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wutch an aye the strampstrampo the broun opgre wes
is wutch an aye thestrampstramp o the broun opgre
he haird a stramp strampstrampan he kent that wes
thare he haird a strampstrampstramp an he kent that
wey thare he haird astrampstramp stramp an he kent
lampin awa owre the commonstrampstramp stramp wi mukkil steps
awa owre the common strampstrampstramp wi mukkil steps that
owre the common stramp strampstrampwi mukkil steps that shougilt
whit soud she dae butstrampon the wee bannk sae
the bodach wes about tistrampout the flams an roup
bi the bricht sunlicht thestrampo horss s huifs on
v stagger stour n duststrampv tramp strecht a straight
tel ye belyve the fuitstrampo mirren s kemp cuid

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