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f1103: cause i do thestraightedges don t i f1104:
mums the mums do thestraightedges f1103: oh i see
is there f1103: no rightstraightedges f1104: [exhale] erm [censored: forename]
you helpin me with thestraightedges f1104: mm mmhm mm
i help you with thestraightedges f1104: mum this ain
if you can find thestraightedges f1104: say unicorn div
you going to find thestraightedges f1104: yeah the unicorn
gaun to find aa thestraightedges first so that we
here look it s aastraightedges here so look for
f1103: now mummy do thestraightedges it s naewhere near
so look for aa thestraightedges m1096: [inhale] f1095: [inaudible]
i m puttin all thestraightedges on there look f1104:
right we ll take thestraightedges oot o this box
cause it s got twostraightedges so that winna go
cause it s got twostraightedges that s it m1096:
cause it s got twostraightedges that s it m1096:
we need see bits wistraightedges we keep in the
put in mair o thestraightedge bitties what about his
[censored: forename] that s nae astraightedge fitt s that there
s got to be astraightedge going along here look
edge no that s astraightedge i think [inaudible] see
oh mum there s astraightedge i ve got f1103:
see if we find astraightedge is that a straight
straight edge is that astraightedge look there no to
bottom cause it s astraightedge m1096: bottom f1095: doon
[child noise] dogs ca- f1095: astraightedge mind oh spot on
[snort] f1095: there s astraightedge mind there s a
time no that s astraightedge no that s a
goes f1095: that s astraightedge so it goes down
no cause that s astraightedge so it s got
no cause that s astraightedge so that has to
f1095: no that s astraightedge so that must go
edge mind there s astraightedge there no turn it
you were always straight asstraightas he s bent but
silence well you were alwaysstraightas straight as he s
sit up straight with astraightback don t you and
in your- and sit upstraightwith a straight back don
sharp as a dart pointingstraightbetween his eyes the echoes
face so i look mummystraightin her eyes they are
him yes he says lookingstraightinto my eyes i don
the car now and lookedstraightinto my eyes if we
when you surfaced you lookedstraightinto my eyes with your
oh two and a halfstraightand away bit too much
away the interpreter he lookedstraightat me and said inspiring
he ran out of chipsstraightaway and i had to
put you in the picturestraightaway i m going into
times and he translated themstraightaway into irish gaelic which
were too soft to handlestraightaway mabel never saw her
wanted to start with englishstraightaway or do latin as
secure tenancy would be repealedstraightaway richard grant there is
[laugh] and then i forgotstraightaway so it can t
i should make it clearstraightaway that before reaching a
such a designation were appliedstraightaway the position would be
begin to pull it togetherstraightaway the strategy has proved
left at ca na gaiastraightaway waiting for her i
something it will be donestraightaway when language teaching was
his seat fiona is lookingstraightat him with a sweet
da da he vocalises lookingstraightat me it s the
at him he s lookingstraightinto my face which is
s douce feet together backsstraightlooking twee with everything neat
m1096: [snort] f1095: right nostraightaye that s it how
awa oot that s nostraight[censored: forename] m1096: [child noise] [laugh] s-
got to put them onstraightthat way in okay m1096:
walking back through the lobbystraightand clammy graham came upon
the revenue inspectors came marchingstraightback down the stairs just
we all came to glasgowstraightfrom school and only one
erm i came to unistraightfrom school f1150: yeah cause
from school f1151: i camestraightfrom school f1150: yeah f1151:
or did you just comestraightfrom school f1151: i came
my friends and i camestraightfrom school we were all
any other jobs where goodstraightstraw was needed we came
him pop up f1103: mestraightawa oh boy f1104: you
in fact we both gazedstraightahead while lightning did its
these countries no is thestraightanswer to that the fact
pencilled in all his charactersstraightfrom life in fact one
fact that this is usuallystraightfrom the heart scots has
in fact it is astraightlift out of the scvo
sadie an you keep itstraightmind noo carolanne what maggie
analytical mind would have knownstraightoff what to do holden
would come into the schoolstraightfrom the pub when this
come f963: mm right f965: straightfrom the school into it
just fired the golf ballstraightin the school so you
