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nettle rules ok ca canniestrangerl m a nettle i
about and strange weapons andstrangerways of using them facsimile
information anent strange weapons andstrangerways of using them includin
a task to a completestrangeri accepted his novel proposition
happen when you re astrangerin a strange land and
getting used to being astrangerin a strange land fredericton
becoming accustomed to being astrangerin a strange land i
seem to belong to astrangerit is when the midnight
a tall dark tall darkstrangerf965: and the to- top
maist fowk tae judge astrangers level o eddication an
judge in parliament to astrangersituations where scots is used
left the music room thestrangersat puffing his cigarette in
rented an office but astrangeranswered no es aqui he
s how i knew thestrangerwas a druid he helped
es urgente there s astrangerwounded in paradise that i
most intimate thoughts with anystrangerthat might happen to chance
on the role of astrangerasking for directions after one
anyone from feeling like astrangerin their own country i
top first foot no astrangerwasn t necessary f963: [laugh]
out that i was astrangerin my own country as
that treated you like astrangergetting up was easy the
was a bit of astrangerto it myself i must
s presses whyles wi astrangerfowk micht try them on
we pree the contents therestrangeraquaintance onyman afore we chuse
age e en afore astrangerspat oot nae such thing
husband was more of astrangerto his family than greg
used the table of astrangera poster in the village
oot pron out outlin nstrangerower adv too over owerhail
as a bit an astrangerwhae walked ower him on
else the feet o onystrangertae stop the birds fae
and gone home not tonightstrangerthought jimmy from the kitchen
of strangers then one lonelystrangerafter another at this depressing
very kind to the unintelligiblestrangerin their midst we re
that the world is astrangerand more magical place than
know that he is astrangerotherwise why does he need
a peal ootlan is astrangerfeart is afraid canny here
greet it like a pouerfustrangermaun prigg tae be alloued
addressin an adult or astrangerthere was absolutely no ehm
bother for goin wi thestranger[laugh] f1049: [laugh] m1048: she
of you went with thestrangermmhm [laugh] did anybody check

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