See this word as a collocate cloud

his antlers telt a langstorya hero s story of
insist on fabricating a mistressstorya mistress story with lancerotto
night to mummy f1114: astorya story a story [inaudible]
mummy f1114: a story astorya story [inaudible] no no
i ll tell you astorya true story i hid
bedtime story f1113: a bedtimestoryaye before you go to
tell not just a familystorybut eh a a story
to the the little storystoryclasses in the library there
story m1110: that was [inaudible]storyf1109: fa s that fa
teletubbies story f1114: a bedtimestoryf1113: a bedtime story aye
bed f1114: mm the teletubbiesstoryf1113: the teletubbies story f1114:
teletubbies story f1113: the teletubbiesstoryf1114: a bedtime story f1113:
story [laugh] m964: end ofstoryf963: [laugh] [laugh] f965: [laugh]
f1101: and was this yourstoryfa was reading the story
you a story a truestoryi hid been stopped playin
pittin yur pairt o thestoryin tess berna story wis
a story a story astory[inaudible] no no [exhale] f1113:
car f965: [laugh] end ofstory[laugh] m964: end of story
was the end of thestorym1110: that was [inaudible] story
is amazing that s anotherstorym964: that s another story
would m1014: the story thestoryo an earring was that
yourself a true story pausestoryof pure fact not fiction
lang story a hero sstoryof territory defended and hinds
lori and yourself a truestorypause story of pure fact
goin to the the littlestorystory classes in the library
story but eh a astorythat had never really been
story fa was reading thestorythe day mrs [censored: surname] f1102:
aye they would m1014: thestorythe story o an earring
the story in tess bernastorywis stertit ti keep us
a mistress story a mistressstorywith lancerotto an italian as
story m964: that s anotherstoryyou you stand up and
the boy was telling thestoryand when he was speaking
who has intended telling thisstoryas her party piece ach
when we are telling astoryhave command imperative verbs take
birdie s telling him astoryhe s saying go under
want to write a seastoryi was thinking of telling
hae tae pause singin musicstorytelling aw handed doon tradition
the library there was littlestorytelling classes where you could
mm the traditions f978: thestorytelling f746: oh right f978:
f746: mmhm uh huh f978: storytelling f746: yeah it s
not overtly didactic yet itsstorytelling methodology brings a powerful
is now in fine fluentstorytelling mode enjoying the attention
follow the readers telling thestorytogether the six groups can
randy tallys explained bethia thestorytook some telling after a
till callum tells you thisstoryit s hysterical f813: [laugh]
papers 1991 which tells thestoryof a black adopted female
sir william watson tells thestoryof a splendid city which
society s booklet tells thestoryof anna richmond a 15
a clear note tells thestoryof the lives of three
one that tells the insidestoryof the scottish parliament s
his daughter who tells thestorythe backwattir designautioun is about
juan march tells a differentstorythe day after their confrontation
shire that tells the mountainsstorythe sooty craa flees heich
that perhaps tells its ownstorytricia marwick there was an
wid tell us a truestoryaboot fin you wis travilin
faiver heard o a gweedstoryat wisna true his grannie
he tellt me a truestoryfaiver heard o a gweed
that this wis a truestoryhe haed gotten it strecht
nae existence for gin thisstoryisnae true whaur did we
ll tell you a truestoryo fit happened fin i
janes this is the truestoryof a typical british soldier
this is aboot a truestorythat happened to me when
for the purposes of hisstorythe main events are true
that that is a truestorytoday we are debating the
in karate or sae thestorywent true or fause we
wire an that was thestorywhether these stories are true
of a dylan thomas shortstoryabout christmas mince pies and
leads into eh the shortstoryabout the eh the the
genres for example narrative shortstoryand report writing the teacher
had available poetry and shortstorybooks in scots as well
the burning mirror the shortstorycollection and f963: mmhm mmhm
ranging from novels and shortstorycollections to studies of exploration
read alasdair gray s shortstoryeh [laugh] one of the
you were writing that shortstoryf1187: oh yeah yeah f66:
i wrote a scots shortstoryi like to hear it
castle alasdair gray s shortstoryimagines a meeting between the
in alasdair gray s shortstoryis eh he has er
at alasdair gray s shortstorylogopandocy and compare the style
the yalla idol a shortstorypages 43 48 based on
in pouches i tell thestoryshort and sharp s a
evening to cut a longstoryshort i emerged from the
me to cut a longstoryshort there isn t going
