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fiction horror film scripts spystoriesand sic like rubbish but
i can tell you horrorstoriesmadam yes horror stories of
horror stories madam yes horrorstoriesof clypes who have lifted
that all members have horrorstoriesof organisations that seek to
they tell stories they tellstoriesabout you know their grandmother
any stories or writing anystoriesand p- since they ve
o glory stories ii somestoriesare like rosebuds soft as
readin stories mum f1113: readinstoriesbefore your bed f1114: what
tess tells the bestest ostoriesdella aye stories thit kin
three stories f1113: how manystoriesdo you want f1114: all
you want f1114: all thestoriesf1113: five stories tonight f1114:
we get two or threestoriesf1113: how many stories do
f1112: i ve picked mystoriesi ve picked my stories
crack winged seannachie o glorystoriesii some stories are like
gray s short stories unlikelystoriesmos- mostly has anyone rea-
re readin okay f1114: readinstoriesmum f1113: readin stories before
would ever bother telling anystoriesor writing any stories and
you think they re juststoriesthey re good stories you
and and and they tellstoriesthey tell stories about you
bestest o stories della ayestoriesthit kin be passed oan
stories i ve picked mystoriesto read now f1111: you
all the stories f1113: fivestoriestonight f1114: all all of
er alasdair gray s shortstoriesunlikely stories mos- mostly has
just stories they re goodstoriesyou need to know about
very strange [laugh] and unlikelystoriesmostly and one of the
of one of his unlikelystoriesmostly logopandocy which also offers
has anyone rea- read unlikelystoriesmostly they re a good
mostly and one of thestoriescalled logopandocy is eh the
noo mabel smith tellt somestoriesabout snaavy wither tee there
psychology and mabel smith sstoriesare often very revealing a
at hurl mabel smith sstorieshiv a lot o the
pitowerlie four mabel smith sstoriesmy french teacher at turriff
a fyow o mabel sstoriesthere wis the first horseman
and several of mabel sstoriesthrow light on such occasions
the salesman sat ther tellinstoriesaboot foo much he hid
micht be a different anestoriescheenge in the tellin ye
she s tellin lees tellinstoriesdis it aw the time
ootdane in the tellin ostoriesmeg ramsay cappit thon wi
as tess you ur tellinstoriessuppose wiv aw been guid
down she was telling mestoriesand so y- that was
bi guid it that tellingstoriesaye shi wis a guid
pacing the room telling mestoriesedited from his life this
fun and no doubt thestoriesimproved with telling but the
an lanntair telling ehm s-storiesin shetland f746: oh right
pursuit of telling compelling persuasivestoriesto support their own particular
2002 the fower quarters shortstories2000 the singing bird poems
you pub- publish poems andstoriesand m055: yes f785: yeah
been given scots poems andstoriesand occasionally listened to scots
it is alive in songsstoriesand poems our bairns are
reported that cassette tapes poemsstoriesand tv programmes had been
poems 2004 indian peter shortstoriesfor bairns 2004 pandora s
children given them poems andstoriesin scots and had arranged
local community and poems andstoriesin scots logie coldstone one
that the use of poemsstoriessongs and plays in the
come to teach poems orstoriesto children we fall back
of the local community poemsstoriestv programmes radio programmes or
1996 wittgenstein s web shortstories1996 lament for the raj
1998 the bonsai grower shortstories1996 wittgenstein s web short
owen s er collected shortstoriesand er one of the
seventeen books thirty nine shortstoriesand numerous essays and book
think of as as shortstoriesand some of them are
a book of soviet shortstoriesas an unexpected christmas present
of scots verse and shortstoriesbut it was only last
wants to write some shortstoriesbut the change of environment
in novels more than shortstoriesbut you know erm f963:
in a volume of shortstoriescraiters that preserves and presents
pie in the sky shortstoriesfor adult 2004 preparing to
fragments and morbidly sensitive shortstoriesfrom the later years at
a list of novels shortstorieslean tales sorry tales most
s attempting pei dialect shortstoriesshe s also a devoted
of his book of shortstoriestoday i was really touched
s furst collection o shortstorieswas gey weil receivit praised
story maker wid tell otherstoriessneakit yins tess whit awa
gee us yin o yurstoriestess robby gee us the
aboot tess tess an hurstorieszeb with no doctor who
to like share shetland dialectstoriesan things with children m865:
or any w- other weestoriesf1144: just the dialect i
mmhm mm f951: listenin tostoriesin shetland dialect is maybe
in robert mclellan s linmillstorieswriting by native dialect speakers
drive around [laugh] tell usstoriesabout it f1148: i see
you wouldn t believe thestoriesan albatross can tell and
look at any of thestoriesand tell me what you
scottish societie an hou thaestoriesare tell t first o
the histories [click] they tellstories[click] so you get the
classroom and read or tellstoriesfrom their own community in
tell us yin o yourstoriespaint mi a picture wi
fae syne dey ll bestoriestae tell a m tinkin
other anna began to tellstoriesthe woman who was burned
always had a lot ostoriesto tell mm f1054: that
the autobiographer to tell thestorieswas her work my italics
