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an kale fae ireland sstrippitrigs or bigton s toons
fish dem them bere barleystrippitstriped rigs fields toons arable
did scream as line wisstrippittae the backin he stoppt
are aniseed balls and blackstrippitballs and sugar elly straps
the beens o him thestrippitflannel pyjamas hingin like the
beens inside a pair ostrippitpyjamas happed wi a dressin
a wur ae laddie aincestrippitae wheen slates af its
a watch an a brawstrippithanky he acceptit an invite
dolly mixtures pomfret cakes andstrippitballs in jars satinettes and
o bark at hid beenstrippitaff in sae mony places
her cleuks an her brawstrippitsark bit he wisna impressed
april weir their branches barestrippitan scourged bi winter s
bellany in his lounge wistrippitlichts ower the peintins tae
jug at stricks at memorystrippitbroon lem a benkled lid
e craft a great bigstrippitbeast caad timoshenko it wis
even the beds hid binstrippitan clean beddin pit on
disraeli wad hae daen anstrippitoot the hale page twis
twa snails wi eir bonnystrippitshallies linkit egither in a
yon is foo i mstrippitleddylanners spottit semmit gollach s

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