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conneckit tae wolfcleuch heid thestoriegans at ae haunt o
o the genus agrostis thestoriegans at this wolf wis
rig tae the haugh thestoriegans on tae say thit
been miss davies uncle thestoriegans thit efter the dael
his mowdie traps howsumever thestoriegans thit geordie that nicht
is a sad an waesumstorieah m fair worn oot
is a sad an waesumstoriesyne pompitie hoyed awa cryin
chantie that aften tells astoriequeen taken aback govie dick
thay didna ken the haillstoriean naither div ye no
s telt me the haillstoriemalcolm uh huh jek yon
an tell me the haillstoriesae fergal telt hir aw
an telt him the haillstorieshe did juist that an
haes telt us the haillstorieye dinna ken yeir ain
an telt hir the samestorieas aw the ithers but
ye for siccan a graundstorieas ye telt us on
ootlin kinrik telt finn hisstoriesayin til him ma guidwyfe
aboot fairies bairns an astorieanent a fairie an the
a novelle in scots thestorieis anent twa faimlies the
hir lane an weaves hirstorieo the flouer lit stream
glib cuid tell ae guidstoriean cuid speak on monie
pompitie ti mak a langstorieshort the broun ogre lost
ma faither aye feenisht atstorieaff bi sayin mag wuid
haed haird ae mhairi sstoriedid he no flyte hir
the sea the r aestorieat the selkies first cam
that s a gey langstorievalgerd weill mak it short
be onie truith in yeirstoriewhan did she lest walk
o the genesis o atstoriejuist owre the wyre fence
wad tell thaim aw astoriefor a divert for as
meg ah ve heard thatstorieafore gin it s turn

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