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twine shortly did awa wistraerapes an edderins an wi
at wye fowk stoppit makkinstraerapes an took tae twistin
the reef far sackin anstraerapes war keepit an follaed
faced vratchie wi hair likestraea coo hid peed ower
snoots an hair like driedstraewillie the youngest peed his
o jobs like threidin astraeraip ilkie ain dovetailin inno
on her head like astraeraip she wis a swatch
tramp e strae in estraeeyn o e barn as
likit haein tae tramp estraein e strae eyn o
did a ever weir sicstraeshuin an gae shankin owre
feet an thae monie luggitstraeshuin at s sae guid
fresh hodden claes an wistraeshuin on his feet he
n dust stourie a dustystraen straw straths n valleys
n dust stowp n tankardstraen straw stravaig v wander
potatoes straacht straight strae strawstraerape straw rope straik cylinder
stovies stoved potatoes straacht straightstraestraw strae rape straw rope
noisily truckin trampling ruckly unevenstraestraw stubble antrin occasional flooer
an fine i min trampinstraeat the strae eyn o
min trampin strae at thestraeeyn o e barn on
e shaakers an intill estraeeyn o e barn faar
and beasts fresh beddit wistraeoot o e barn cairriet
t much stored in thestraeeyn because it had to
the auld faither happit mairstraeroun thaim ti heize thaim
thaim an happit thaim wistraeti beild thaim frae jok
were made of lengths ofstraerape rolled into a ball
me wye truckin da rucklystraean antrin flooer you mak
does dad use coos calfsstraehey neeps you say you
good at lettin oot thestraeneeps were sown thicker than
strip the grain fae thestraeas a metter o fact
separated the grain fae thestraeit took ten or eleven
fur an wippit tooshys ostraea nest that held a
its nest an dichtit thestraeaff the hett broon eggies
a cosy wee nest ostraescene 7 the animals try
skirps o sharn or foolstraefur the beasts war keepit
jonsar stuffed the ba wistraeeence mair fin it wis
ba until a a thestraefell oot en the dog
weill like shitey broon thestraeyields ti their hurdies ilka
ma son brings ben mastraehat an oot ah gae
gettin a lady s aaldstraehat an some odds an
in a bamboo hat anstraejaiket a fisherman haes crakkit
eez fingers tae feed estraein smooth an steady it
rucks that wid gie himstraetae feed an bed his
beas chaaed intill e freshstraefine gettin eir tongues roon
oot e size o yerstraeor hey crap thinkin aboot
boots wi a divot ostraein em because they were
made o ye cd makstraemats wi em tee roon
his kyte a kirn ostraean ben the air his
affa lot o heavy liftinstraewis teen ben the shakers
you went roon tae thestraeend o the mull you
a leather een stuffed wistraethe dog an him hid
hair the colour o drystraeaunt jessie hid laid the
sat be e heap ostraean linkit a tuftie ontill
at e same time estraecam aff e shaakers an
syne aboot e bitties ostraee wis spreadin ower e
rush plypin doon on estraelaid ahin e coo ma
pulleys an throwe it estraewis graipit or forkit till
her weel wi clean berestraein the best o the
bed at nicht wi cleanstraewhit mair coud a bodie
ruim an hed ti makstraepalliasses ti thairsells i the
ashets bit a wee bitstraehid creepit up minnie s
fur the nicht an strowstraeower it lik it wes
aa nicht sleepin in thestraewi a meer at foalin
yont sense mair bricks naestraewad ye hae us workin
time jonsar eck yoked astraefork wi the usual twa
loadit wi some bales ostraemains o pittendreich himsel was
wauchts o sharn an weetstraemelled wi the sea breezes
faain they are skimpit ostraequit this life fur some
baans halverin a bunch ostraeat ye pickit up in
like the lirks o astraecom dallie staun hard bi
it was liggan on thestraein a chaumer o puirtith
lot o dryin an thestraelyin on the grun wis
blink o an ei thestraewes alowe the bodach wes
name for broken bitties ostraewis cuffins there were some
that they cleaned oot thestraefrae the stable groomed their
booin the beech trees likestraeweel yer grannie wis sittin
wis bein left on thestraei ll tell you this
hae tae gether their ainstraethis is a maitter for
if ye re covered instraean eh f1001: i m
machine for chappin up thestraean they simply plooed it
see the fermer gither somestraecauld blustery win the hale
pit heid waa lay thestraein the stirkie s staa

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