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bit spulyie ti plenish ourstrenthgin we ve vivers in
want o vivers i thestrenthon the hill sae we
thriesome wan back ti thestrenthan sat doun zhu wu
d be chief o thestrenthhere brither says zhu wu
tale turns nou ti thestrenthon the hill whaur zhu
wir taen in ti thestrenthti see zhu wu an
ti he wan ti thestrentho the smaa glore hill
tale gangs nou ti thestrentho the smaa glore hill
ye yield til oor greterstrenththorfinn is silent ye dinna
the heid anes o thestrenthwis aye sendin fowk doun
thrie heid anes o thestrenthwad let me gae for
an taen haud o astrenththey ve a sax seiven
up the brae ti thestrenthour tale tells nou o
chun are here frae thestrenthon the hill the tinks
stake there seemed a byordnarstrenthtae his struggles ye d
wumman ye teir doun mastrenthwi yeir feelins ye gut
the waek wha herried mastrenthwha dang me doun wes
gate smairtlie an at thestrenthhe cam afore the heid
grund whan he fand thestrenthti git up the war
fell hiddie giddie an thestrenthhed laed hiz lims he
for ye a dout ourstrenthmaun be owre wee for
wang wis awa at thestrenthon some business or ither
aa yer hert saul anstrenthtae yer focks i thair
banes stick oot an mastrenthis near gaen for want
feel as if aw mastrenthan youtheid war drainin oot
keep the barmkin o thestrenthsyne wi nae mair as
bide ye here at thestrentha day or twa mair
him he left at thestrenthan he tuik juist some
a fendin yonder s thestrenthat hauds the mairches it

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