopsagnes it was yer faither
maybe it ll stop phonestopsringing agnes it s stoapt
me a sair heid sadiestopsironing how else am i
3 mugs on a traystopsirritated by sadie s nonsense
if it s him sadiestopsmoving afraid don t be
only be helping him sadiestopspicking up the flowers gordon
all the time it neverstopssadie but we cannae just
reaches the outside lavvy butstopsdead when he meets the
trembling wishing someone else deadstopsyou from wishing yourself dead
stranded at cold dark busstopsare not a recipe for
you step back at busstopsas trolleybuses and heavy military
a pensioner s bus tourstopsat a north east beach
of the bus a fewstopslater on kinfauns avenue speccy
it fuck it the busstopsthe door s kicked open
in wait at the busstopsup ahead at summerston asda
the look o t chrissiestopsand looks back i thocht
tell you jim moves awaystopslooks anxious georgie my my
soberly he crosses the roomstopslooks round then goes to
moving to take the phonestopsas if struck carolanne something
carolanne is locking up gordonstopsstaring back gordon eh hello
leeve orm comes in woundedstopsat door orm can ah
cigar comes in right hestopsat the sight of the
end gunnar comes in andstopsby door thorfinn wha cums
this caur comes alang anstopson the faur side o
his thingie sore the waterstopsrushing and his pee comes
gate she comes out hestopsshe comes up close to
switch off the light andstopsit takes a fraction too
up with her and shestopshe has to stop too
naething naebodie kens oniething chebutykinstopsat the door whit ir
she crosses the stage andstopsby the door leading to
goes to the door andstopsgunlöd is silent gunnar fareweill
m to say the musicstopsthe verandah door is thrown
let s wait until thisstopsm1042: when i we used
maunna goes off quickly thenstopsin the avenue irena irena
an oor doun shap mairstopsan sterts whustles bangin doors
keeps thum in oor soulsstopsoor loneliness silence krista yi
it puts people off andstopspeople benefiting from the project
way off georgie follows herstopsshakes her head and returns
[laugh] f1135: right when itstopsyou have to come off
can t help it shestopshe stops she runs again
to call him back butstopshesitating again with his hand
stopped again everything bloody wellstopsit s all right birkie
it s about and itstopsnow and again aye i
help it she stops hestopsshe runs again and this
whiles the back court jinkinstopsand us weans stands aside
his back gently and itstopsmother inspects andy s head
one s round too thisstopsthis table and that s
know he wid furst hestopsher wearin shoes then he
something really naughty but shestopsherself i can see her
her free hand and hestopshis noise immediately even though
backs of her hands shestopsraises her hands turns them
i d say if shestopsat our close i ll
that was bad enough shestopsknitting in order to look
some folk she just naturallystopsspickin now i used to
dark sexy humid warmth shestopstalking and sighs and i
very attractive woman then hestopsand gets even mair serious
all of a sudden hestopsand leans over me lips
he was only going twostopsbut by the time we
favourite places an he offenstopsfor a wee fyle jist
to beardie jean s hestopshe must decide it is
please the savage bundle hestopslistening to himself and directs
you think o teenie hestopsronnie anxiously fit d you
stupit biff says an hestopswalkin i wis oan aboot
and down the stage thenstopswhan ah mairrit hir ah
go of the handle andystopsscreaming reaches up and rattles
brak up i think thatstopsye nae think so aye
l never git onie thinnerstopsbobik feels that cauld ah
ah coud onlie stap existinstopscrying glumly guid kens the
wrong that is it fishingstopsand you cannot go looking
pretends to go to workstopsdown the drive watching the
turns for the kitchen andstopsreluctant to go through because
steve grabs dimp s legsstopshim cammy you bein the
been born into and itstopsthem f963: mm mm right
f631: uh huh [laugh] musicstopsyeah f689: mm but i
at the wall an itstopsit beepin aye m941: it
attractive picnic area [note: photo: 'another photograph taken from the 60-ton crane in 1944 shows how the lighthouse, which once occupied the point on its own, was flanked by north and south deeps in war-time days.'] itstopsjust short of where the
will pull out all thestopsto save scotland s fishing
moscow s lack of trafficstopsit being the motorised nightmare
yeah m939: oh an thatstopsit no if it s
m642: is where the pavementstopsand beyond that are the
mmhm f1113: once the machinestopsi ll sort oot your
a lovely afternoon the rainstopsstill cloudy but we re
and so the growing seasonstopsin september october i feel
the materials that the buckstopswith the parliament and that
sudden thunder the cheerful dogstopsjumping aghast i the drumly
the curtain the heavy trampingstopspompitie dives below the table
14 16 fermer makin silagestopstakin in the crap rain
a reesle o pairties warkstopswi a seich a hooch

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