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at him him looking strangelystrangelydo you want to dance
looking at him him lookingstrangelystrangely do you want to
on the other side arestrangelysilent through soft focussed eyes
that is potentially rich butstrangelyunexplored rabelais figures large in
mee ah mu is istrangelyi understood almost wanting to
remember thinking the bread wasstrangelylike what i d had
were last week and endedstrangelywith results being announced following
it can be wild butstrangelyenough i ve always felt
enjoyed it fully and feltstrangelylight reborn again 13 sunday
her out she felt sostrangelyrelaxed so wonderful the street
with a bewildered look andstrangelyi knew it i knew
would legislate against age discriminationstrangelyenough after the election he
at that stage f1009: wellstrangelyenough on my class er
and stranraer were possible locationsstrangelybefore 1940 the british army
changes or revisions to thesestrangelycraigie made little use of
that is the tower housestrangelylike the rest of innermessan
see my father s coffinstrangelyshrunk and small roofed in
have consultation outwith parliament butstrangelythere is no right for
seconds gangling and awkward yetstrangelyimpressive staring at the bench
of he says it sstrangelyreassuring to hear one of
room mate has been actingstrangelylately after the engineers lady
a thing i never donestrangelyi used tae like the
affront to the sensibilities butstrangelyanother part of me exulted
fruit and vegetable shop smelledstrangelymusty but the flower and
she wan hame tae ballaterstrangelyeneuch her cousin hid a

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