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forgets the girls and thestrapand goes back to the
are lucky not getting thestrapandy forgets the girls and
that was prone to thestrapthat the teacher called midget
metal frame with a leatherstrapf718: uh huh uh huh
and kept a thick leatherstrapin her desk drawer to
knee with a short leatherstrapor piece of string nicky
mighty strokes from a leatherstrapor something similar silence i
ilka day wi a leatherstrapthe puir lassie canna dae
miss wood gave geordie thestrapfor standing on his desk
she won t get thestrapgirls are lucky not getting
his hand right out thestrapis thick like the sole
place miss wood has astrapand she uses it too
it and takes out herstrapandy can now see and
of course because of thestrapandy isn t noticing that
notice and there s nostrapat sunday school andy sees
a square box with astrapthat went round his neck
for scribbles you get thestrapand deserve it according to
why i gave you thestrapshe says shooing him out
eye contact you got thestrap[note: photo: 'mr william adams.'] mr and mrs carson
often resorted to using thestrapalso known locally as the
story it would be thestrapagain and mother would be
than mother s will thestrapbe as sore as that
hit your hand with thestrapif the misdemeanour required more
my feet bare or thisstrapbutton shoes how to talk
going to give him thestrapnow she marches the class
when she gied me thestraphe says she missed ma
s room tae get thestrapm865: uh huh m952: but
and get to use thestrapand mabel played too well
the blouse buttons and brastrappreliminary was the point of
and out would come thestrapfor he knew that the
and an inca weave camerastrapfor gabriel in between our
taller than him and thestraps inside it coiled like
ll put this i llstrapthis back onto you see
thays were baith gien thestrapin her office aifter that
boys who have had thestrapand that is the way
only thing wis he didnaestrapthem he cam doon an
coitus interruptus with the thwackingstrapof the inquisition and i
fight steamin very drunk tawsestrapused in scottish schools for
as tubers laying on ofstrapthe beastie nurse sipped coffee

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