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stacks was thatched with wheatstrawand sometimes a wee toorie
rabbits stubble making stacks withstrawstubble after harvest plasticine used
acres were grown for thestrawto thatch stacks and tattie
ropes by twisting lengths ofstrawtogether for tieing down stacks
cruik was used to makestrawropes by twisting lengths of
only one newly thatched withstrawand clay once at cranloch
the roofs were thatched withstrawor laid with turf divots
truckin trampling ruckly uneven straestrawstubble antrin occasional flooer flower
straight strae straw strae rapestrawrope straik cylinder of wood
stoved potatoes straacht straight straestrawstrae rape straw rope straik
stourie a dusty strae nstrawstraths n valleys stravaig v
stowp n tankard strae nstrawstravaig v wander streik v
soil was spread over thestrawto stop any frost penetrating
penetrating when the soil andstrawwere removed to use or
a straw m1128: spider armsstrawaye and where s the
straw into your tacketies usingstrawfrom the sow in the
kirkyard so putting insoles ofstrawinto your tacketies using straw
drinking his juice wi astrawm1128: spider arms straw aye
very old system of handlingstrawa windle or winnlin was
older style of handling thestrawthis was to make it
great xii x the haystrawbarley and haver were eaten
enough and rye or barleystrawwas too brittle for making
loft they were rings ofstrawrope a wee bit less
steady pace tall grain andstraware slashed apart the clock
the grain head from thestrawthe mill visited each farm
heck rack for hay orstrawin a byre heich high
d dried them on thestrawaround its mother s bed
and wan like dried upstrawthe woman opened a wooden
supplement your income since allstrawgrown on the farm had
coos they re eating theirstrawand the horse do you
the heck that held thestrawfor eating which didna stop
that the home secretary jackstrawis unable to guarantee mr
comprehend how on earth jackstrawor peter mandelson could be
a judicial review of jackstraws decision to make an
a jack knife bend ofstrawtugged by a wave sunbeams
remember the time when jackstrawwas a left wing threat
course at one stage jackstrawwas regarded as such some
past mr canavan mentioned jackstrawwhom he said could hardly
other jobs where good straightstrawwas needed we came upon
farm which sometimes led tostrawbeing unused and left to
goods olives almonds farm implementsstrawware fruits vegetables cottons and
toozenbach the latter wearing astrawhat koolyghin crosses the stage
have looked more uncomfortable hisstrawhat resembled a pancake precariously
wool was wood f643: likestrawin it m608: uh huh
kemple a horse load ofstrawken to know kinlin kindling
to keep up as thestrawcame off the roaring mill
ve got the huge bigstrawhats tae keep the sun
used to keep up thestrawsupply for cattle bedding these
speed regular the mound ofstrawleft after threshing was called
some of which had elaboratestrawhead dresses in the evening
the dock side past thestrawroofed shop shelved with imported
not allowed to sell surplusstrawto supplement your income since
is called a bottle ofstrawit could mean an average
we all remember what mrstrawwas like of course he
tapered in towards the topstrawwas used to cover them
decided that was the laststrawafter two days of humping
that would not spill outstrawas you carried it home
artist an skald ___ böddiesstrawbasket for carrying over the
stone enclosure for plants flakkistrawmat over which corn was
changes his manner get thatstrawout of your hair alex
barn space was small thestrawas it was threshed was
s electric slicer under herstrawboater she was the first
was made of stalks ofstrawfolded back on themselves and
or was given the shortstrawwhen i became a member
swung up which locked thestrawring into position and made
got his [inaudible] m1096: astrawf1095: aye there s a
yuck f1115: she s gotstrawoh fitt s the sheep
the river up like astrawbubbles slide on the grave
it s a kind ofstrawfedora like humphrey bogart wore
f1105: would you like astrawm1106 : [slurp] mum f1105: i
f1095: aye there s astrawin there somewhere eh that
mauve tunic topped with astrawboater of the type beloved
belle at tarland with thestrawstill sticking to the shells
in the barn among thestrawher grandparents and aunts had
lean and rakish in hisstrawhomburg i had half expected
wonder winnister winnowing machine winnlinstrawbundle winter to get to
chives skeely skilful skep astrawbee hive skink a shin
call at cuffins fragments ofstrawcut a length of yarn
hyow and slept in thestrawin a stall in the
easily be measured unless astrawpoll of commuters is taken
i want to take astrawpoll of what people think
soo a rectangular stack ofstrawsoor dook buttermilk soorick sorrel
feet of her history linenstrawhats crêpe de chine chopin
oh gyads she s aastrawf1116: i m going to
look m1092: mmhm f1091: thestraws on fire m1092: mmhm

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