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is weet an windy anstraydogs howlin in a pack
to play with in yourstraymoments stylistics is done and
would sustain by refusing tostrayfrom the line erect and
door o da hoose ostraypeerie grice peerie grice latt
hae some o yon finestrayta bigg a peerie hoose
list slices time leaves nostraycrumbs two poems with apologies
doon on the rail linestraydug s bark glue sniffers
o a glory hole somestrayeens geed on fleein back
awa easier like pettin astraydug syne turning it aff
will be impossible not tostrayoccasionally into some of the
turned out that the weestrayblack cat which seems to
mindful because there is astraycat in the backcourts makes
onybody is handed in astraycat your faider is checkin
roubles not to mention astrayscottish pound note and bought
law in order to enablestrayanimals to be disposed of
licked clean by the seastrayfloats litter the beach with
blaain till da hoose ostrayfell doon aboot da aert
d been broken by astraybit o shrapnel so she
weel forrit her een niverstrayas she ever sae slowly
and liberties it chooses tostraywill not perform to order
o a kynd lyke hoondsstraycurs toozie tykes shilpit whuppits
i tink he s astrayeftir a lock o persuadin
kerryin a meshie foo ostrayupo his back lowrie does

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