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huh m608: [inaudible] go onstretchingand then stretching m078: yes
and then stretching m078: yesstretchingit eh m608: mm m078:
go on stretching and thenstretchingm078: yes stretching it eh
oan yi wur jilly doesstretchingexercises bj ignorin kirsty an
nae rage jilly does somestretchingexercises bj shouts if yur
hur roots need daein doesstretchingexercises bj shouts taxi kirsty
shadow boxes jilly jilly doesstretchingexercises pat can t stand
this jilly stops boxing doesstretchingexercises pat yi realize you
gary enter jilly jilly doesstretchingexercises puts on boxing gloves
the gym she starts somestretchingexercises to the left of
a result of historical eventsstretchingback 1200 years the vocabulary
toffee f1091: and toffee sstretchingm1092: mmhm hey that is
not come down achieving thatstretchingtarget will be problematic mark
their precise origins unclear butstretchingback into medieval times unlike
it eh m608: mm m078: stretchingit out m608: mmhm m078:
north east dialect area asstretchingfrom the valley of the
a feeling of its qualitystretchingback in time the same
weather that s the seastretchingout behind me way out
the bouts of cut cornstretchingout behind you was very
a third of the skystretchingup in long white streamers
putting up your big footstretchingout your leg showing everybody
worth housewives became adept atstretchingout the rations with what
a motorway palaces with frontagesstretchingseveral hundred metres huge buildings
and wealthiest in the landstretchingbetween the two major temples
are very concerned about brandstretchingthe companies stretch their brands
the targets are based onstretchingcurrent measurements our general position
to others it would bestretchingthings to recommend that we
plaster on that everlasting gobstretchinggrin nothing dies a death
could lift it off withoutstretchingover the bleezin eizels or
out with 1 million participantsstretchingfrom devon and cornwall on
be careful cause you restretchingover there where you shouldn
feel rootless as well asstretchingmy finances alarmingly scotland mallorca
heard oaf her said moragstretchingwhen s the bar open
it arniston s fingers werestretchingtowards the sand glass maclaurin

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