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on police officers during minersstrikedistrict councillor resigned over poll
the time of the minersstrikefor example i understand that
power black out thro minersstrikeno electricity 3 6 9
1980s particularly during the minersstrikeof 1984 85 that miners
fact that during the minersstrikethe telephone of the late
the time of the minersstrikethere were perceived threats real
devaul v yield ding vstrikedinna v do not dird
ding beat dingil ring dirdstrikedirdum uproar dirl clatter disjaskit
v do not dird vstrikedisna v does not div
uh ll strike yis hardstrikeyis doon krista him an
bi punished goad uh llstrikeyis hard strike yis doon
now finds it impossible tostrikea balance at stage 2
8 the bill purports tostrikea balance between individuals rights
made was that we muststrikea balance between livelihoods and
results and we want tostrikea balance between monitoring and
of the bill is tostrikea balance between the need
have had to try tostrikea balance between the needs
formulating the legislation we muststrikea balance between what constitutes
that it is impossible tostrikea balance here i hope
particularly important we have tostrikea balance in this case
perfect we have managed tostrikea balance like euan robson
and we would have tostrikea balance local supervisors would
that it is impossible tostrikea balance official report justice
inside them we need tostrikea balance on this issue
always been about trying tostrikea balance which has not
represent the area have tostrikea difficult balance when there
parliament should be aiming tostrikethe correct balance between disclosure
appropriate we should try tostrikethe correct balance between disclosure
trade unionists forced to takestrikeaction in defence of their
who were forced to takestrikeaction in pursuit of improved
the lord advocate to banstrikeaction by scotland s firefighters
dorothy grace elder s1m 3603strikeaction by staff at north
its concern over the continuedstrikeaction due to a dispute
mr keith harding local governmentstrikeaction that the parliament expresses
have had to resort tostrikeaction to secure their pay
those are difficult balances tostrikei am pretty sure that
macmillan s1m 686 bus driversstrikelodged on 23 march 2000
na ye canna haud astrikenext week the bus drivers
15pm tuesday 22 yard onstrikeindustrials only thursday 24 rbc
tuesday 26 weather very drystrikestill on no work to
supports the continued right tostrikefor an improvement in pay
it in its power taestrikea blow for the liberty
dòcha air sàilleabh gun robhstrikeair f980: oh chan eil
because of last summer sstrikei sent it air mail
fire flaucht is a lightningstrikefire flake heezed is raised
miles tired afterwards monday 9strikeover full return to work
monday 18 back to workstrikestill on back to square
the semester system begin tostrikehope to see you soon
though the recession ll probablystrikethem eventually in a year
is in favour of thestrikethough because the government has
were older that the onlystrikemade on central edinburgh hit
edinburgh and saw that astrikemeeting was in progress at
a perfectly executed cab windowstrikefrom over fifty yards away
to work no sign ofstrikefinishing to tullibody with mary
so i only got onestrikein the game it didn
is raising his knife tostrikeoff his son s manhood
can breed stalkers ragers needersstrikeoff phrases which make poems
news going about this coalstrikehas been dreadful where is
deal with teachers going onstrikenot the least bit concerned
s1m 1135 tommy sheridan unisonstrikethat the parliament expresses its
to consider whether we shouldstrikedown by whatever means are
needle tower were a luckystrikea shifting tableaux tents and
even agree wi the scaffiesstrikehe thocht they were owerpaid
another swoons when about tostrikeand eventually they are reduced
us can see that thestrikewas about an honest group
preparations for the impending firefightersstrikeand if so where and
you see folk oot onstrikethey ve got an ile
of any of the otherstrikeleaders tapped either in their
get information to break thestrikeben wallace i do not
is taking to avert astrikeby officers of caledonian macbrayne
he raises his fist tostrikeher ah l caw yeir
she raises her hand tostrikethe puddok puddok ah wadna
wad stoop sae low tostrikewi sik a ringing blow
give up her job andstrikeout in business on her
but now they are havingstriketrouble on the underground he
have said that these issuesstrikeat the heart of the
we re aw gaun onstrikefair frantic wis santa och
wisnae sweir tae gaun onstrikeilka noo an agane an
75th anniversary of the generalstrikelodged on 4 may 2001
toots he d jined astrikethe scaffies had come oot
his job fur gawn oanstrikenoo he rides a shoogly
deid in the street godstrikeye doun oh she wished
ma pints aboot a naestrikeagreement if there wis nae
then that s right m642: strikewas in nineteen seventy two
of prizes wednesday 20 thisstrikeis sickening for both sides
an underground dùinte oirrn bhastrikeann m979: bha aidh f980:
19 some dread disease willstrikearound the 13th january leaving

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