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i think oor guides kentstraichtaff there wis tribble importit
minnie an keep yer fingersstraichtit wis wearisome haudin her
giant sculpturs o buddha risinstraichtup frae the jungle fifty
gunmen turned an fired foostraichtan wide the steps foo
sae hivvie baith airms torturestraichtfaither raped thaim baith o
the corn the rigs ranstraichtan gran the steadins stappt
spat a gob o slivversstraichtinno the reid peat lowe
face angel face short sockstraichtcut fringe oot on a
up angel face short sockstraichtcut fringe tubes in her
hae tae pit wir buitsstraichtback on who the horsemen
cairt an awa she gaedstraichttae the fermer s hoose
but i still wisna thinkinstraichtbecause i made us baith

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