had a fund of schoolstorieswhich she would tell with
brain robby aw aw brawstoriesyi kin tell tae berna
m762: people also tell similarstoriesyou know and erm and
bad ti tell lees tellstorieszeb pause suppose i am
in the buik an thirstoriesare telt in a fine
i dinna ken ony leddrachstoriesher mither telt her haud
bow his music telt thestorieso grantully an cromar fae
recited verses fyles he teltstorieso oor forebears an the
oan a a ritual hearinstoriestelt hearin thum een in
switched aff an a pucklestorieswere aye telt larry ake
was the story whether thesestoriesare true i don t
f1114: want to read thestories[exhale] f1113: which story do
story f639: they re toldstories[inaudible] f641: [?]stories of[/?] the bible
religious f640: they re toldstoriesthey re told a story
f951: here we read trowiestoriesan an things like that
bittie teen wi wild weststoriesi got tae read fae
read too many sci fistoriesmaybe sci fi writers make
lay in one of thestorieshe told me he had
many years a lot ofstorieswere told about them gillan
that could i write somestoriescould i collect them together
13 sunday to 12 writestoriesin afternoon later to ma
another notebook and write properstoriesin it and not secrets
sunday to 10 comm nostoriesto write but gratified that
i ve heard all thestoriesabout me getting it and
of i ve obviously heardstoriesabout the tapes that you
to marking we have heardstoriesabout timing issues and about
baa the anely queer kinnastoriesi iver heard war aboot
ve got nuts f1054: anystoriesm1017: i ve heard them
erm er you certainly heardstoriesof what they [laugh] uh
she d heard so manystoriesof women who could make
there s plenty o coorsestoriesaboot aboot the turn o
okay what aboot words anystoriesaboot drunkenness m1014: oh m1015:
deil made willie min onstoriesaboot ministers about that time
school f1144: [laugh] f1054: anystoriesaboot pluggin or skivin or
you one or two morestoriesaboot the kids f1054: yeah
that s it f1054: anystoriesaboot to hit hard anything
made willie think o itherstoriesaboot wither i mind on
no no f1054: any otherstoriesabout that okay what aboot
lore aboot e countryside andstorieslike this help a lot
them f1113: all o thatstoriesf1114: yes f1113: are you
f1113: that s all yourstoriesyou ve had lots and
worked her own interests detectivestoriesby agatha christie and memories
creating their own just sostoriesthen rather than providing us
i have with my ownstoriesto fictionalise you know my
me a lot i enjoyedstoriesand i used to kind
men a lot of mystoriescame from jmmy hunter at
had lots and lots ostoriesokay f1114: [exhale] i want
we ve probably got morestoriesabout each other but you
bottled water [cough] you knowstoriesabout ehm restaurants where they
the neep shed or thestoriesabout folk but the fact
loon so willie had somestoriesabout him an here s
sadder than the sunday schoolstoriesabout jesus dying for us
on the kirk of funnystoriesabout ministers and beadles ford
some ways that you knowstoriesabout people who have emigrated
day we will find manystoriesabout what the voluntary sector
tends to enter the debatestoriesare dusted down about 19c
craigie that is good scarestorieshave circulated about the emergency
us about the uisses ostoriesin airlie an late 20th
models clad in negligees scottishstorieslike the one about the
miners there have been umpteenstoriesover the years about mcgahey
apart it s from suchstoriesthat you learn about the
just pick any of thestoriesand then m952: [laugh] yeah
see if there s anystoriesin here f1140: mmhm mummy
you gonnae get any goodstoriesin m1017: skip m1016: [tut]
well kinda similar type ostoriesf746: oh right f978: ehm
[cough] m805: is that enoughstoriesfor now m804: ehm i
there s ehm old shetlandstoriesthat s ehm similar to
oh yes they have theirstoriesyou know there s ehm
i ve written some stylisedstoriesas well you ll see
some extent some of thestorieshave been fed by media
then some talk of bewitchedstoriesi ll gie ye een
some of the o- thestoriesin the burning mirror they
they were young once thesestoriessome have callouses some missed
in some of the earlierstoriesthat i d written f963:
the kinda mm you knowstoriesthey have here some o
dilly- you got some wonderfulstorieswhen we all tried to
many examples of mixed genresstoriesfrequently combine description and narrative
that there are many successstoriesin the borders because we
macbride there have been manystoriessuggesting that the marking was
you know i ve writtenstoriessay in standard english f963:
you know and there arestoriesthat i ve written tha-
f1111: you ve picked yourstorieswell you haven t got
i ve got a fewstorieswi the kids you know
out you know in thestoriesin the burnin- f963: mm
of f963: mm mm m762: storiesit will come through in
people have been making upstoriesyeah f963: probably the wrong
aa kind o reminiscences andstoriesf969: yes that s a
yes they re both writingstoriesfor school just now on
pause suppose i am yesstorieswith passion imagination are good
the you know all thestoriesan that kind of thing
have to know what thestoriesare you know f641: yeah
work there um you knowstoriesfrom the second world war
m762: you know erm thestoriesof people and knowledge and
the situations depictit aw thestoriesare rootit in real lives
aw fu o berna sstoriespause shid bi guid it
