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wing clipped pegasus learning thatstubbornacts may carry consequences my
foolish contermacious means you restubbornor f1040: awkward m1042: awkward
say a fleg you saystubbornwe say thrawn exhausted foonert
that the executive displays astubbornrefusal to listen to civic
pale inquisitor beholding pangs ofstubbornheresy a sweat upon the
and knees sooking at thestubbornstain in the carpet in
but rose up in yerstubbornpride tae haud yer heid
suggesting that the convener isstubbornmr russell we have a
good gladys getting even morestubbornand therefore stupid sounding we
be listening except for thestubbornlook you canna expect gladys
of the parliament the morestubbornfor its own sake she
that body of opinion isstubbornbecause it regards the 8
otherwise given your well knownstubbornnature the convener i hope
enough aye and a giestubborneight at that but wee
peggy oh you re saestubbornbessie i ve needed to
in the hospital with astubbornkidney stone that necessitated surgery
aw apairt frae the dourstubbornwey ah keep on pesterin
why the minister is sostubbornthe fact is that there
is the minister being sostubbornwhy is she so reluctant
chancies chrissie you re rightstubbornenter ronnie stays by the

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