quickly and professionally the shortstorythe yalla idol was published
s probably the greatest shortstorywriter in south asia d-
the great post revolutionary shortstorywriter was born johnny wheelan
tale an old galloway folkstoryas told in a forgotten
stories they re told astoryf639: they re told stories
night i told jimmy mystorygiving him my address and
hunter who told me thestoryhad his doubts after he
sensible to wait until thestoryhas been told until it
ve told you the kermitstoryhaven t i m941: oh
a personal edge whether thestoryis in fact being told
cause ye told me astorylast time ab- uncle robert
my my mother told thisstoryof eh bein on a
year when he told thestoryof the white mice when
hundred words told the wholestoryor were separated by such
questions on matters theological thatstorytold by donald carswell 3
more concerned with getting thestorytold than with stylistic minutiae
mrs scamler when relating astorytold to her by mr
re painting f1114: [inaudible] readingstoryf1113: she s reading a
reading burns and hearing hisstorygave her hope it is
reading of any poem orstoryor chapter or article or
f1113: she s reading astorythat s right f1114: bu-
helpin you will we whatstorywas aunt [censored: forename] reading you
i need tae tell thisstoryaboot [censored: forename] cause ye know
faither yaised tae tell aestoryaboot the howpasley fermer whae
this tell me a weestoryabout being at a burn
[laugh] i always tell thestoryabout eh wh-wh- where that
look at any of thestoryand then tell me what
wants to tell a goodstory[click] [inhale] now a couple
the way i tell thestorydo you suppose it would
ll tell you a weestoryer when i was about
you can tell me thisstoryhere look we ll just
i ll tell ye thestoryjist as she geed it
ease they tell the fineststorylike oo that s snagged
from the jug coorse thestorymaker wid tell other stories
david broadfoot graphically tell thestoryof the princess victoria s
poet trying to tell astoryof this this this tribe
will she could tell everystoryshe wanted to tell the
dooble life an whit astoryshö wid hae ta tell
there s always the famousstorythat we tell about when
going to tell me thestorythat would be a fine
starts to tell his sadstorythere is an unexpected visit
right you tell me thestorythis time m1092: no you
lady with a sometimes appallingstoryto tell of official harrassment
i m gonna tell astoryto you f1103: you re
it is to tell astorywhen you can t foretell
was to tell a horrorstorywhich had no basis in
the songs tell their ownstorywith vitality and detailed imagery
do you wanna read astorya book f1107: oh that
10 simple questions on thestoryand after read a small
starts to read the laststoryat his side geordie is
mum can read you astorybefore you go to your
us whan ye read astorybook awthing in it seems
re gonna read me astoryf1104: yeah f1103: go on
goin to read mam astoryf1114: once upon a time
dae a read you astoryfann i m fann we
can i read you astoryfann i m you re
when he has finished thestoryhe tries to read the
mummy to read you thatstorym1108: no so i m
right you read the patstoryto mum [cough] f1114: he
would come and read astoryto you and eh that
incident although we read thestorywe were not altogether aquainted
well you read me astorywhen i m makkin the
i write a s- astoryabout that could i write
huh [laugh] f1049: write astoryabout your trip an [laugh]
pupils try to write astoryaccording to a prescribed set
write up the count sstoryfor local newspaper perhaps that
ye could could write astoryo f643: plus aw the
yes you should write herstoryshe sounds three dimensional make
note to follow up thatstoryanother time fascinated that two
and the end of thestoryf1115: another ain fireman fergus
[?]peace[/?] but that s astoryfor another occasion [audience laughter] okay
s voice there was anotherstoryhe d heard that weir
resignation but that s anotherstoryif the wireless was a
m762: which has become astoryin another book but erm
know you never got anotherstoryin your life again that
okay will we get anotherstorym1092: uh huh f1091: come
in life that s anotherstorym942: mmhm m939: [laugh] m941:
in earlier days and anotherstorysays something about wartime conditions
s another ghost in thestorythat s there you know
men in camouflage gear anotherstorywhy did this aristocrat one
well [laugh] there s anotherstorywi that my my mum
the match was over anotherstorywidely reported in the american
i ve not heard thatstoryabout five thousand times yes
o arnhead i heard astoryabout him ducat wis there
you ve never heard thatstorybefore [censored: forename] so shut your
mmhm the best the beststoryi heard about that f965:
brian fa hid heard thestoryower an ower the eco
ve i ve heard thatstoryquite a lot f1150: unpleasant
day an heard its remarkablestorythey werenae tae ken that
aulder classes they likit thestorythough an we heard bits
heard a flail going thestorywent that the man that
the stories [exhale] f1113: whichstorydo you want f1114: i
f1114: [exhale] i want astoryf1113: are you gonna say
sleep f1114: i need mystoryf1113: that s all your
so that s the laststoryf1114: can i do it
again tomorrow right f1114: astoryin bed f1113: right we
for your beddy get yourstoryin your beddy f1114: yes
wall displays about burns sstoryand ayrshire life are of
back to my real lifestoryand make the style so
scholarly activity carswell s lifestoryis itself a challenge to
a real life tragedy mystorymust not mention names it
his visit here in thestoryof my life george sand
mother daughter granddaughter each lifestoryrelated by the woman concerned
t in the playgrun astoryaboot a quine an twa
book f1073: and the reestoryaboot a terrible terrible er
come across it in astoryaboot eh it was selkies
nae well fitt was thestoryaboot f1130: i don t
that f828: well a goodstoryaboot i telt f606: [laugh]
[inaudible] but the faimily sstoryaboot it is that ehm
no and fitt was yourstoryaboot the day m1096: erm
fowk on the bus astoryaboot the kirk on tap
an sure there s thatstoryaboot when he was released
whit ken you aboot thestorymaker berna yur gae near
the midden an mony astorys tellt aboot mishanters there
spikkin aboot bairns here sstorythat wisna mabel s style
a last one f1107: thatstoryaye any one ye want
until he reaches the laststorybut he can t start
he goes end of thestory[exhale] f1115: last ain f1116:
has reached the very laststoryin the book although it
friday 16th september the continuingstoryof last monday glasgow street
bed monday 19th september thestoryof last tuesday was the
of last tuesday was thestoryof the unaccompanied luggage i
goes back to the laststoryremembering this time to put
first page of the laststoryshe hugged him but he
not the end of thestoryclearly implementation issues arise from
was the end of thisstoryf1109: oh that was the
tae f1116: the end ofstory[inaudible] f1115: fa likes to
och lat s end herstoryon a high i the
was ritualised and end ofstoryyou know there wasn t
it goes into this amazingstoryabout a character called the
s impossible to enjoy astoryabout adults sexually abusing and
horrible scabby f1143: ehm astoryabout [censored: forename] we were doin
charles meacher has a goodstoryabout hms phoebe s return
[inaudible] f1091: what s thestoryabout in nemo m1092: some
be awa mabel had astoryabout maggie the fishwife s
said you d a goodstoryabout making a haggis is
of feithhill feithies had astoryabout reid he was coming
the difficulty of getting astoryabout the hard work of
other we also liked thestoryabout the shop that was
it mabel has a finestoryabout this great aunt she
getting about she had astoryabout two of the men
as the basis of astoryabout two particular seahorses written
were tellin your friends astoryabout what your husband had
could just about edit herstoryif she taped it and
i remember there was astoryin the the paper about
the noo talk about astorylook what it is look
it isn t a realstorylt about the soldiers who
know any more about hisstorym805: and and he putted
had been sanguine about mystoryobviously just a hiker who
about 200 strong and thestorywhich was absurd even by
[inhale] well it s astoryfrom dunvegan really but eh
you re lookin for astoryi remember eh i was
eh that was me onestoryo drunk f1054: yeah okay
well you know the thestoryo the earrings m1015: eh
cause there was eh thestoryo the polisman who was
so we co- made thisstorythat it was the eh
i really loved the christmasstoryand i i really you
i really loved the christmasstoryf641: mmhm f639: and i
really saves her in thisstoryis shame and loss of
of i suppose a feministstoryreally the queens of govan
is a kind of ramblingstoryreally you know you know
wants ti ken when thestorygot sterted berna the bastard
mind thone whey wis thestorymaker when did he stert
f606: [laugh] f828: frances thatstorymy phone number when i
tolo recalls his grandfather sstoryof the day when archduke
was recollecting my friend sstoryon the same terrace when
when did he stert thestoryrobby whey said it wis
may not be the onlystoryteller here robby when the
work it is a successstorythe convener the dates when
pause that pairt o thestorywis telt when yi cam
primary one just before yourstoryand you ended up sleepin
i m wanting that rugratstoryf1139: you wanting your rugrats
s that f1107: your favouritestorytime tales m1108: fitt does