aw been guid it thatstoriesti shield the bairns fi
velvet cushions one of thesestoriescame close to answering a
child i mean were thesestoriescoming m194: [inaudible] ye knew
listening to these kind ofstorieshe isn t sure if
the apple ripens and otherstoriesin 1985 all of these
looks back at the otherstoriesand pictures but he knows
other accents to suit thestoriesshe tells her main companion
theirsels there s nae otherstoriesthere f1140: i m wanting
spartacus and the superb scotsstoriesand autobiographical essays from scottish
in scots and the linmillstorieshelp to remedy this deficiency
of the survivors at donaghadeestoriesof individual good fortune and
fact he used to givestoriesto the school of scottish
tae be scaly in estoriesbit ey re ugly lookin
wis scunnered he said ostoriesan wintit tae hae an
nae jist e politest ostoriesbit i jist gee t
skeely pen o the aathorstoriescome loupin oot at ye
tho in the maitter ostoriesfin morven hill his got
you once upon a timestoriesi the silence o the
here s anither o hisstoriesthis time tae dee wi
norrowa atween fiords you mindedstories o dutchies an der
habit o gaithirin thur ainstoriesyin started off a long
were all sort of newsstoriesfrom like eng- england majority
it was a monthly publicationstorieswere all relevant specific to
unner the title the leithenstoriesa canongate classic wi an
fair oot the door wistoriesat hame bit we didna
it she niver tellt yestoriesor sang or laughed wi
neeps wi because of hisstoriesthough he spilet imsel wi
macnab colleckit in the leithenstorieswi an introduction bi christopher
i dinna like reading thatstorieswi the pictures on them
high quality we want thosestoriesto be investigated if it
with you with the rebusstoriesand especially with the city
long predicted and there arestoriesin the media you must
listened to her mother sstoriesand so kept her grandmother
disaster in 1879 so herstoriesgo back over 100 years
an her mither fur halloweenstoriesi dinna ken ony leddrach
referred to anna and herstoriesinstead we made plans to
she enjoys adopting in herstoriesthe set a room in
her books are not traditionalstorieswith beginnings middles and ends
in salvador s will suchstoriesare apocryphal at best decoys
are a number of successstoriesin the textile industry the
are accounts with a twiststorieswith orientation complication resolution structures
erm dramas or sort ofstoriesthat they had like m608:
ed comin here bringin yurstoriescammy stew ya cunt makin
david was always full ofstoriesespecially ones that had a
be in a skyscraper 20storiesheich or mair muckle land
the reader or listener intostoriesof viking landfalls and everyday
that have been mentioned asstoriesbut i have f718: uh
on what can go wrongstoriesthat have been rather alarmist
room daniel entertained me withstoriesas i sat propped up
interpreters i am overwhelmed withstoriesthis is a real life
mmhm m762: and thought andstorieswi- with no potentially no
horrific but maley tells hisstorieswith an impish delight frequently
minutes of stv s hogmanaystorieswith colin justin i was
as for example the frequentstorieswith titles such as our
suspenseful in their actions theirstoriesnarrated through formulaic patterns of
and phrases place names andstoriesand i d like tae
s most extravagant hard luckstoriesand be compelled to dig
the names of characters fromstoriesand the ensuing lists can
place that s full ofstoriesand what place isn t
stoughton mclellan r 1990 linmillstoriesedinburgh canongate macleod i and
as a steady stream ofstoriesessays and book reviews sunset
in classroom situations songs rhymesstoriesgames and craft activities exchanging
and every reader of spystoriesknows that the exact position
female repertoire which tells dramaticstoriesof human love jealousy and
we reflect on those twostoriesof losing searching and finding
mmhm m762: and then thestoriesof the people that used
on fitbaa fashion and petsstorieson fairmers skiffies an vets
reading to me from sunnystoriesshafting shadow and light playing
kent fairy tale characters andstoriesspinnin a modrin slant ontae
mainly to two typically briefstoriesthe white bird passes and
in narrative forms in thestorieswe create in riddles and
in narrative forms in thestorieswe create in riddles and
photograph there s a millionstoriesi went over on the
used to enjoy making upstoriesi think from a y-
the [laugh] end of thestories[laugh] so i i don
glasgow so most of thestorieswould would be g- glasgow
damon runyon s chicago gangsterstoriesfull of gang lists revenge
naebody listens ti pat sstorieslaughs lee goes to bj
gordon s repertoire consists ofstoriesof a woman s tradition
1985 robert mclellan s linmillstorieswere published as a complete
out the truth of thestoriesforby he owed him money
lost each of those littlestorieshas the same very satisfying
an learned him aa hisstoriesgiein him a job fur
old drooping face the whisperedstoriesas i passed each white
rise in the mornin thestoriesthe same hale day lang
russell setting aside the scarestorieswe should bear in mind
may walk a netherwarld throwestoriesdwined an deid an gaither
ken whit real is silencestoriesay hae a bad bad
yur gawn bj sometimes thestoriesbj is that a threat
underneath the leaves a hundredstorieshatch imagination flexes growing wings

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