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ezra and his feres pitstoutherts tae a stey brae
froth from a glass ofstoutwith his luxuriant blond whiskers
ringan enters carrying a stoutstoutstick ringan ah heard ye
in ringan enters carrying astoutstout stick ringan ah heard
wings mrs mcfarlane was sleeklystoutrather greasy and black with
nyow warl o fowk wistoutherts an strang baks at
branches click click with astoutbamboo pole until the dark
be admitted the door wasstoutpainted a hideous pink but
the spring tyme an thestoutauld butler wes weill content
on his knees ti thestoutauld butler whas messages he
an turnt intil a mukkilstoutbutler himsell that sent ither
into the dock by astoutpoliceman as if a panda
she s seen him thestoutpig wife enters carrying a
to make dr watson sstoutyou would buy a packet
into the end of thestoutwooden deil or devil that
the bottle corks pop thisstoutwas known to be added
bank when i espied astoutlittle man his brow furrowed
something of whitman s linesstoutas a horse affectionate haughty
we went to hear cameronstoutwe went to hear enoch
wisharte and petir caremichaell astoutgentilman in this meanetyme whill

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