did you go from schoolstraightinto work f637: mmhm f638:
suggestion that pupils should gostraightto industry from school rather
off her pedestal into thestraightand narrow path of matrimony
proteins in his diet gostraightinto building up his what
blind corner kind of splodgestraightinto each other [laugh] f718:
just that they frequently plungestraightinto the action in many
roll awa doon a chutestraightinto the furnace or div
with scissors snip the baconstraightinto the pan and stir
off but the wires leadstraightinto the wall the wall
silence with silence and jumpedstraightinto your nasty rusty cramped
might i put that intostraightlayman s terms did you
into the board and wentstraightout to markers could not
establishment door keepers favours astraightreference into the civic government
we ll keep tae thestraightan narrow i thought she
would keep isabel on thestraightand narrow for at least
keep grampa s back endstraightpoor old medal man s
opportunity to put the recordstraightand to say as a
chance to put the recordstraightf606: [laugh] mmhm m954: about
me to put the recordstraighti was gettin a bit
because you just put itstraightin it s er exactly
yeah we ll put thatstraightin the computer ehm but
knitting in order to lookstraightat angelica but you canna
to look the utilities providersstraightin the eye and as
m819: obvious they just gostraightback in nicotine stained hands
of falling off i gostraightdown a chimney stack not
strip those out and gostraightfor the plot f606: yeah
a walk i didnae gostraighthome again and must hae
f1097: left and right andstraighton okey dokey right go
f1121: we ll just gostraightover this way f1122: to
cracks or i ll gostraightto hell coming back i
its representative we will gostraightto questions as the witnesses
and then i would gostraightto the translation the gaelic
the way up from glasgowstraightafter their work on the
from the embassy i wentstraightdown to belyaevo where [censored: forename]
an arab theme the waitressstraightfrom a scottish widows advert
yerevan was there having comestraightfrom the airport from a
an arthurian legend mammon goesstraightfrom the arms of his
demonstrated how an empty hogsheadstraightfrom the blender s warehouse
glad i hadn t shotstraightfrom the church to the
or warmed milk or milkstraightfrom the cow after it
election this year got itstraightfrom the horse s i
horse s i heard itstraightfrom the horse s mouth
s leevin yet peat smokestraightfrom the lonely cottage he
window in the roof airstraightfrom the mountain rushes in
a thirty something crowd manystraightfrom the office nursing their
it is accurate and comesstraightfrom the teaching resources i
heat pol ll be herestraightfrom work you ll get
ideas which have not sprungstraightfrom your own experience but
information from that call wentstraightthrough to the accident and
you could walk from montgoldrumstraightto the laes across the
from the airport crammed insidestraightunder a lorry s wheels
time will drive their pointstraightthrough a flesher s eye
soond an eh enchine disappearedstraightthrough eh bottom o excaliber
as if he could seestraightthrough her as though she
dare and out i walkstraightthrough that door and don
through pause he s gonestraightup the stair i ll
you like them i wrotestraightback i div like the
here kelly here big manstraightback up to me hurry
like i never ever wrotestraightoff in scots i m605:
bus service between like juststraightdown great western road basically
wouldnae the rope hung rightstraightdoon just touched the grund
s just get one thingstraighti hated sex and the
f1049: it was maybe juststraightm1048: make up on as
we just ended up goinstraightout to the town [laugh]
mmhm m734: [laugh] just walkedstraightpast them er er which
they re going along thestraightbefore the next bend they
be the same as goingstraightto the sheriff the point
been told i got astraighta for one of my
or no gie me astraightanswer or you can quit
in a dwam he looksstraightat me and says you
climb it then you lookedstraightat me for a second
once landed me in itstraightin the door i could
but let me get thisstraightit is illegal for me
of me must have walkedstraightup the stairs intae ma
me and of course wentstraightupstairs however all the way
me see i best bestraightwi anne marie tonight ev
for anything i ll comestraightto the point these figures
jesus sandwich coffee and creamstraightstocking seam two old gossips
age can bring du sitsstraightbacked airms reck oot bi
oot the sheets that werenastraightenough and the windows that