wye weigh wyse entice yairnstoryyammer harp on yeir your
a good press especially refugeestory21 monday interview sm re
job collecting money but goodstoryhere 16 sunday a hard
that it s a langstoryloretta good let s hae
s good i like thatstorym1015: i ve i ve
good words for a horrorstorysimilarly innings wicket crease leg
words that goes into thestorythat s a good book
who listened attentively to mystoryafter ordering more coffee and
dad appeared to swallow mystorybut gave me one of
homar now there s astoryfriends assured me at my
time just to finish mystoryi knew one family near
just a sideline to thestoryi think that my first
mean i ve got thisstoryin my head and i
the corner there s astoryin the corner of my
well worth hearing hope mystoryis convincing 4 monday to
fine day at s mystorymonday 31 temp 9 11
of the song is mystoryof what happened the night
day noo at s mystorysaturday 19 temp 7 20
valldemossa from the clinic mystoryspilled out of how i
the day at s mystorysunday 21 temp 15 20
the same room as mystorytumbled out she nodded now
o the folk in thestorycould hae oany o thum
on with putting down thestoryi could weep with frustration
it take over the wholestorym762: yeah it could have
awareness pupils could convert thestoryof a pet with description
began she could full thestoryoot mair there were drill
could gae what makes thisstoryso powerful is the emotion
it s a real sobstorya beaut with all the
in say an advertisement astorya recipe a poem or
i maun hae the fullstoryand no a word caird
the noise that s astoryand you have to ge-
historic times a just sostoryas it was amusingly called
explanation a pupil s imaginativestorybased on the experiences of
so on the poem orstorybecomes a sort of quiz
wid that be reward astoryberna and robby laugh robby
is not much of astorybut it gives a vivid
david purves adapted from astoryby agnes grozier herbertson pompitie
all ages based on astoryby agnes grozier herbertson which
me mr beaumont the fullstorycaird exits beaumont whit a
or mad or both thestorycame from a strathaven man
is a quote from astoryda brucks o da roup
by cancer such a horrorstoryechoes of the immolation of
that s a whole notherstoryer f718: do you feel
not entirely a victim sstoryevidence of its continuing fascination
you remember f1130: nae astoryf1129: sure [inaudible] the butterfly
and did you get astoryf1136: no f1135: didn t
a thing that was thestoryf1187: mmhm f66: that interested
it that s a differentstoryf606: mmhm m822: there s
time noo for a hogmanaystoryfin mabel wis twa an
through it here s astoryfin willie wis a loon
at graduation times finally astoryfor easter monday in mair
i should need a coverstoryfor going out with you
okay mmhm m1174: a weeklystoryfor like a six week
m1055: okay this is astoryfrom falkirk apparently f1009: [inhale]
and english to borrow astoryfrom the author and broadcaster
jamieson all members have astoryfrom their constituency on the
out of the bag thatstorygrows horns and a tale
i m a moose anitherstoryhad mair o a university
canna come up wi astoryhou will a can get
jist a wee wee quickstoryi mean you ve got
the box a fifty wordstoryi ve always lived in
now it s a differentstoryin order to survive pero
of 16 lines or astoryin scots prose any length
novel it s a finestoryin weel kent classical mode
and a scene from astoryin which weather features but
puddock and the princess thisstoryis based on a traditional
now it s a differentstoryisn t it m1092: mm
playtime miss woods reads astoryit isn t a real
of not so much astoryit s more a drama
kgb concoct such a crazystorylisa i said to her
fibs that s a bigstorym1106: [engine noises] [laugh] f1105: woo
[censored: forename] s tellin us astorym939: awright it had a
up the threids o herstorymaist witches keepit a taed
drink problem ae rather waesomestoryn masel a kent nellie
lives the buik depicts thestoryo a prostitute cried sugar
a fast moving and excitingstoryodette by odette churchill anyone
anthology [inhale] this is thestoryof a heroic scottish nobleman
diddakoi by rumer godden thestoryof a part gypsy girl
going back to chapelton thestoryof a ripening and then
slain naw naw zeb astoryof great courage and love
is a delightful if apocryphalstoryof young love which gives
beej she kin make astoryoot o oanythin kin jilly
s knee or getting astoryor i mean we didn
s making a front pagestoryout of it beaumont whit
the leadin characters in thestoryrobby mah son robby a
sin noo at s thestorysin bides oot in a
efterneen it s a betterstorysin dis come oot in
s decision to dramatise astoryso barbaric but then i
mrs boyter what a grandstorysuch a fine moral mrs
a bairn a handed doonstorytess stands she s pulls
bittie because there s astorythat goat s flesh wis
jeans or to invent astorythat would satisfy mum and
er isn t there astorythat you you were there
it has been a successstorythe convener thank you stewart
before teaching a poem orstorythe teacher should explore for
a small part of thestorythemselves onto tape initially he
now widenin da net thestorythen took a transatlantic twist
back that is a commonstorythere is also a credibility
a fair representation of thestorythus far the lord president
a stone a day diesstorytime the scrap heap u
t have time for astorytoday f1136: no just have
m762: erm she drove astorywhich appeared in the burning
to lose himself in hisstorywhich is a long one
is a moral to thestorywhich is that apart from
is a very enthralling murderstorywhich will keep one guessing
highwaymen it is an excitingstorywith a romance woven through
in scotland picked up thestoryand erm this is something
in this part of thestoryb what was it like
d like to hear thatstorybut erm we thought this
more than just farcical thisstorydeals with the subject of
and visit bob in thisstorydo you ken fa it
f1140: gosling wanting that rugratstoryf1139: this isn t i
one radio version of thisstoryisabel is saved against her
we goin to finish thisstorym1092: hey uh huh f1091:
this and practical very practicalstoryof what i believe is
in mah pairt o thisstorypause di yi hear mi
may say this old oldstoryputs me in mind of
heyer the action of thisstorytakes place in the time
float fur this wis naestorythe watters closed ticht ower
to get on with thisstorywhile the heroine sits modestly
ancient rhyme what s thisstoryyou re wondering and what
it was much the samestoryon day two so that
the day at s thestorysaturday 16th temp 15 26
day noo at s thestorythursday 8 temp 2 3
figure in the town sstoryas he was the lord
wickedly georgie enjoying lizzie sstorybehave yersel wumman you re
witches janie had seen instorybooks janie s fear was
he doesn t care thestoryends and it s home
suppose everybody s got thatstoryeverybody that s the same
e forkies come intill estoryfor as sure s fate
s- that s where thestoryfor that s supposed tae
es an aye jock sstoryhung in ma heid i
tae an that s thestoryi m shuir there ll
colours like what s thestoryin balamory [laugh] f010: [laugh]
know f1093: what s thestoryin balamory wouldn t you
i said what s thestoryin balamory wouldn t you
venus are all filled thestoryin the corner there s
subordinated to joanna s lovestoryinteresting as the book is
chapter in the motte sstoryit is interesting to note
tae feenish e seyven earstoryit s winnerfae fit ye
aye f718: what s thestorym1078: [laugh] quite er alle-
aye so that s thestoryo bogside m642: oh aye
minnie learned st matthew sstoryo foo the maister traivelled
aloud frae genesis twintyecht thestoryo jacob s laidder an
fascinating periods in innermessan sstoryoccurs at the interface between
girl but of [censored: forename] sstoryof believing that her father
which is the author sstoryof how he spent the
f1074: so that s thestoryof our place f1073: and
the herald s 30 novemberstoryon the joint action committees
the the moral o thestorys jist kinda f831: jist
[laugh] you know if thestorys working or if the
if the part of thestorys working then they do
mm mmhm right m762: thestorythat s driving you on
examine repeated themes in thestorythe play the nicht s
bit here s willie sstorythere is no word o
either bit that s thestorythinkin o the deil made
bittie het at s thestorythursday 10th temp 11 28
agley noo at s thestorythursday 13th temp 0 8
be the pert o thestoryyou devised tess it s
that s no the haillstoryyou should be there in
we didn t have anystorybooks or erm i loved
by not so much thestorybut erm of the murdered
so erm she demanded thatstoryf963: mm mmhm yeah m762:
we ll get one morestoryafore you go to bed
more than just the averagestoryi th- you know i
hole of resources the thirdstoryis more optimistic the granddaughter
there is always to everystorymore than meets the eye
is always more to anystorythan meets the eye can
to bed just one morestorythen you must all go
wis the yin sterted thestorycouldnae keep it gawn oan
wis where it aw stertitstorytellin like pause the auld
sodjered the endin o hisstorytwice bi lichtenin he wis
to know f1093: what thestoryin balamory wouldn t you
isn t looking but thestoryis so interesting that he
by ur maet dis peeriestoryisna joost plisd here t
t that way paul readsstorynobody dares speak mark nobody
so that was an interestingstorynow isn t it john
t didn t hear thestoryso why are you drinking
whether you saw the interestingstoryin one of the sunday