i ve aye tellt himstraightoot fit i expect fae
her overboard ah didnae thinkstraightah thought she would sink
she cried her thin lipsstraightas a taut line and
with a swing of herstraightblack hair and presses her
was it teenie looks herstraightin the eye and clamps
need her she looks himstraightin the eye this is
terror miss wood returns goesstraightto her desk opens it
his hand not like thatstraightout he stretches his hand
are hot like four chipsstraightout of the pan he
humour indeed but it comesstraightout of the realities of
murdoch no that is thestraightanswer there are occasional warnings
except it s no asstraightas that f643: [laugh] m608:
side of thomas all standstraightno smiles if no chairs
time the barber wielded thestraightrazor above his head no
slap dab is right orstraightdeef the mirk deef is
concentrated hard on the scenerystraightbefore him was the dock
he d soon set themstraighthe could buy and sell
flute agnes ah cannae thinkstraightagnes if you re gan
s hiatus if you restraightor bent ifyou live in
weatherly would never take astraightpath if a crooked one
an if that disnae workstraightti edison medicine ed ah
if not we will movestraightto questions mr davidson i
everybody has to sit upstraightenough to please miss wood
wurser a kinda sat upstraightin ma cherr tae dodge
at you now f814: purestraighta student i was a
you thought it was prettystraightm608: mmhm m642: but when
convener thank you we movestraightto members questions stewart stevenson
the picadilly line brings youstraightto russell square doesn t
that you take that letterstraightto the press the convener
f1151: yeah f1150: and getstraightto you know voting systems
number twos let s bestraightwith them you know real
polis or the army arestraightin they dinnae wait fur
a poke of toffee orstraighton and buy the note
frae thae windaes wis reportitstraighttae the cooncil or the
tendrils can twist or travelsstraightto the heart of the
only do it with astraightface that s it f943:
their limbs were comely andstraightthere was a congressman s
sitting at the wheel gazingstraightahead with your neck stiff
falls in between gay andstraighti ve slept with men
home with nick and teresastraightto bed and then at
the start but get thisstraightnow richard there was nothing
then there was the longstraightto the finish and we
miss wood which is verystraightindeed after she is satisfied
unpacking she puts various parcelsstraighton to the table without
she swerved violently along astraightroad until she met a
of biscuits she hands onestraightto morag but she holds
internet and they re deliveredstraightto your door but we
i do not have astraightanswer to that bill scott
wis i can tell deestraightbits o wire at he
the far turning of astraightstretch of road i identified
essential balance of musical andstraighttheatre i attended the bursary
convener i intend to proceedstraightto what i anticipate will
further ado we will movestraighton to the agenda for
will remove it we movestraighton to the second paragraph
the convener we will proceedstraightto our next set of
was leaning over sadie nopestraightas a die the front
wis tinkin ahead nicol luikitstraightat da cat but hit
unionists but it is astraightchyce between uisean the leid
on toddies that were mostlystraightwhisky when bronchitis set in
approached the bar and launchedstraightin my lords this is
admittedly in some places howstraightthey are it is perhaps
white streamers to a pointstraightabove in the centre of
fat ps a very verystraightl and a cheeky e
other little more than astraightline and both carrying the
was money flattie meant astraightpeg er naggins was self
gum biodh direach a dolstraightsìos m979: tha thu
stramp v tramp strecht astraightstreik v stretch suin adv
stravaig v wander strecht astraightstrinkil v sprinkle stuipit a
need ti ken morag looksstraightat the puddok for several
like big and strong andstraightand understanding and predictable and
drystone dykes and miles ofstraightand undulating terraces for the
and the stream whose verystraightcourse suggests an artificial origin
the same kin o folkstraightforward doon to earth and
of the member states andstraightto the centralised european union
its submission loud and clearstraightto the dti is that
of the handle of thestraighthandled scythe that was common
that the process of proceedingstraightto formal debt collection without
progress those faxes aren tstraightsome of the pages are
politicians have not given usstraightanswers they have dismissed our

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