in oor pert o thestoryrobby fah you tess is
auburn hair and keeps herstoryalive in her memory the
and the structuring of herstoryas lawrence wrote it will
min gladys furious that herstoryhas been high jacked even
him chewing during her sadstoryit would be the strap
of her jewellery then thestorymoves on to the search
bessie regaining control of herstoryonywye gladys subsides under her
and the ithers the samestorymrs beaumont they re busy
whan i teilt them thestorywe re juist on oor
hunter at brownhill got thestoryfrom geordie reid who was
an i was that samestoryi was f829: go ahead
as the world knew thestoryof chris was at an
been considering that wonderfull oldstoryof how nicodemus was saved
saw an aching loneliness thestorywas that he had been
rain poems 2004 serendipity poemsstory2004 hairst o thorns poems
ti be characters in thestorydi oany o us ken
frae the schuil door thestorygans thit the fermer o
the ither hauf o thestoryhis brither jimpy had managed
the secunt pairt o thestoryma granmither continued i didna
we tak tent tae thestoryo damian we ken it
we tak tent tae thestoryo damian we ken it
tickie tae eke oot estoryo e wid an fit
love simple pairt o thestoryyid think ih silence berna
the main rug o mastoryyon veesit tae north gellan
minute i m tellin thestorym608: eighty seven [laugh] m642:
luss now has changed itsstoryto include the new golf
takes its o- female bondingstory[inaudible] she is she is
they were instructed so thestorygoes to raise their petticoats
so much needed but thestorygot better daniel rose to
clear time sequence for thestorythe first thing after that
shy poem stars stripes undergrowthstorytime the scrap heap what
hoo wur addin ti thestoryricht here richt noo tess
sae fam d in martialstorymembers will know the rest
appear to know the wholestorywhile the house of commons
on the meaning of thestoryfrom non verbal clues or
would need to get thestoryfrom the other side as
reports we have got thestoryfrom the public and from
of the international brigades hisstoryis the basis of from
from the self of thestoryoutside of that self cool
poem which bring the tragicstoryto us through their immediacy
settlers insist on believing thestorywhich has no foundation in
of one side of thestorywe would need to get
ye m1013: the the thestorythat i got wi that
i maun hae the fullstorycaird i ll get it
minute i m tellin thestoryand came hame on wednesdays
part of the whole worldstory10 30 the convener we
at that point in thestoryand choose substitutions accordingly at
ap- important to advance thestoryand he he uses the
relieves the emotions of thestoryand the memories loretta i
us only in the gaelicstoryaonghas mòr agus na sìthichean
aw the folk in thestoryaw feart aw telt if
lyke yon madman in thestorybi godol silence silence enter
much concentrating on the lovestorydouglas is furious at caxton
surreal strange characters in thestoryer pantagruel meets panurge these
mp jim murphy in thestoryfurther notes that kilmarnock fc
if wi dinnae keep thatstorygawn yi see athoot the
encouraging him to finish thestoryhe stared down at his
saturday evening to cover thestoryhe went out to cairnryan
an english or anglo americanstoryin the early decades of
the grisly character of thestoryis mitigated by its folk
they did the only successstoryis that schools delivered for
an yer brither an fitstoryis the picture tellin aunt
usually striking but plaintive thestoryitself contains elements that cannot
with the national myth orstorylike vergil or camoens in
out as part of thestorymany scots children and adults
hotel jotting down the continuingstoryof our first days in
for all those reasons thestoryof the loss of the
putting on record the everydaystoryof the people i lived
the the folk in thestorypasses awa they dribble an
three act comedy tullycairn thestoryrevolved around the fortunes of
of the mechanics of thestorythe baddie comin back is
opening two paragraphs of theirstorythe class then gives suggestions
gawn yi see athoot thestorythe the folk in the
to give immediacy to thestorythe use of fairly straightforward
fur the eyn tae thonstorytho he d hae likit
lug tae the hard luckstorytodd stauchert tae his feet
but other folk knew thestorytoo and at garrowood of
silence berna see hoo thestoryunfolds thi yin wi the
she feeds them joy andstorythey hang on every crumb
rosyth cancelled to lochgelly forstory26 monday plastering in evening
thistledown scotch humour character folklorestoryand anecdote paisley alexander gardner
into duns meet pilgrims onstoryback to troop easy afternoon
long long whiles back oorstorypause an wull be skelpit

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